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999, ตำบล กมลา Kathu, ภูเก็ต 83150, Thailand
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Kathu District
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Dive into a whimsical world of laughter and joy at the Animal Funhouse, filled with interactive delights for all ages.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with a taste of our renowned desserts at Merry Maker, where every bite is a carnival of flavors.
Join the vibrant street parade, a spectacular display of colors, music, and energy that brings the festive spirit to life.
Dive into Carnival Magic's charm with exclusive merchandise and capture memories in photo costumes at the Masquerade Ball.

Embark on a journey of fun and excitement aboard the Carnival Magic Phuket, a vibrant vessel designed to elevate your cruising experience. Immerse yourself in a world of leisure and entertainment as you sail through the stunning waters surrounding Phuket. With spacious and well-appointed cabins, world-class dining options, and an array of thrilling activities on deck, Carnival Magic ensures an unforgettable voyage, whether you're seeking relaxation or non-stop adventure.

Feel the thrill of the high seas as you enjoy the ship's fantastic amenities, from water slides and pools to live performances and gourmet dining. Carnival Magic Phuket promises a delightful fusion of luxury, entertainment, and tropical charm, making it the perfect choice for an unforgettable cruise experience.

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999, ตำบล กมลา Kathu, ภูเก็ต 83150, Thailand
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Carnival Magic Phuket is one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand. Offering over 20 exciting activities, this destination promises a memorable holiday experience in Phuket. Whether you're traveling with friends or family, a visit to Carnival Magic Phuket is a must for an exhilarating getaway. Before you plan your trip, it's a good idea to gather some information about what this vibrant attraction has to offer. Dive in and discover more about Carnival Magic Phuket to make the most of your visit.

About Carnival Magic Phuket

Carnival Magic Phuket welcomes you to a magical evening in Phuket, Thailand. This cultural theme park dubbed the "crowning jewel in nighttime entertainment," covers 40 acres and showcases Thailand's diverse heritage with various festivals, carnivals, and market fairs. As you tour the park, you'll come across themed zones including the lively Night Market, the magnificent Royal Palace, and the colorful Cultural Village, each of which offers a distinct experience ranging from arts and cultural performances to yummy Thai cuisine and thrilling rides for all ages.

Don't miss the River Carnival Parade, an amazing show with breathtaking costumes, dance, and visual effects that bring a Thai legend to life. Enjoy live performances of Thai music, dance, and culture throughout the evening. Carnival Magic Phuket is the ideal place to eat wonderful food, immerse yourself in Thai culture, and spend an enjoyable evening with family or friends, all while basking in the magical light of Phuket's nightlife.

Carnival Magic Phuket Operating Hours

Carnival Magic is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM. One of the highlights is the "Kingdom of Lights" exhibit, which opens after the main parade or at a predetermined time. The "River Carnival" parade event, held at the "River Palace" Paradium, begins at 8:30 PM, with the gate opening at 8:00 PM. The stunning procession show lasts 45 minutes. On some pre-announced occasions, "River Carnival" may be performed more than once a day, with an extra parade at 6:30 PM with the Paradium Gate opening 30 minutes before each parade time.

The "Bird of Paradise" Buffet Dinner is accessible from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. and provides a lovely dining experience. On busier days, the buffet's working hours may be extended from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, allowing you plenty of time to taste a variety of excellent delicacies. Whether you come for the breathtaking parades, the captivating "Kingdom of Lights," or the scrumptious buffet, Carnival Magic promises a spectacular evening of entertainment and cultural celebrations.

Fun Activities and Attractions in Carnival Magic Phuket

Here is a series of activities you can enjoy. Let’s take a peek at the exciting activities awaiting you at Carnival Magic Phuket!

1. Parades

The Legend Continues... at Carnival Magic Phuket is an amazing story that blends myth and current performance. The River Palace Paradium features a huge parade stadium with breathtaking processions, regal boats, and historical reenactments. The River Carnival Parade Show is a colorful spectacle including stunning costumes, dance, and visual effects that bring Thai tales to life.

2. Kingdom of Lights

The Kingdom of Lights transforms the park into a magical world of lit displays and sculptures. Wander through fascinating light tunnels, admiring the unique designs that create a magical nocturnal atmosphere. This spectacle opens following the main procession, providing a thrilling conclusion to your evening.

3. Shopping

The Carnival Funfair provides a fun shopping experience with carnival games and distinctive goods. The Jewelrousel Shop sells excellent jewelry and trinkets to mark your visit. The Market Fair Handicraft Bazaar comprises local artisans displaying handcrafted crafts and traditional Thai products.

4. Entertainment

The Festival of Colors Street Parade fills the streets with vibrant costumes, music, and dancing, highlighting Thailand's cultural diversity. The Fountain Show at Happiness Falls is a visually stunning water display synced with lights and music. Magic Starlight Sparktacular ~ Carnival in The Sky ~ is a spectacular evening aerial performance featuring fireworks and other effects.

5. Dine and Drinks

Bird of Paradise Buffet Restaurant offers a spectacular buffet featuring a variety of Thai and international dishes. Fire Eater a la Carte Restaurant provides a more intimate dining experience featuring gourmet cuisine. Enjoy cocktails at the Cocktail Boat, Clown 9 Panorama Bar, and Merry Maker Ice Cream Parlor, with the River of Bliss Luxury Restaurant set to open soon.

6. Fun Activities

JumBOree Games Pavilion offers a wide range of entertaining and challenging carnival games for all ages. There are also VR games that provide a high-tech experience through immersive virtual reality attractions. Another fun activity you can find is Handicraft Demonstrations and Streetnival - Live Street Performances, which feature local artists and performers, while Dress-Me-Up invites visitors to try on traditional costumes.

7. Kiddie Fun

Carnimal Playland offers safe and exciting play spaces for children, as well as a variety of rides suitable for young visitors. Other than that, you can spend your time at The Animal Funhouse. This place introduces children to friendly animals in an engaging setting. Lastly, the Carnivalistic Kid's Club provides supervised activities and games for younger children.

8. Meet & Greet

Special meet-and-greet sessions are held at specific times and locations throughout the park, allowing guests to interact with colorful street performers and parade participants and take memorable photos.

Tips when Visiting Carnival Magic Phuket

To make the most of your vacation to Carnival Magic Phuket, begin by planning. The park is only open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM, so plan your visit appropriately. Consider purchasing tickets online to avoid waiting in line at the door. Before you go, familiarize yourself with the park map and mark the attractions you're most interested to see. This will allow you to tour the park more effectively and avoid missing out on any must-see shows or activities.

Packing the appropriate stuff can significantly improve your comfort and enjoyment. Because you'll be walking a lot, select comfortable shoes designed for uneven surfaces. Phuket's tropical environment necessitates light, breathable clothing, and it's a good idea to pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Although the dry season is perfect for visiting, infrequent rain showers may occur, so pack a poncho or light raincoat. Finally, while some businesses accept credit cards, bringing cash for modest purchases or games is a good idea.

When you visit Carnival Magic Phuket, arrive early to acquire prime seats for the River Carnival Parade and tour the park before it gets too crowded. Decide ahead of time whether you want to eat at the Bird of Paradise Buffet Restaurant or one of the park's many food vendors. Also, bring additional cash for games and activities, which frequently need separate expenditures. Remember to take breaks at rest places to recharge and minimize tiredness, and bring a camera to record all of your trip's enjoyable moments.

Location and How to Get to Carnival Magic Phuket

Carnival Magic Phuket is located on Kamala Beach, about 10 kilometers north of Patong Beach, Phuket's most famous tourist destination. There are several transit alternatives for getting to the park. The Phuket Smart Bus is an excellent option if you have a limited budget. Simply catch the bus and get out at the "Phuket Fantasea" stop; Carnival Magic is immediately adjacent to Phuket Fantasea, making it a convenient and inexpensive way to get there.

Consider taking a car or cab for a more convenient and flexible choice, especially if going in a group. Taxis are available in Phuket, and the travel from Patong Beach takes approximately 10 minutes. Taxi stalls are widely found in most tourist places, and you may hail one from the street. If you prefer to drive, car rentals are available, providing more freedom to explore the island. The following are the approximate automobile driving times from various areas in Phuket: Kamala Beach (2 minutes), Surin Beach (5 minutes), Patong Beach (10 minutes), Bangtao Beach (10 minutes), Karon Beach (25 minutes), Phuket Town (30 minutes), and Kata Beach (35 minutes).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Carnival Magic Phuket ticket cost?
The ticket price for Carnival Magic Phuket start from SGD 77.40. Visit this page to see more information about Carnival Magic Phuket pricing
Where is the details location of Carnival Magic Phuket?
Carnival Magic Phuket is located at 999, ตำบล กมลา Kathu, ภูเก็ต 83150, Thailand. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Carnival Magic Phuket.
What are some similar places like Carnival Magic Phuket that can be found in Kathu District?
Similar places like Carnival Magic Phuket that can be found in Kathu District are Phuket FantaSea Show Ticket | Thailand, Simon Cabaret Show Phuket Tickets, dan Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket Tickets.

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Starting from SGD 77.40.
999, ตำบล กมลา Kathu, ภูเก็ต 83150, Thailand.