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A movie review by Candra Aditya

Back in the day, Will Smith was a superstar. 90s era wouldn’t be perfect without his movies. Independence Day, Men in Black and Enemy of The State were some movies which brought him to the box office. All those popularities wouldn’t happen without Bad Boys.

Will Smith has always been popular with his action in this popular TV series called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, his stunning figure in Bad Boys officially made him the number one action star movie that time.

In this movie too, Will Smith met his true partner Martin Lawrence. As a comedian, you need not doubt his action. The chemistry was apparently the secret recipe why Bad Boys could be a fresh buddy comedy although we might still feel Lethal Weapon influence.

Bad Boys For Life is the third movie of Bad Boys. It starts off with Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) speed up on the Miami road just like what they do in the two other movies. The twist here is the speed not because they have to catch a bad guy but Marcus wants to see the newborn. The opening finally gives this movie a tone; a lot of changes since the first one which was released 35 years ago.

Marcus is more eager to retire and be a grandpa. But not with Mike. He still wants to speed and catch bad guys. Mike still holds onto his past and that’s why he’s still single.

After that, there goes a crazy murderer who murders people around Marcus and Mike one by one. Mike becomes the one who has to catch this murderer. Marcus swears he won’t commit crime anymore. But when there are more threats, they both really have to bring their guns and shout “Bad boys for life.”

It took 25 years from the first movie and 17 years from the second one which makes it odd. However, it doesn’t feel strange because once the movie starts, Marcus and Mike brings all the good times back to the audience. When a hip hop Latin song is played, audiences automatically go back to Bad Boys’ world just like something they are familiar with as if time never stopped. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have great chemistry that makes us think that nothing changes yet it’s more developing since the last time we saw them 17 years ago.

Plotwise, the story brought by the trio of Chris Bremner, Peter Craig and Joe Carnahan is still wild and fiery like what you wish this movie would be. Something that makes this movie different and becomes developing is how the movie maker makes a serious threat. A threat which doesn’t only affect the character physically but also emotionally. In the end, it creates a dynamic between the characters to be more interesting and fun to watch.

Knowing that Michael Bay doesn’t direct this movie, makes it pretty odd. This time, Adil and Bilall replace him which apparently that was the best decision since it made this movie more emotional. Adil and Bilall still gibe some styles and personalities like in the previous movies.

Without styles and personalities, Bad Boys will become a regular comedy buddy. But something that makes this movie nostalgic is because Adil and Bilall give a serious part to emotional scenes. Adil and Bilall take some time for Mike and Marcus to grow and that’s what makes this movie a perfect sequel.

Although the action scene which is served by Adil and Bilall is not as spectacular as Michael Bae, what they offer will still give all action lovers thrilled. I can’t imagine if Michael Bay still sits on the director chair especially after the mess he showed off in Underground some time ago on Netflix.

From all casts, the return of Joe Pantoliano will definitely make you laugh. Paulo Núñez is pretty much charismatic to be Will Smith’s love interest, While people from the millennial gang, Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig (from the first Hunger Games) and Charles Melton (from Riverdale) quite make the movie more fun.

With their kind of joke, babble, thrilling mission and great action, Bad Boys For Life is a movie you can’t miss. Let’s book the ticket before they’re gone on Traveloka Xperience movie page!

Bad Boys for Life

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