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Inna Grand Bali Beach

Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur, Sanur, Indonesia, 80361
Merujuk kepada 768 tetamu
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Sanur Beach
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Bali Beach Golf Course
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Maha Art Gallery
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Le Mayeur Museum
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Tiada apa yang istimewa, tidak seperti yang diharapkan sebagai hotel empat atau lima bintang
Dekat pantai Sanur. Jalan aja sampai, jadi tidak malas bangun. Hotelnya tua tapi bersih dan kamarnya bear
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Bali/Sanur, just the facts
was there for a week and booked directly at $33. cdn /night including full breakfasts. Hotel is right on a beautiful beach and has a great pool at the end ( walking distance ) of the tourist area. Yes, the hotel is older but still in great shape, I had a splendid ocean view room and everything was good including house keeping. They have security guards roaming the grounds at they challenge non authorized guests. I enjoyed the many small bars nearby and the very inexpensive restaurants. The area is very safe as I walked back to the hotel very late at night and never had bad feelings about being at the wrong place. Lots of Australians in town but not many Canadians or Americans. I was travelling solo and met an army of nice people, Indonesians and Australians. Should I return to Sanur one day , I will definitely book this large hotel to start another tour of the Island.
- 5 Feb 2017
Legendary Hotel, Excellent Service
I come with my friend looking for Indonesian Cuisine, this is my first time visit Baruna Seafood Restaurant enjoy Seafood dishes. I love the quality of food its really five star taste, all the staff served with their heart to make all the guest in restaurant happy. I will come back 👍👍
Couples - 30 Jan 2017
Hotel really nice but resort dead.
Visited a couple of weeks ago and the hotel and grounds are clean and very well kept. There are several bars and restaurants, shops, an ATM two pools right by the beach. I paid £300 for 5 nights and this included breakfast which there was so much choice, it was amazing. In a nutshell, the hotel was lovely but restaurants were dead every night, not sure why, maybe it is because Sanur is a bit away from the other resorts and you really need to get a taxi to the supermarket and decent restaurants. The hotel has a beach club and the two times I visited the pool I was not impressed to see the pool guy taking money to allow none hotel guests to use the facilities especially as one group were really loud and this spoiled our experience by the pool and also there seemed to be a shortage of pool towels. I would recommend this hotel if you wanted a very quiet holiday and you are happy to just stay around the hotel.
Couples - 29 Jan 2017
Quick trip and felt I was only Australian in the Hotel Rooms smelt musky and very out of date Breakfast was limited choices for myself was not International Buffet as stated Service was slow Price for room was cheap but I guess you get what you pay for
Family - 29 Jan 2017
Two very different hotels on one massive property.
The reviews of this place are pretty consistent and correct: this is a worn-down hotel that's seen better days. I had the experience of staying in both parts; the towers and the regular old hotel. To begin with, the check-in was confusing. I made my reservation through one of the online agencies --as you do -- and it took them a while to figure out where my reservation was. Once they sorted that I went on a long a winding journey to get to my room -- it's really like a big golf course, just a massive property altogether. So when I got to my room I saw that there were two single beds, and not a king as requested, I insisted to be changed and this took another long journey to get to the room with the proper bed arrangement. When I was inside the room I realised how awful it truly was : cracks, chips, a crumbling room altogether -- along with stained walls and towels(!) I called my agent and then called the front desk and told them how awful it was. They agreed to move me. Once again I took a road trip through the complex and arrived at the Towers. Now the Towers, are legit. An older 1960s-esque room, but still very well maintained and a great balcony and view of the ocean. I was happy with this room, and for the price I had paid I should have been put here in the beginning. The rest of the complex has alot of problems. To try to imagine how it has degenerated, you have think it was built at a time when there was an enormous amount of wealth -- and little competition. There just wouldn't be money to fix the (literally) crumbling courtyard where the pool is and the condemned fitness room is now. You are now paying for the view and location, and the ability to be able accommodate every single member of your wedding party or conference in the same place. There was another really bizarre thing about this place: the breakfast buffet. It's in a corner of one of the complexes many catacombs and is about as crowded and raucous as a college cafeteria. The few selections were poor, the worst offence being no freshly made pancakes or waffles!(Even worse -- no bacon!) If that wasn't bad enough, there was a long line to get an omelette flipped by the one guy they hired to do this, then hoping the table that you had scoped out was still there for you. The service isn't great: Upon checkout, I had waited for about an hour for a bellhop to come to my room to collect my bags. I simply decided to carry them myself as it was taking so long. So if you plan on staying, make that call at least 2 hours prior as it's a huge place and they are apparently understaffed. I have no doubt that the Inna Grand was once truly grand, but there are newer and cheaper places to stay in Sanur. I can't definitively say they're better as I haven't tried them. But should I return, they would get a chance, because the Inna Grand certainly won't get another.
Solo travel - 19 Jan 2017
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    • Pekerja rencam
    • Perkhidmatan dobi
    • Penyimpanan bagasi
    • Suratkhabar di lobi
    • Pengurup wang
    • Perkhidmatan perubatan
    • Keselamatan 24 jam
    • Porter
    • Suratkhabar
    • Penyambut tetamu 24 jam
  • Kemudahan Dalam Bilik
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    • Tab mandi
    • Kaunter
    • Pengering rambut
    • Peti besi dalam bilik
    • TV
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    • Kabel TV
  • Kemudahan Umum
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    • Kedai kopi
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    • Akses kerusi roda
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    • Bilik persidangan
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  • Umum
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    • Bilik larangan merokok
    • Teres
    • Dewan besar
    • Bankuet
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    • ATM/Perbankan
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    • Pengangkutan dari lapangan terbang
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      Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

      Daftar masuk: 14.00
      Daftar keluar: 12.00

      Penginapan di Inna Grand Bali Beach ialah pilihan yang baik apabila anda melawat Sanur.

      Inna Grand Bali Beach mempunyai lokasi yang baik, juga berhampiran Lapangan Terbang Ngurah Rai Int'l, yang hanya sejauh 13.18 km.

      hotel ini amat mudah ditemui kerana kedudukannya yang strategik berdekatan dengan kemudahan awam.

      Tentang Inna Grand Bali Beach

      Sama ada anda merancang satu acara sahaja atau majlis khas yang lain, Inna Grand Bali Beach ialah tempat yang sesuai bagi anda dengan adanya bilik majlis yang besar dan serba lengkap untuk memenuhi keperluan anda.

      hotel ini ialah tempat yang sesuai bagi pasangan yang inginkan percutian romantis atau tempat berbulan madu. Nikmati malam-malam yang penuh kenangan dengan orang kesayangan anda dengan menginap di Inna Grand Bali Beach .

      Rawatan spa ialah salah satu ciri utama hotel. Manjakan diri anda dengan rawatan santai yang menyegarkan anda.

      Dari acara perniagaan ke majlis korporat, Inna Grand Bali Beach menyediakan perkhidmatan dan kemudahan lengkap yang anda dan rakan sekerja perlukan.

      Bergembiralah dengan pelbagai kemudahan hiburan yang tersedia untuk anda dan seisi keluarga di Inna Grand Bali Beach , sebuah penginapan yang menarik untuk percutian keluarga anda.

      Alamilah penginapan yang unik di bangunan bersejarah Inna Grand Bali Beach yang anda jarang temui di tempat lain.

      Jika anda merancang menginap dalam jangka panjang, penginapan di Inna Grand Bali Beach ialah pilihan yang tepat bagi anda. Dengan pelbagai kemudahan dan kualiti perkhidmatan yang hebat, tempat penginapan ini pasti membuat anda berasa seperti di rumah.

      hotel ini ialah tempat terbaik bagi anda yang inginkan percutian yang tenang dan nyaman, jauh daripada orang ramai.

      Perkhidmatan kualiti tertinggi berserta kemudahan yang banyak akan membolehkan anda mendapat pengalaman percutian yang paling baik.

      Pusat kecergasan hotel ini adalah yang wajib dicuba semasa penginapan anda di sini.

      Nikmati hari yang menyeronokkan dan santai di kolam, sama ada anda mengembara secara solo atau bersama orang yang tersayang.

      Dapatkan tawaran terbaik untuk rawatan spa yang paling berkualiti bagi tujuan istirehat dan meremajakan diri anda.

      Meja depan 24 jam tersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan kepada anda, dari daftar masuk hingga ke daftar keluar, atau sebarang bantuan yang anda perlukan. Jika anda inginkan lebih lagi, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada meja depan, kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan anda.

      Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari Inna Grand Bali Beach eksklusif untuk anda.

      Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

      Ciptakan memori yang berharga dan tidak dapat dilupakan sepanjang penginapan anda di Inna Grand Bali Beach .

      You may be required to present valid government-issued identification at check-in, along with credit card or cash to cover deposits and incidentals. Special request may depend on hotel's availability at check-in and may cost extra fee. Special request availability is not guaranteed. Hotel may charge you additional fee for each extra person after reserved room's maximum capacity.

      Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
      Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
      Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
      Perkhidmatan pengangkutan ulang-alik lapangan terbang 24 jam tersedia. Sila hubungi hartanah lebih awal untuk mendapat butiran lanjut. In accordance with local regulations, all visitors must remain within the hotel property during Seclusion Day/Hindu New Year on March 28, 2017 (from midnight March 27, 2017 to early morning March 29, 2017). Check-in and check-out will not be possible on March 28, 2017. For more details, please contact the office using the information on the reservation confirmation received after booking.
      Penafian: Adalah tanggungjawab hotel untuk memastikan semua gambar adalah tepat. Traveloka tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas sebarang gambar yang tidak tepat.