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Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam

Ngu Hanh Son Theatre
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Ngu Hanh Son District
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Watch Áo Dài Show, a storytelling about the history of traditional Vietnamese culture from ancient times to the present. See the various dynasties of Vietnam throughout its historical periods. Learn Vietnamese culture and enjoy a vibrant, delightful show.

Discover the evolution of Áo Dài, Vietnam's traditional costume, spanning nearly 300 years
See an authentic traditional costumes, as well as the beauty of Vietnamese women
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— What You Can Expect —

Watch the "Áo Dài Show," a narrative journey through Vietnamese culture from ancient times to the present, showcasing different dynasties in Vietnam's history. It bridges the gap between the royal court and ordinary people, combining traditional culture with modern elements to provide a better understanding of the Vietnamese nation and its people, as well as the evolution of the traditional Áo Dài costume over nearly 300 years.

The show features diverse scenes, such as the Nguyen Dynasty's royal court, centuries of ancient Vietnamese Áo Dài, traditional weddings, Vietnamese female students in white Áo Dài, and the Áo Dài Show itself.

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— Important Info —

Show time:
- Show 1: 5:00 pm–6:00 pm
- Show 2: 7:45 pm–8:45 pm
Address: Ngu Hanh Son Theatre - 1A Tran Van Dan str, Ngu Hanh Son dist, Danang city, Vietnam
Opera house: 350 seats

Section 1: Witness the opening performance "Royal's Melody" from the Nguyen Dynasty Repertoire, which showcases the beauty of the King's Palace. This performance aims to portray the royal brocade attire worn by the King, Queen, and mandarins of the Nguyen Dynasty, showing the origins of Vietnam's traditional Áo Dài

Section 2: Experience the "300 Years of Áo Dài – Ancient Market Performance," featuring the "Cho Xua" scene, and uncover the simple and community-oriented aspects of old cultural traditions. "Áo Dài Xua" recreates Vietnamese markets from the late 18th to the early 20th century

Section 3: Witness the Vietnamese Traditional Wedding performances "Nhat Binh Áo Dài" and "Ngu Than Áo Dài," the forerunners of the modern Áo Dài, symbolizing traditional Vietnamese cultural attire. The Áo Dài is traditionally worn by the bride, groom, and their families during formal wedding ceremonies, reflecting the customs of the past

Section 4: Admire the Lotus Dance Performance, inspired by Vietnam's National Flower, the Lotus, known for symbolizing purity, simplicity, and elegance in both traditional and contemporary art forms

Section 5: Enjoy the "Schoolgirl's White Áo Dài" performance, which showcases the famous uniform worn by female students. This performance, set in the period of Dong Khanh, the last ancient capital of Vietnam, portrays the grace, shyness, and elegance of schoolgirls in their pristine Áo Dài attire

Section 6: Appreciate the Áo Dài Show, which showcases the traditional attire of the Vietnamese people. The Áo Dài embodies Vietnamese culture across eras and serves as a bridge connecting generations. This show celebrates Vietnam's rich traditional culture, featuring collections from renowned Áo Dài designers

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Ngu Hanh Son Theatre
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam ticket cost?
The ticket price for Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam start from SGD 23.95. Visit this page to see more information about Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam pricing
Where is the details location of Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam?
Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam is located at Ngu Hanh Son Theatre. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam.
What are some similar places like Ao Dai Show Experience in Da Nang | Vietnam that can be found in Ngu Hanh Son District?
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Starting from SGD 23.95.
Ngu Hanh Son Theatre.
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