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About Jogja

Want a holiday in Yogyakarta? Jogja Tour Packageis the answer. This tour package will help you optimize your holidays. As you know, Yogyakarta is one of the main destinations for locals and foreigners. Thanks to the natural beauty, Yogyakarta is never short on tourists. In Yogyakarta, you will find dozens of interesting tour destinations which are worth to visit. Starting from the historical tour, natural tour, and trending tour. Don’t worry about safety, because most destinations in Yogyakarta are visitor-friendly. Therefore, you can say that Yogyakarta is the perfect destination for holidays for families, couples, or solo travelling. Not only blessed with mesmerizing natural resources, Yogyakarta is also rich in Javanese cultures and tradition. Furthermore, you will be able to feel the richness of Javanese culture in some places such as Keraton Yogyakarta. Inside the Keraton, there is a museum that keeps diverse sultanate collection such as gamelans, replicas of relics, antiquities, and gifts from European kings. In this place, you can learn Javanese culture and enjoy the menu served to the Sultans. Yogyakarta is heaven for food lovers. Aside from gudeg and bakpia, there also many kinds of traditional and trending foods that you can try, such as klatak, oseng mercon, tongseng petir, yangko, geplak, and nasi tiwul. Usually, those foods can be found in some stalls, cafes, restaurants, or vendors spread across Yogyakarta. The price is also cheap. The hospitality of the locals to tourists makes Yogyakarta a pretty fun destination. Supported with complete transportation means, Yogyakarta offers easy access. Not only that, you can also easily find a cheap place to stay such as homestay, hostel, guest houses, or luxurious hotels. With all those excellences, no wonder Yogyakarta always able to attract a lot of tourists.

Jogja Tour Package Review

Jogja Tour Package is here to make your holidays memorable. You don’t need to bother making a schedule or visit list while spending time in Yogyakarta. All you need to do is to simply book a hotel, and flight or train tickets. With Jogja Tour Package, everything is easier in simpler. Get the Jogja Tour Package with affordable price and enjoy an amazing experience in Gudeg City. Your memorable holidays will be guaranteed for many years to come. Compared to the independent travel, travelling using tour package is far cheaper. Furthermore, outside of the holiday season, there are a lot of discount promos to several popular destinations available. One of them is Mount Merapi. This active volcano in Java Island offers great natural charm. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset that will complete your holidays. You can make use of this chance to explore Yogyakarta, tasting various delicious culinary, and learning about Javanese culture. Complete your trip by visiting a number of the most popular shopping centers in Gudeg City such as Malioboro, Beringharjo Market, Kasingan, Maling Market, Seni Gabusan Market, and Kotagede. In those shopping centers, you can find various house utensils, food ingredients, herbs, handicrafts, earthenware, leathers, jars, statue, clothes, shoes, bags, silver accessories, batik, antiques, secondhand, and souvenirs.  The price is also affordable. You can also bargain with the sellers.

Recommended Tour Package in Jogja

Interested in visiting Yogyakarta? A lot of packages for several destinations with affordable price are available. These recommendations for Jogja Tour Packaging can be your choices.

Rafting Oya River

This tour package is suitable for those who like challenges. Test your guts with exciting rafting adventure in Oya River while enjoying the amazing view of Sri Getuk Waterfall. After lunch, the trip is followed by a visit to Lintang Sewu Hill. 

Your trip will end after dinner and shopping unique souvenirs of Yogyakarta. To enjoy all those excitements, you only need to pay Rp360,000* for each person.

Lava Tour Merapi

This tour package is much recommended for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Mount Merapi using jeep. Get an unforgettable experience while riding to Mount Merapi. Along the way, you will be mesmerized by the natural scenery. The air is cooler and cleaner than the city. After having enough of the panoramic view of Mount Merapi, the trip is then followed by a visit to Plaosan Temple. Plaosan Temple is the proof of the sacred love between Queen Sri Kaluruhan and King Rakai Pikatan. Their love was once opposed by their parents, but eventually, the story ends on a happy note. The story became some kind of “belief” by the people that if you come together with your partner to Plaosan Temple, your love will last eternally.

Before the trip concluded with a dinner, you will be invited to visit Breksi Clif and shopping souvenirs. If you are interested, this package is available starting from Rp405,000* for each person.

Yogyakarta Night Food Tour

For the food lovers, this tour package offers an exciting experience of various dishes of Yogyakarta during the night. During the tour, you will be exploring Yogyakarta and visiting a number of legendary restaurants. Enjoy the delicious cuisine of Yogyakarta such as nasi gudeg, nasi kucing, kopi arang, and sup mie Jawa. This tour package is available starting from Rp350,000* for each person.

Keraton, Taman Sari, and Jeep Merapi

This tour package will take you to explore the best tourist destination in Yogyakarta. For the whole day, you will get an exciting experience visiting Keraton Yogyakarta and Taman Safari.

After lunch, the trip will be followed by a visit to Kaliurang Museum Ullen Sentalu. In this museum, you can learn Javanese art culture, including Mataram civilization. The museum name is an abbreviation from Javanese words, “Ulating blencong sejatine tataraning lumaku” which translates to, “A guide for living.”

Jeep adventure around the Mount Merapi becomes your last trip before going back to your lodging. During the adventure, you will be taken to visit Sisa Hartaku Museum, Alien Rock, and Bunker. This tour package is available for Rp1,465,000* for each person.

Jogja Culture

For those who love historical and natural tour, this package is recommended. Enjoy exciting experience visiting various interesting tour destination such as Keraton Yogyakarta, Malioboro area, to Beringharjo market.

Don’t miss the chance of hunting for photos in Pinus Pengger Forest. In this place, you will feel the enjoyable freshness. This is the perfect place for those who want to relax. The trip ends after visiting Malioboro. If you’re interested this Jogja Tour Packagecan be bought starting from Rp385,000* for each person.

*Prices are subject to change.