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About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is known as the ‘City of Flowers’ and the ‘City of Mountain Goats’. It is also one of China's most dynamic cities and has been named the second most changed city in China by Forbes magazine for two consecutive years. Guangzhou is famous for its glittering nightlife, traditional entertainment such as Cantonese opera and circus, and quieter atmosphere in the bar streets. Don't miss the city's culinary highlights if you're visiting Guangzhou. Guangzhou is home to one of the world's most popular styles of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese. One of the best ways to savour Guangzhou's ancient culinary heritage is to taste the popular traditional snacks sold on the city's street corners or alleyways.

Top 15 Things to Do in Guangzhou

1. Canton Tower

Canton Tower is also commonly called Guangzhou Tower. The building is approximately 400 metres tall and consists of 108 floors, making it one of the tallest in Asia. At this height, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city through the see-through glass. In the tower, there is a spider walk where you can walk on the edge of the tower using a safety harness. There is also a moon-shaped Bubble tram ride that can rotate 360 degrees so that the whole of Guangzhou can be seen.

2. Huacheng Square

Huacheng Square is famous as ‘Guangzhou's parlour’. It is located in the centre of Guangzhou, which is connected to the main road. It is the largest square created for public space. If you go here, it is easy to visit other famous destinations such as the Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Library, and Guangdong Museum. These places are located around Huacheng Square.

3. Shamiandao Island

Many locals exercise and cycle here because of the cool weather. The cosy atmosphere encourages many families to gather at Shamian Island. You can visit by renting a car or taking the metro, bus or ferry. There are many old European buildings, making you feel like you're in another country. 

4. TaiKoo Hui Guangzhou

Located in Tianhe District, this particular destination is perfect for shopping lovers. Taikoo Hui is an upscale mall in Guangzhou. Many famous brands are sold here. Cafes, restaurants, and international food are also found here. This place is perfect for hanging out with young people and those of you who like shopping for luxury goods.

5. The Pearl River Tower

Pearl River Tower is said to be one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world. As per its original purpose, it was created to build an energy-efficient building by utilising wind to meet its energy needs. The 71-storey building is worth a visit, even though it's in the middle of an office area. You can see how technology and human intelligence come together and produce something amazing. Many locals and tourists also take photos of this building.

6. Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park

It is the most popular destination among family travellers. Here you and your family can do many interesting activities. Take a cable car ride, play with tame little monkeys, and see pandas! Since the place is very large, you can take a safari train if you are tired of walking. All the animals here are well cared for and looked after. This safari park will give you the experience of seeing wildlife in the real world.

7. CTF Finance Centre

CTF Finance Centre is the tallest building in Guangzhou and the third tallest in China. CTF itself stands for Chow Tai Fook, an investment company in China. This building is also recognised as the seventh tallest building in the world! At over 100 storeys high, you can find malls, offices, restaurants, apartments and hotels here. All within one building, you won't have to worry about finding a place to eat outside. 

8. Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is the heart of Guangzhou. The 80-hectare park is full of shady trees, flowers, clear lakes and friendly locals. They sing, exercise and mingle in this urban park. There is a statue that is the main magnet of the park. Located in the centre of the park, it stands majestically in the form of five goats. This statue has become an icon of Guangzhou and is popularly called ‘The City of Five Goats’.

9. Guangzhou Opera House

This building is amazing because it is very large, spacious, towering, granite design, unique, and modern. The beauty of the opera house is completed with an artificial lake beside it. Besides enjoying the theatre performances inside, you can also enjoy the unique shape of this building in the surrounding cafes. With reasonable food and drink prices, it's worth it for the futuristic atmosphere around it. It is located in Tianhe District, which makes it easy for you to access anywhere.

10. Huaisheng Mosque

The mosque is built in the Tang Dynasty architectural style. Even today, the oldest mosque in Mainland China still stands tall and serves as a place of worship for Muslims in Guangzhou. Huaisheng, according to the local language, means remembering the saint. Some locals also call this place of worship the Tower Mosque. You can visit this mosque to admire the design of the building which is a combination of culture and religion that you rarely find.

11. Guangxiao Temple

This is one of the four most famous temples in Guangzhou city. It is located on Guangxiao Road. In English, Guangxiao Temple is translated as Bright Filial Piety Temple. It is the oldest and largest temple in the city. There are many hundred-year-old trees around it. You can walk around this temple comfortably because many shady trees make the atmosphere cool.

12. The Site of Nanyue Kingdom Palace

This site was discovered by accident, starting from the construction of a building in Guangzhou, when digging, suddenly found a very ancient tomb. With the discovery of these historical relics, this historical and cultural tour was built. This museum is indeed one of the most popular museums among others. You might also admire the architectural style here.

13. Dafo Temple

Dafo Temple has 5 floors with wooden ornaments that make it look classic and beautiful. It is known to be the most beautiful temple in Guangzhou city too. The Buddha statue stands tall and majestic, made of marble. If you're lucky, you can watch monks chanting in the temple hall. You can also see ceremonies or other events performed by the local Buddhist community here. There is a restaurant that serves vegan food in the temple area, so you don't have to look for a place to eat outside!

14. Guangzhou Sunac Land Resort

Another travel destination that's perfect for you and your family! Your children are guaranteed not to be bored when visiting. From snow parks, amusement parks, and water parks, everything is here. Don't worry, there are plenty of rides that adults can ride too. You'll need a whole day to try all the rides. Make sure to visit Sunac Land before you end your visit in Guangzhou.

15. Guangzhou Library

This destination is suitable for you who want to take a refreshing and relaxing trip. Relax, this library is not like the library you imagine. Guangzhou Library provides tons of books and comfortable reading spaces. You can also walk around the library just to enjoy the interior view. Since the place is spacious and the library has 8 floors, it won't feel like a whole day spent here.

Best Restaurants in Guangzhou

No visit to Guangzhou, one of China's most popular cities, would be complete without trying its speciality dishes. Let's take a look at some of the top-rated restaurants you can visit in Guangzhou!

1. Tiger Prawn Vietnamese Restaurant

  • Location: 548 Hui Fu Dong Lu, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou City.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 300 for each person.

The restaurant is always full of customers, both locals and tourists from overseas. With very affordable prices, the menu served is typical Vietnamese food. The taste of the food is consistent with unquestionable quality. The portions are generous, you won't regret eating here.

2. Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

  • Location: 20 Yuexiu S Rd, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, 510199.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 70 for each person.

This restaurant serves halal Turkish food. Visitors who eat here come from all walks of life, including the Chinese themselves. They also serve shisha that you can try after your meal. They serve food in large portions. The fast service does not make you wait long, which makes people love to go back here again.

3. Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

  • Location: Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China, 510075.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 12 for each person.

This Xianghiang-style restaurant is one of the most popular halal restaurants in Guangzhou. The halal symbol is displayed on their sign and menu. The exterior is decorated with traditional Xianjiang Islamic culture with unique Muslim ornaments and beautiful chandeliers. The restaurant also offers Xianjiang-style singing and dancing performances. 

4. Beiyuan Cuisine

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, 510045.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 600 for each person.

Beiyuan Cuisine is one of the Michelin-recommended ones. The menu is mostly fresh seafood with excellent quality. The decor of the place is characterised by traditional Chinese, making the vibe very local. You can try some of their specialities such as baby lobster, goat in clay pot, and dumplings.

5. Bingsheng Taste

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, 510620.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 100 for each person.

The food served at this resto is very varied. You can eat anything without hesitation because the prices are fairly cheap. Try Guangdong specialities such as seafood, roast pork and chicken. One menu that is unique and rarely found is the fried pigeon. If you're interested, you can it a try!

Best Hotel Recommendations in Guangzhou

You can't possibly spend just one day in Guangzhou. There are many tourist destinations to visit and restaurants to try. Here are some hotel recommendations for your stay in Guangzhou!

1. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Guangzhou

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, 510000.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 623 each night/room.

Rooms at DoubleTree by Hilton Guangzhou offer a flat-screen TV, minibar and air conditioning to maximise comfort. Guests can also make use of the free internet provided. Room service and concierge services are some of the things offered by the hotel. The swimming pool and breakfast will make your visit even more special.

2. Gondola Taikoo Hotel

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Haizhu District, 510250.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 339 each night/room.

The hotel is within proximity to famous attractions, such as Shamian Island and Qingping Medicine Market. Therefore, if you stay at the Gondola Taikoo Hotel, you can easily enjoy some of Guangzhou's most famous locations. Guest rooms offer amenities such as air conditioning, a minibar and a refrigerator. You can connect your devices to the internet using the free Wi-Fi offered by the hotel.

3. Hilton Garden Inn Foshan

  • Location: No. 20, Guilanzhong Road, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, 528200.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 388 each night/room.

Hilton Garden Inn Foshan is an upscale accommodation offering well-designed rooms. Conveniently located in Nanhai District, the hotel offers easy links to 3 shopping centres and several authentic local restaurants. All rooms at the hotel feature air conditioning, carpeted flooring, a flat-screen cable and satellite TV, a work desk and a minibar. The hotel also provides car hire if you need it to stroll around Guangzhou. 

4. Aiqun Hotel

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, 510123.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 194 each night/room.

Aiqun Hotel is located beside the Guangzhou Pearl River. It takes just a 10-minute walk to reach Haizhu Square. With a considerably cheap price, the hotel offers accommodation with free internet access. The well-appointed rooms are equipped with a TV, a work desk and an electric kettle. Services such as massage treatments are also available for you to try.

5. Paco Business Hotel

  • Location: China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Tianhe District, 510635.
  • Price: Starts from CNY 371 each night/room.

Rooms at Paco Business Hotel Guangzhou are air-conditioned and free Wi-Fi is provided for guests to surf the net. There is always plenty to do in the area, as it is close to popular destinations. Some of them include White Cloud Mountain, South China Botanical Garden and Yuexiu Park.

Tips When Visiting Guangzhou

Before you visit Guangzhou, there are a few tips you need to know. Besides preparing your visa to China, you also need to prepare your SIM card. It is very helpful for you to get internet, view maps, and use translation sites. You can purchase it once you arrive at Guangzhou Airport. Don't forget to show your passport as it will be required when purchasing it.

The vastness of Guangzhou cannot be explored in just a few days. From tourist destinations to must-try restaurants, you'll need at least a few trips to Guangzhou to see it all. After knowing some tips, places to go, and things to do in Guangzhou, you need to create your itinerary plan. The most important thing is to book your activities, flight, and hotel from Traveloka for easier access. You can also discover some activities to do in Guangzhou through Traveloka Xperience!