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08 Apr 2019 - 5 min read

Your personality defines your bubble tea flavor: Which one are you?

You know what they say — if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. It’s 2019 but it’s boba here, boba there, boba boba everywhere! The bubble tea culture is here to stay, just look at the long lines at almost every bubble tea café in town.

But don’t just jump into the bandwagon without doing your homework. While it’s mighty trendy to sip sweet, milk tea and chew tapioca pearls while scrolling down your Insta feed, there are other fine, fruity and non-fruity flavors to savor. So, how do you wade through the entire bibliography of bubble tea flavors?

It’s all written in your personality. Find out which boba is your cup of tea, based on your personality and learn to read someone’s character just by looking at what boba they’re holding, too!

The Newbie
What to get: Original Pearl Milk Tea by Tealive

Credit: Tealive Malaysia Website

You believe in taking baby steps. You’re easily intimidated but you also want to prove that you’re open to new experiences. Original flavors are always safe options to begin with, but once the novelty wears off, you’ll be bolder in time.

The reckless warrior
What to get: Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse by Tiger Sugar

Credit: Tiger Sugar MY Facebook

Brave as a tiger, hear me roar! You thrive on adventure, and you’re proud to show it off. You’re never afraid to take risks and you’re always embracing big changes in your life without a sweat. You know it takes a lot of hard work to gain respect from the people in your work and life. And just like a tiger, you’ll do anything to earn your stripes.

The health freak
What to get: "Bean Looking For Him" by Soylab

Credit: Soylab MY Facebook

You’re always studying the ingredients of a bubble tea. You care about only the real stuff, which means the freshest and finest pearls, and preferably plant-based milk that still has the protein intake you need for a beast mode workout later on. Your solution: Soylabmy’s soy milk teas made using only non-GMO beans, which means they are friendly even to the lactose-intolerant. Isn’t the world a better place already?

The yogi
What to get: Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong Milk Tea by Chatto

Credit: Chatto MY Facebook

You meditate to harness your chakras. You’re always mindful of steps you take towards better physical and emotional health. You keep stress under control by imagining it as passing clouds on a sunny day. No wonder you’ll opt for oolong, as green tea has more antioxidants than black tea, and have it mixed with charcoal pearls to help detox your body naturally.

The happy-go-lucky
What to get: Hibiscus & Passion Fruit with Pearl & Rainbow Jelly by Teathree

Credit: Teathree MY Facebook

You’re into everything sunshine-y and bright — comedies, pastel colors and flip-flops. You’re good at casual talks, and enjoy making people happy because it makes you happy. You’re a little impulsive and sometimes your mood changes faster than you can say “less sweet, less ice”, but hey, no one’s perfect.

The fickle pickle
What to get: Split cup by Leaf & Bean

Credit: Leaf & Bean Facebook

You’re the kind who would be thoroughly enjoying a meal only to be stopping halfway because you decide you want something else. You don’t mind being in a long bubble tea queue, because then you’ll get to buy time to sort out your dilemma over deciding which tea flavor to order. Enter the ingenious “split-cup” design and you can now celebrate the joy of having the best of both bubble tea worlds.

The minimalist
What to get: Golden Bubble Milk tea by KOI Thé

Credit: KOI The Website

You celebrate all things clean, basic and minimalist. You’re into aesthetics that do not overwhelm your senses. That’s why the tiny hint of caramel flavor and easy-to-sip-and-chew pearls in a cup is a perfect combo. It has enough sweetness to get you going, yet not send you on a sugar overdrive. You even like that understated, simple stylized font imprinted on the plastic cup.

The Peter Pan
What to get: Rainbow bubble by Tea Bubble MY

Credit: Tea Bubble MY Facebook

Age is just a number, especially to you. You’re not afraid to experiment and enjoy chasing rainbows because it makes you feel youthful. But it could also be because like Peter Pan, you just refuse to grow up. We don’t need to tell you to enjoy the more colorful things in life, because you’re already doing it like a pro.

The nostalgic
What to get: White Rabbit Milk Cha with Butterfly Pea Boba by Yumcha

Credit: Yumcha MY Facebook

You’re an old soul and loves revelling in details of the past. Friends will identify you as always the one to begin a conversation with “Remember that time when… ?”. It’s not your fault, you just cherish the life back then — it was after all, a lot simpler and easier to navigate. It’s no wonder you enjoy these little comebacks of your childhood memories.

The Queen of Extra
What to get: Crème Brûlée Matcha With Red Bean @ Royaltea

Credit: Royaltea MY Facebook

You’re notoriously OTT — over the top, over the tea, over the trend, over everything. That’s why ordinary tea flavors just don’t cut it for you. Not only will you want crème brûlée on your green tea latte, you’ve gotta have red beans in it too. Heard that line: “Have your cake and eat it too”? Yeah you’re having cake — it’s even on your drink! Hail, OTT!

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