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Vietnamese Coffee and Tea Brewing Experience in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
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Make Vietnamese coffee by using a phin filter and tasting different types of coffee at a little concern in the heart of Saigon-Have a chance to grasp the philosophy of tea and make yourselves a proper cup of tea in a hidden and cozy tea house
Visit one of the oldest coffee shop in Saigon to explore Vietnamese lifestyle and culture
Enjoy flavorful Vietnamese vegetarian dishes

Tea is more than a type of beverage produced by pouring freshly boiled water over tea leaves. We only spend a few seconds drinking a cup of tea, but it takes a long period for tea trees to fully grow. Moreover, the tea artisans have to carefully observe and control the tea growing process so that high-quality tea leaves could be produced and become the spirit of teacups. In this experience, after Tea Master explains to you the philosophy of tea and its beauty, you will taste 1-2 types of tea, which is either 800 years old or have been covered in lotus since they were harvested. When it comes to Vietnamese coffee, most foreigners find it so bold and unique that they hardly forget how it tastes. In the coffee session, apart from tasting different kinds of Vietnamese coffee at a little concern in the heart of Saigon, you also learn how to make a cup of coffee properly with a phin filter. Leaving the hubbub of city life and engulfing yourselves in the fragrant scent of coffee will help you blow off some steam and lift you up Besides the two classes, we lead you through small alleys in Saigon where you will see rows and rows of food vendors parallel to each other. That is the place where many people sit on small chairs and enjoy their cups of coffee every morning, which is also a special part of Vietnamese lifestyle

From methods such as pouring hot water to fermenting coffee and tea, you'll surely learn a lot!

Discover the art of making Vietnamese coffee and tea through this immersive class in Ho Chi Minh

Try different types of coffee and immerse yourself in their aromatic scent

After the class, get to savor the delicate flavors of your Vietnamese coffee and tea

Learn how to make a proper cup of coffee and explore the Vietnamese lifestyle

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