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Taiwan Coal Mine Museum Ticket

Xinpingxi Coal Mine Museum Park
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New Taipei
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SGD 8.89

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Located in the new Pingxi Coal Mine Museum Park in Pingxi, the cultural relics, historical materials, and utensils related to Taiwan's coal mining industry are planned as a mining, historical, and ecological park that is very suitable for parent-child fun and outdoor teaching
Railway fans love Taiwan's first electrified coal train, take a small train to start an adventure journey
Simulated tunnels are set up in the museum, as if you were in the tunnels of the mine pit period in 1965, and you can see the history of the mining industry at a glance

In order to let visitors understand the mining operation situation, simulated tunnels are set up in the museum, and the trolleys carrying coal mines are built according to the actual scale conditions and converted into the current sightseeing trains in th

Meeting point for Chinese tour guide

The one-eyed train is one of the most historically valuable exhibits in the museum. It is the first electrified coal train in Taiwan, and it is also the only small train running in Taiwan.

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Xinpingxi Coal Mine Museum Park
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Taiwan Coal Mine Museum ticket cost?
The ticket price for Taiwan Coal Mine Museum start from SGD 8.89. Visit this page to see more information about Taiwan Coal Mine Museum pricing
Where is the details location of Taiwan Coal Mine Museum?
Taiwan Coal Mine Museum is located at Xinpingxi Coal Mine Museum Park. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Taiwan Coal Mine Museum.
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