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Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions

Taichung City, Taiwan
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Event Date | 18 Jun 2024
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Taichung City
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Taichung Tour Package│Tickets to 3 popular attractions x 7 selected storyhouse DIY experiences (choose 2+2)
[The first choice for family travel] Select 10 popular attractions and story centers in Taichung. You can get tickets for two major attractions + two handmade DIY experiences at a discounted price. Come and spend an interesting and fun weekend in Taichung with your children!

[Tickets for three major attractions, choose any 2 museums to visit]
[National Museum of Natural Science Main Building] Exhibition Hall Science Museum is the first science museum established by the country. The exhibition content includes astronomy, physics, earth science, paleontology, zoology, botany and anthropology. The number of visitors increases every year. As many as 3 million, second only to the Palace Museum! Combining technology with fun interactive experiences is one of the favorite attractions for parents and children visiting Taichung!

[Baoxiong Yule Pier Fishing Story Museum]
The world's only fishing theme park combines marine environmental education and fishing games to create a palace of educational and fishing entertainment. The immersive virtual fishing ground can be challenged by everyone of all ages! Experience a different kind of vacation, you must try it!

[Wufeng Linjia Gongbaodi Park]
Taiwan's most complete first-class official residence in the Qing Dynasty, the Grand Flower Hall was the "private guest house" of the Lin family at that time. It was also the filming location for the MV for the song "I'm Not Yours" collaborated by Jolin Tsai and Namie Amuro. Welcome to travel through time and experience history firsthand. Scenes.

[Seven themed story halls, choose any 2 DIY experiences or 100 yuan consumption voucher]
[Isabel Baking Tourist Factory] Baking DIY course or 100 yuan consumption coupon to use frosting to create your dinosaur world! Blue Archaeopteryx, green tyrannosaurus, whatever dinosaur you want, use the colorful frosting on your hands to create your own Jurassic Park!
◆ Reservation required 2 days in advance (reservation rules are subject to store announcements)
◆ Reservation hotline: 0425687890#188
◆10:20-11:50 Frosted cookie painting ◆13:30-15:00 Original soufflé cookies ◆15:30-17:00 Chocolate brownie cake

[Daxia Noodles Home] Paper roll noodle DIY course or 100 yuan consumption coupon combined with pocket exhibits in the noodle story hall. In addition to learning about the development of Taiwanese noodles and the noodle making process, it also has an educational nature of artistic beauty. Come to Daxia Noodles and roll the noodles yourself, and experience the early days of rolling out the richly layered flowers with your own skillful hands and bringing them back to taste under the finished product.
◆ Reservation required 2 days in advance (reservation rules are subject to store announcements)
◆ Reservation hotline: 04-26861026#101
◆Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00 (please make a reservation in advance during holidays)

[Carpenter Brothers and Sisters Wood Workshop] Hold the mobile phone holder DIY course or 100 yuan consumption coupon. The carpenter brothers and sisters inherited their father's 29 years of joinery craftsmanship and the passion for cherishing wood, injecting design, fun and fun elements into the wood. Develop a series of creative wooden furniture, stationery, children's toys, daily necessities, lighting, etc., and develop a variety of adult woodworking and parent-child experience courses. Wood can do it! Now follow the carpenter brothers and sisters to experience the warm touch of wooden handicrafts.
◆ No reservation required, come and experience anytime during business hours

[A Congshi Taro Cultural Center] Pastry DIY course (2 boxes) or 100 yuan consumption voucher. Doing baking by yourself is a dream career for many people. Rolling out dough, stuffing, and folding out individual pieces with your own skillful hands Rich layers of taro cake, you are the creative baking master!
◆ Reservation required 2 days in advance (reservation rules are subject to store announcements)
◆ Reservation hotline: 04-2671-3077
◆Activity period: 10:00, 14:00

[Shoe Bao Tourist Factory] Cute animal keychain DIY course or 100 yuan consumption coupon Behind each pair of shoes, there is a beautiful story... We will introduce rich and interesting shoe stories and shoemaking processes. In addition to Learn the most "trendy" shoe knowledge, and there are also courses on DIY animal keychains waiting for you to experience!
◆ You need to make an appointment online or by phone at the official website three days before the event ◆ Reservation hotline: 04-23505773
◆Activity period: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00

[Shirley Bell Painted Ice Shop] Choose one of two painted popsicle/cake courses or 100 yuan consumption coupon. Are you a little devil or a little angel? Paint your own popsicles! Combine childhood stick ice with DIY, no matter Drawing an angel or a demon is both delicious and fun!
◆ Reservation required 2 days in advance (reservation rules are subject to store announcements)
◆ Reservation hotline: 0953-930610

【Huagang Tea Industry】Take a sip of Taiwan's fine manor tea experience or get a 100 yuan consumption coupon, you can also become a Taiwanese tea expert! Enter the world of tea! Make a cup of tea, let the taste of Taiwan dance on your tongue, and create new memories in the moment of sweetness!
◆ At least 2 people are required to make a reservation to experience ◆ Reservation is required 7-14 days before the event (reservation rules are based on the store announcement)
◆ Reservation hotline: 04-25266364 #21#22

National Museum of Natural Science Main Building

Baoxiong Yule Pier Fishing Story Hall

Wufeng Linjia Gongbaodi Park

carpenter brother and sister carpentry workshop

Great tasting noodles

Ah Congshi Taro Cultural Center

Huagang Tea Industry

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Taichung City, Taiwan
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How much do Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions ticket cost?
The ticket price for Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions start from SGD 14.65. Visit this page to see more information about Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions pricing
Where is the details location of Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions?
Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions is located at Taichung City, Taiwan. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Taichung︱Tour Package|3 Popular Attractions.