Xperience/Taiwan/Central Taiwan/Taichung City/Jungong Li/[Limited Time Offer: 40% OFF] 2024 Wuling Farm & Fushoushan 1-Day Tour (Departure from Taipei) | Taichung, Taiwan

[Limited Time Offer: 40% OFF] 2024 Wuling Farm & Fushoushan 1-Day Tour (Departure from Taipei) | Taichung, Taiwan

Wuling Farm
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Book a one-day trip to Wuling Farm and Fushoushan Farm in Taichung now. The farm has different charms throughout the year!
Relax under maple trees and immerse in the calming nature
Traveloka Signature tour special car already prepared all the travel route and transportation, with a professional Chinese guide on board, the whole round trip is comfortable and considerate, and you can experience Taiwan in depth!

— What You Can Expect —
Visit an ever-popular site for eco-tourism and nature lovers, Wuling Farm offers breathtaking colors every season. Walk on multiple trails wrapping the area with a professional guide, stroll under awe-inspiring forests of dawn redwoods and cypresses, and feel the aura of fall. Wander through ginkgo trees with golden leaves intertwined with fiery maple leaves and paint the lovely cozy scene.

* Flower Blossoms in Wuling Farm:
- January–February: Plum, Wintersweet
- February: Cherry
- March: Peach
- Mid-Mard–April: Pear, Plum, Apple
- May: Wisteria
- June–August: Honey Peach
- September–October: Pear, Apple, Camellia, Sage, Cosmos, Orange Daylily
- Mid-November–December: Maple, Ginkgo
- Late December–January: Maple, Plum, Wintersweet
* For more attraction info, please visit the official website of Fushoushan

— Itinerary Info —

Shared Day Tour: Wuling Farm & Fushoushan
- 6:00 am: Meet at and depart from West 3 Gate in Taipei Main Station (look for staff wearing Traveloka vest) 
- Wuling Farm Visitor Center (90-minute visit)
- Depart for Fushoushan: Tianchi & Chiang Kai-shek Residence (90-minute visit)
- Return
- 7:30 pm: Arrive back at Taipei Main Station

Private Wuling Farm Day Tour Suggested Route
- 7:00 am: Depart from Taipei or New Taipei City (please provide the detailed address in the booking)
- 9:30 am: Pyanan Tribe
- 10:35 am: Wuling Farm Visitor Center—Song-Lin Avenue 松林大道, Taiwan Salmon Eco Center, Chiang Kai-shek Residence 行館, Yi-Nian Bridge 億年橋 (overlook the main peak of Xueshan)
- 12:00 pm: Enjoy lunch
- 1:00 pm: Jing-Hua Bridge (京華橋), Nong Zhuang Museum (農莊文物館), Tea Garden Trail (茶園步道), Xueshan Trailhead, Wuling Campsite, Creek Observatory
- 2:00 pm: Return
- 5:00–5:30 pm: Arrive at hotel/attraction/night market in downtown Taipei or New Taipei City (surcharge required for mountain areas in Jiufeng or locations outside of downtown Taipei)

— Private Tour Pick-up & Drop-off Range —

Taipei City: Zhongzheng District, Datong District, Songshan District, Daan District, Wanhua District, Xinyi District, Neihu District, Nangang District, Wenshan District (excluding mountain areas), Shihlin District (excluding mountain areas), Beitou District (excluding Yangmingshan area)
New Taipei City: Banqiao District, Yonghe District, Zhonghe District, Tucheng District, Sanxia District (excluding mountain areas), Shulin District, Yingge District, Sanchong District, Xinzhuang District, Taishan District, Linkou District, Luzhou District, Wugu District, Bali District, Areas nearby Xindian Interchange

Visit in the spring to view the cherry blossoms in full bloom at Wuling Farm

Marvel at the beautiful orange and yellow trees during autumn at Wuling Farm

Admire the beautiful spring season at Wuling Farm

Enjoy fresh apples in Autumn at Fushoushan Farm

Adore the vibrant colors and aesthetic of autumn at Fushoushan Farm

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Wuling Farm
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