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Traveloka Refund Promise

Available only on some flights, Traveloka Refund Promise is essentially our promise that your refund will arrive on time, no matter what.

So far, our promise is either in 14 or 30 days. This means that should you request a refund for your flight later on, you will receive your refund at the latest 14 or 30 days after your refund submission day. 

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your refund being delayed with Traveloka Refund Promise. Because even if the airline needs more time to process your refund, we will cover your refund and send you the amount first.

If you’re interested in booking flights with Traveloka Refund Promise, look at the list below to see the eligible airlines.

Airlines eligible for the 14-Day Refund Promise

1. Lion Air

2. Batik Air 

3. Wings Air

4. Citilink

5. Super Air Jet

6. Trigana Air

7. Susi Air

Airlines eligible for the 30-Day Refund Promise 

1. Scoot

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Silk Air

4. All Nippon 

5. Cathay Pacific

6. Japan Airlines

7. China Airlines

8. Eva Air




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