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🎇 Countdown to Happy Deepavali 2020 🎇


When is The Best Time to Book Flights for Deepavali 2020?

Diwali or also known as the Festival of Lights is one of the major cultural celebrations in Singapore. Each year, the roads will be lit up with colorful lights to welcome Deepavali to Merlion City. This year, Deepavali will fall on the 26th of October which will be on Saturday. It’s a good opportunity for you to escape that weekend for a short trip elsewhere if you are not celebrating Happy Deepavali, or maybe you would want to see how other countries celebrate it. You could even extend your holiday that weekend for a day or two to maximize your trip. It is no surprise that festive season will be a peak season for flying, thus, you might want to get your flight ticket booking early on, rather than wait for last minute offers. 

du lich thai tu tuc
du lich thai tu tuc

Top 3 Popular International Destinations to Visit During Deepavali 2020

You should also take this opportunity to travel to other parts of the world - whether to witness or celebrate Deepavali there or a change of scenery once in a while. Malaysia would be one of the countries that have quite a unique Diwali celebrations. If you go to Batu Caves, you will find such a joyous celebration with dances and delicacies. You will be able to witness cultural ritual done by the locals as well. Don’t be surprised to find the United Kingdom to be one of the countries that celebrates Deepavali in a grand-scale as well. In region of Leicester, you will find some of the biggest Deepavali celebrations there. Another destination you might find interesting to venture to is Trinidad & Tobago. Especially during the night, the area of Chaguanas, Trinidad will be packed with fireworks, music, dances and food! It is a mega celebration like no other. Don’t miss your chance to visit these places during Deepavali soon. You can find deals from airlines like Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and many more, so you might want to book your flights early on.

Top 3 Popular Destinations in Singapore to Visit During Deepavali 2020

You do not have to travel far to have a memorable Deepavali celebration with your friends and family together. You can drop by Little India where all the highlights are. Along the road, you will see the colorful Deepavali decorations from one end to another. It’s pretty colorful and you will easily get lost on how beautiful it looks. If you haven’t heard of The Song of India, it is one of the best places to visit if you want to find various Deepavali delicacies. Food is golden during Deepavali, it is one of a great experience for this cultural celebration. You can also try another foodie place at Punjab Grill at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands where they offer authentic dishes for locals and tourists to enjoy. It is one-of-a-kind trip when you celebrate Diwali here in Singapore.

du lich thai tu tuc
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