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JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca
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JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca
Product Details


Enjoy easy access on Sapporo's trains and buses with this Kitaca IC card
Experience hassle-free payments with the card pre-loaded with JPY 1,500 credits
Use your card for shopping with electronic money at any IC-marked affiliated stores
Good for: Adventure Junkies

What You’ll Experience

The Kitaca IC card is a contactless stored value card for public transit use on JR trains in the greater Sapporo region, as well as on Sapporo's subways, buses, and trams. Enjoy faster and smoother travel without the hassle of paying with coins or verifying the correct fare to pay. The Kitaca IC card is pre-loaded with credits worth JPY 1,500, and can also serve as electronic money for shopping at affiliated stores, giving you access to automatic payments.

Location Details
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
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Additional Information
- Due to COVID-19 Outbreak, all international flights to New Chitose Airport are stopped. The opening time of the counter will be further notified according to the flight conditions.
- The Kitaca IC card is pre-loaded with JPY 1,500 on top of the JPY 500 deposit.
- The minimum top-up amount is JPY 1,000.
- You may use the Kitaca IC card at any nationwide IC-marked trains, buses, and more.
Average Delivery
- The Kitaca IC card is valid for 10 years and will expire if unused within the said period.
- Lost cards will not be re-issued.
- Children 11 years old and below can purchase the card at any station counter or ticketing machine.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the details location of JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca?
JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca is located at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Visit this page JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca for guidance on how to get to JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca.
What are some similar places like JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca that can be found in Sapporo?
Similar places like JR Hokkaido IC Card - Kitaca that can be found in Sapporo are Tokyo Subway Ticket, Osaka Amazing Pass, dan JR - West Rail Pass.
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