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Klinik Pintar IDI Pratama Rejosari Husada Solo
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Klinik Pintar IDI Pratama Rejosari Husada Solo
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Klinik Pintar - Rejosari Husada Solo, Jl. Delanggu- Polanharjo No.41, Rejosari, Sabrang, Kec. Delanggu, Kabupaten Klaten, Jawa Tengah 57471, Indonesia
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Klinik Pintar IDI is a digital clinic network founded as a collaboration between Klinik Pintar and PB IDI (Pengurus Besar Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) in March 2020. Klinik Pintar IDI aims to optimize healthcare services for patients through more than 70 clinical partners across Indonesia. Through connected, standardized, and targeted health services, the network strives to resolve the problems of Indonesia's vast health industry.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia in 2020, Klinik Pintar IDI has played an important role in providing COVID-19 diagnostic and screening tests to help the community prevent the spread of the virus. With a team of experienced professionals in the healthcare industry, Klinik Pintar IDI aims to always improve its services while staying persistent in overcoming challenges.

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