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Tours in South Korea

About Korea

Korea Tour Packageis the best choice for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of South Korea with ease. As you know, South Korea is notable as one of the favorite destinations for tourists as it offers many interesting destinations and mesmerizing natural sceneries. South Korea is dominated by hilly regions. This Ginger Country has 3000 small uninhabited islands, with Jeju Island being the biggest inhabited island and the favorite destination. In this island, the highest volcano and the highest summit of South Korea is Mount Halla. The specialty of South Korea is not only the natural resources; there are also its unique cultures. One of them is the eating tradition. South Koreans really love food, so don’t be surprised if you can find a plethora of cafes, food stalls, bars, or restaurants along your way. There are hundreds of kinds of unique delicious dishes for you to enjoy. Amazingly, those foods can be found at nearby convenience stores. And not only that, but South Korea is also heaven for those who love fashion and makeups. There are dozens beauty clinics and hundred skincare products for man and woman. Supported with decent transportation, you won’t have trouble finding a ride for going places. South Korea also provides cheap inns and high-class hotels for all choices and budgets. 

Korea Tour Package Review

With Korea Tour Package, exploring South Korea will be easier. You don’t have to create an itinerary on your own because everything has been planned nicely. You only need to follow the planned schedule. This practicality is what makes the tourist interested in using the Korea Tour Package. Not only is it helpful, the price is also quite affordable. Furthermore, at certain times, you can get many kinds of promotional discounts and vouchers. Take this chance to enjoy South Korea with Korea Tour Package and save your budget up to 30% in the process.

Enjoy an exciting trip to South Korea by visiting various interesting destinations—not only destinations in the capital city of Seoul but also other regions such as the villages. There are a fair amount of villages in South Korea that you can visit. Each village has its own charming characteristics. Aside from being the tourist destination, some villages are used as the shooting backgrounds for historical dramas which are usually called saeguk. One of the closest traditional villages from Seoul is Namsangol Hanok Village. The village located near Namsan Tower offers beautiful panoramic scenery. In the Joseon era, this place was a summer resort. In this village, you can find dozens of traditional houses and the biggest mansion in Seoul. Complete your holidays by tasting the unique delicious dishes of South Korea and visiting some of the popular shopping districts such as Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Insandong, Namdaemun, and Sinchon Fashion Street. There, you can find many kinds of household utensils, skincare products, fashion, and accessories.

Recommended Tour Package in Korea

If you are interested in visiting South Korea, don’t hesitate to choose tour packages at affordable price. These are some recommendations for the Korea Tour Package that you can choose

Southern Jeju Island Tour

This tour package is suitable for those who like to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Southern Jeju Island. You will be taken for a ride along the path of Mount Halla Eoseungsaengak. Along the way, you will witness meadow expanse and a cluster of tall mountains.

Enjoy the exciting experience of visiting the Alive Museum. There are hundreds of interesting works that you can enjoy. After lunch, the trip continues to UNESCO Geo Park, Jusangjeoli Hexagon Lava Cliff, and then Oedolgae, and then ending in Jeongbang Waterfall. To experience all those enjoyments, you’ll spend a reasonably priced Rp1,197,552* package rate for each person.

Western Jeju Island Tour

This tour takes you to the west side of Jeju Island which is famous for its beauty. The trip begins by visiting Hyupjae and Geumneung Beach. Enjoy your morning with the fresh unique beach air and the chirping birds that will liven up your spirits. Then, the trip continues with visiting one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jeju Island, known as Hallim Park. You won’t only be spoiled by the beautiful garden expanse, but also by the 2 mesmerizing caves, a zoo, and the village. 

After exploring Hallim Park, you will visit O’Sulloc Green Tea Field and Museum, followed by lunch. The trip ends after you visit Sanbang Mountain Cruise and Teddy Bear Museum or Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. The package starts from Rp1,197,552* for each person.

Eastern Jeju Island Tour

This tour package offers an exciting trip to the eastern part of Jeju Island. In this place, you can learn how to ride a horse and try it immediately. After that, you will visit Seongeup Folk Village and enjoy a delicious lunch of Jeju delicacies.

Your trip continues with visiting Gwangchigi Beach and watching Woman Divers Show, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and Jogddalri Shore Road. Then, your trip ends after visiting the Manjang Cave to witness the beauty of its stalagmites and tunnel. For all that you get, this tour package is a bang for the bucks at the price of Rp1,197,552* for each person.

Seoul and Korean Folk Village Tour

This package is perfect for those who want to experience the village life of South Korea. Before coming to the traditional village of South Korea, you will visit the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple and watch the Changing of the Guards Ceremony. If your trip is on Tuesday, then you will also visit Gyeongbokgung Palace and watch the Presidential Blue House during the journey. 

The trip to Ginseng Center will be done after lunch. After that, the trip will head to the main destination which is the Korean Folk Village. In this village, you can learn the history and culture of the Joseon period. Enjoy the nongak (farmers dance) performance, horse riding, and traditional wedding ceremony. And before the trip concluded, you will get to visit the shopping center first. Each person is charged for Rp1,076,556* price tag for this whole trip.

Nami Island & Petite France

For those who enjoy a short trip, this tour package is highly recommended. For one whole day, you will be invited to explore Nami Island. Enjoy the exciting experience of strolling along the path of pine trees and the sound of nature.

Enjoy the rich French-like atmosphere in Petit France. In this French-themed park, you can see many interesting attractions. Also, experience the thrill of going along the old locomotive rail using the rail bike. All of these are included in this Korea Tour Package for the price of Rp540,173* for each person.

*Prices are subject to change