Rani Tanuputri Graphic Designer
"Longing for a family vacation, but funds are in a tight situation"
Denny Teguh Human Resources Coordinator
"Eyeing that bag for the wife, but savings aren’t enough to score"
Stepfani Mayang Financial Analyst
"New apartment needs some furniture, but there is only limited budget"

Now with PayLater, your needs and desires are more obtainable!

"Thanks to PayLater, vacation with the family becomes a reality more quickly"
"Available in various stores, Traveloka PayLater makes my dream apartment a reality"
Traveloka PayLater is a payment method that allows you to make purchases without paying upfront. Like a credit system, you can buy first and pay later with or without installments according to your bill. No need to worry about excessive usage, you can always monitor your expenses through the Traveloka app.

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With PayLater, various benefits are in your hand

Exclusive promos only for PayLater users
Commitment-free, no fee if you don’t use it
Use for transactions on Traveloka and physical stores

Takes a few minutes, apply with your KTP!

01Open Traveloka App, then select PayLater.
02Complete all necessary details.
03Prepare your ID card (KTP) and selfie for verification purposes.
04Once approved, activate your account and enjoy the convenience of making transactions with PayLater!

Use PayLater however and wherever you need it

Traveloka PayLater

Book your holiday on Traveloka

With Traveloka PayLater, you can purchase various products on Traveloka, from flight tickets and hotel vouchers to museum admission tickets!

Available on

Airport Transfer
In-Store Transaction

Use the QR at your favorite stores

With In-Store Transaction, you can make purchases at select physical stores like Dekoruma, Fithub, and Miniso. Learn More

Available on

36 Grams
Chronos Time
Colette Lola
Dr Gadget
F45 Dharmawangsa
First Love Patisserie
Fit Hub
Growell Wholefoods
Holika Holika
HSF Eyewear
Marhen J
Offo Living
Optik Melawai
Optik Sepasang
Sentra Ponsel
Your Bag Spa
Gold's Gym
XXI Cafe
ERHA Skin Care
HSF Eyewear
Bare Beauty
Complete Selular
Jaya Baru
Sinar Mas Selluler
Pertemuan Cellular
Kimia Farma

For broader usage, PayLater is available in card form

Traveloka PayLater Card

PayLater Card is a cobranding credit card issued by PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), collaborating with Traveloka Group. PayLater Card can be used for transactions at millions of merchants carrying the Visa logo worldwide, both online and offline. Learn More

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How to make a transaction with PayLater

Traveloka PayLater
In-store Transaction

Open the Traveloka app and select the product you want to buy.


On the payment page, select PayLater.


Select your installment plan (installments must be at least Rp100.000 per month).


Tap Buy with PayLater, enter your PIN or the OTP sent via SMS to your phone number, and your transaction is done!


You can simply scan the QR code shown at the cashier’s counter. If you pay using EDC, open the notification sent to your phone.


Check the purchase details and choose your installment option.


Enter your PIN, or create a new PIN.


Your transaction is done and confirmed!

How to pay your PayLater bill


Open the Traveloka app and select PayLater.


On the Usage tab you can view your Current and Upcoming Payments.


Tick the box next to the bill you want to pay.


Check if the Amount to Pay at the bottom of the page is correct. When you’re ready to pay, tap Pay Now


Select your payment method. Currently, we accept payments via bank transfer and ATM/Virtual Account.


Make your payment exactly as stated in your payment instructions, including the last 3 digits.

Frequently Asked Questions

PayLater by Caturnusa Sejahtera Finance is a payment facility that allows you to pay for your purchases inside and outside Traveloka within a period of 1 to 12 months.

To be able to use PayLater, you will need to apply for it first. However, before applying, make sure that you:

  • Have a valid identification document (KTP)
  • Aged 21 – 70 years old

After your application is approved, you will receive a limit of up to Rp50 million which can be used to purchase all Traveloka products and available merchants both online and offline.

After completing your payment, your paid amount will be returned to your PayLater limit so that you can use it again.

You can purchase the following products using PayLater:

PayLater can also be used for transactions on e-commerce platforms and in-store transactions with QR code.

PayLater functions as an online payment method that is based on installments without a credit card. In simpler terms, PayLater’s slogan is to “Buy First, Pay Later”. To enjoy this feature, every user has to first register and make sure to fulfill all the terms and conditions applied.

After your PayLater application is approved, you receive a credit limit with the value up to Rp50.000.000. The limit can be used to pay for any products inside and outside Traveloka. You can pay for PayLater’s loan in installments.

As a loan provider, Traveloka charges installment fee for users who use PayLater for monthly installments. However, as Traveloka PayLater is an online credit with low installment value, the installment fee is also guaranteed to fit your budget.

PayLater’s interest rate is 2.55%-4.80% per month.

Traveloka provides installment fee cuts with terms and conditions applied.

One of the most obvious benefits of using PayLater from Traveloka is the enablement to buy Traveloka’s products without having to pay on the same day. Simply put, users can buy any Traveloka products in installments without a credit card. Below are some of the perks of using PayLater:

  • Fast and secure payment inside and outside Traveloka
  • Quick verification up to 15 minutes
  • Free annual fee
  • Low interest fee between 2.55%-4.80% per month
  • Installment tenure up to 12 months
  • Real-time transaction history on Traveloka app
  • Easy interest payment on Traveloka app
  • Limit up to Rp 50,000,000
  • Members only benefits and discounts

You are only eligible to apply for PayLater if you meet these requirements:

  • Have a valid identification document (KTP)
  • Aged 21–70 years old.

If you have met all the requirements above, it is possible that your application was rejected due to our credit analysis:

  • Application details did not match the details in your documents.
  • You have applied and have been approved for PayLater previously.
  • Documents were blurry/unclear, incorrect or expired.
  • Family contact number was incorrect or unreachable.

Any further inquiries, please contact us by email at cs@traveloka.com or contact us here.

Your application verification process will take up to 15 minutes after you submitted your application. (Traveloka Priority Gold & Platinum users are eligible for Quick Verification only up to 10 minutes.)

Refund is available for purchases made using PayLater.

However, the amount of refund will depend on the regulations of the product you purchased. Please also note that you will not receive a full refund since installment fees cannot be refunded.

For more information about refund, please see Refund Procedure.

Below are indications that you are being targeted by a fraudster:

  • Someone calls you and asks for your personal identification information.
  • You receive an SMS containing a one-time password (OTP) or a confirmation for a loan application that you have never heard of.
  • You receive an SMS/email indicating a password reset or a log-in attempt from an unknown location.
  • You receive an SMS/email directing you to open an unknown website, where you are instructed to share your Traveloka username/password/OTP.
  • Someone offers you a swipe for cash (gesek tunai or “gestun”) service.
  • Other strange instances, such as an email confirming a purchase that you did not make.
  • You receive a download link in your Whatsapp message that asks you to download an APK file.

If you encounter any of the above or other suspicious activities at Traveloka, please contact us immediately so we can investigate it.

More about Fraud and "Gestun":

  1. Fraud Prevention
  2. About "Gestun"

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