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Han River Kayak and Paddle Boarding
South Korea
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Product Details


Enjoy 2 hours of exploring the beauty of Han River by Kayaking
Kayaking through fourth longest river on the Korean Peninsula
Experience 2 hours of fun paddle boarding
Sail while marveling Korea city scape
Good for: Active People, Free Time

What You’ll Experience

Han River is the fourth longest river in Korean Peninsula and famous for its historical value. Han River or Hangang is iconic and not to be missed while you're visiting Seoul. Explore its beauty by kayaking or paddle boarding for 2 hours. You will be equipped with sufficient equipment along with insurance as your safety is always be priority. Marvel the magnificent Korea and enjoy its city scape from above the waters.


Location Details
94 Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Additional Information

1. Customer can rent on site for Wet suit (20000 Won)/Boat Pants (10000 Won)
2. Customer will get 100% refund if there are unforeseen weather or government direction to cancel the event, such:
- No Water sports are allowed if Paldang Reservoir flows over 1500 ton/second
- Can be cancelled due to lightning or heavy rain (it is possible to sign up for the activity if a bit rainy and not pouring heavy rain
3. Customer will provided with 30 minutes Safety Education and Lessons, proceed in English

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Sun, 10:00-19:00
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