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Mueang Phuket District
Cape Panwa
Surin Islands (by Love Andaman) - 1-day Tour
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Surin Islands (by Love Andaman) - 1-day Tour

Mueang Phuket District
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Spend a whole day exploring idyllic beaches of Surin Islands
Get your snorkeling gear and discover underwater paradise at Nemo or Pineapple Gulf, Mae Yai Gulf, and Tao Gulf
Immerse yourself in the sea gypsea culture and their traditional ways of life
Enjoy a lunch buffet on the beach with free-flow beverages
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07:30-08:00 Check-in at Thap Lamu Pier. You can enjoy light breakfast with coffee and tea while listening to an itinerary briefing from the eco-minded tour guide.
08:00-09:00 Hop onboard the best first-class speedboat and depart for Surin Islands.
09:00-09:50 Arrive at Surin Islands and explore the snorkeling paradise at Nemo or Pineapple Gulf. Non-snorkeler can stay dry on the beautiful beach and enjoy the scenic view at Twin Beach.
11:00-11:45 Depart for the famous Sea Gypsy Moken Village. There you can immerse yourself in the sea gypsy culture and their traditional ways of life.
11:45-13:15 Have a delicious lunch buffet on the beach at Mu Ko Surin National Park. Enjoy food, fresh tropical fruits, and free-flow drinks.
13:15-15:15 Prepare yourself to be amazed and enchanted by the beautiful reefs and underwater world at Mae Yai Gulf and Tao Gulf.
15:15-16:50 Say goodbye to the islands and head back to the pier.
16:50-17:00 Arrive at Thap Lamu Pier and transfer back to your hotel with a smile on your face.

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When you come to visit southern Thailand, don't miss your one chance to visit the beautiful Surin Islands. Located in the Andaman Sea, this cluster of five islands are part of the national park and home to turquoise water, beautiful beaches and rich underwater sights. Surin Islands are famous for their unspoiled natural beauty, biodiversity, and traditional way of life of the local Moken tribe.

Start your day by getting on a speedboat and enjoy the unrivaled beauty of the Andaman Sea. Snorkelers will be amazed with an astonishing array of vibrant corals and marine life while non-snorkelers can stay dry on the beautiful secluded beaches, listening to the waves, sunbathing, or enjoying the tropical vistas. The tour itinerary includes a visit to the Moken Village. There you can experience the sea gypsy culture firsthand.

Visit the famous Surin Islands of Thailand southern sea

Relax on the beautiful beach far from the touristy crowd

See the clear turquoise water everywhere you go

Pay a visit to the local Moken tribe

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Surin Islands (by Love Andaman) - 1-day Tour

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