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Gem Island Resort & Spa

Lot 2804, Pulau Gemia, Daerah Marang, Gemia Island, Marang, Terengganu, Malaysia, 21600
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Pantai ini sangat bagus dengan ikan karang dan nemo yang terletak berhampiran dengan pantai. tetapi tandas bilik tidak sangat bersih dengan pasir dan lumut. bilik saya juga mendapat serangga di sebelah mangkuk tandas. pengurusan perlu memberi perhatian lebih terhadap kebersihan tandas bilik. yang lain sangat bagus dengan pandangan. sangat baik untuk berehat.
192 ulasan
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Joshua B
A little deluded, but lovely enough
This place is both wonderful, and heartbreakingly missing a trick... Don't get me wrong - it's lovely, but it's not so lovely that it justifies it's much much higher prices than the surrounding islands for similar quality. The rooms are charming - but let's not pretend - they are tired - fridges are rusty, bathrooms a little mouldy, floors worn, mozzie nets ripped etc. etc. None of this matters if the price is right - but for £70 B+B this isn't ok - not when a similar standard bungalow on the adjacent island is 1/3 of this. Whoever owns this place has clearly run out of money, or love. It's not a Spa - the Spa hasn't been active in what looks like years and is falling into the sea bit by bit - and the amount of trash all over the small island is staggering considering it markets itself as a nature reserve/marine conservation site. Again - none of this matters if the price is reasonable - but the prices are really high and it therefore draws attention to these little details. The food was largely amazing - the Roti Chanai is spectacular - as is the rendang curry and the fish masala - the chef can cook, that's for sure. However - on our first night we were served an awful dish (there was a large group of divers present so maybe we got leftovers) and our first of 4 breakfasts was the most awful buffet offering we've ever had - it was so bad we avoided breakfast the next day. Staff dealt with complaint excellently and we had an a la carte breakfast for remaining 3 breakfasts - and they chucked in free goggle and snorkel use for the duration of our trip (although I would not have paid the initially requested £5 per day, per person (WHAT?!) for the chewed up end of season equipment we were provided with. After our first 2 poor food experiences the rest was absolutely delicious. It was clearly end of season and the pack-up was going on around us, and all the staff clearly wanted to get off the island - again - this is fine if you've paid an appropriate price - but to pay a high price and experience a rapidly closing, tired approach was a little disappointing. It was awesome to largely have this place to ourselves - and the snorkelling on the North side of the island was great - coral in a good state (not the case off main beach), loads of amazing fish and even a couple of pretty flipping huge sharks! By the end of the holiday we had fallen in love with the slightly knackered, unloved, fading glory of this island and it's staff - and we had put the money out of our heads - but the harsh truth is that this place is no longer the luxury resort and Spa it is still priced as and the owners need to take heed of that fact and adjust their pricing accordingly.
Couples - 11 Okt 2017
A Not Very Isolated Island Resort Needing TLC
Meh. The island is beautiful. The resort needs some love and care. The staff are friendly. The food is limited in both choice and quality. The island is beautiful. The coolest thing about this resort is that it is a tiny little place on a tiny little island all by itself. Except it isn't. It's right next to an island with a bunch of other resorts on it, and folks can (and do) kayak over from the other island and invade our super secret isolated island space. The best defense is to go kayak over to their island and tromp all over their beach too. Don't worry, it's fun. The rooms don't close all that tightly, and don't seal at all. There are holes and gaps at the doors, at the plumbing, even the showers just drain down into the ocean. (Do you pee in the shower?) Which means it is pretty easy for little critters to come and check out your goods during the night. We were there 3 nights and we were woken up by little somethings rummaging through our luggage or trash all 3 of them. The staff are friendly and responsive. They have a pretty small crew for the resort, and they must needs live on the island, but they handled any requests of ours gracefully. Oh! There are bats! Big giant beautiful bats! But then, I come from a Bat city. The food was usually buffet, which means not so fresh. They always had a mix of Western and Eastern choices. It was generally things that are easy to prepare, like pre-made hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, frozen roti canai pan fried, etc. It was about par with what I put together at home when I'm on dinner duty. I suppose I should rate this as a plus; it kept us from packing on the vacation pounds while we were there. In short, our time here was not great, and not horrible. Just, sort of, you know, meh. But we were with friends, so it was, "meh plus."
Family - 28 Sep 2017
super place for nice and kind holiday. We enjoy the stay with my family. Perfect location and beach. also the houses. Calm place only for few people specially on september. Food local and enough for us, better is offer all inclusive becouse on the island is only one resort. and please clean the see. Yo do best for turtles but clean the see around the resort please. thank you and see you again.
Family - 26 Sep 2017
Wee C
Beautiful and awesome island , beautiful view, clear water . BUT very run down bad resort, maintenance and cleanliness are terrible. The room facilities are not in good condition. Staffs are not friendly. Not valued for money
Family - 22 Sep 2017
Frank L
Save the turtles - BOYCOTT this resort
Currently in Pulau Kapas, Malaysia, to do some volunteering for the Sea Shepherd Dive mission and Ocean Quest Global, my friend and I witnessed a really disturbing scene this morning, that we wanted to report to you. We heard about a Sea turtle conservation center near Kapas, on Gem Island, that we wanted to visit and see if we could help there as well. Gem Island is a really tiny island at about 200m from Kapas island, with only one big resort/spa built on it. As soon as we arrived on the island, a man, apparently in charge of the « conservation » program, invited us to help them changing the water of the tank where was the turtles and cleaning it. This tank was actually an old pool, concrete build, from the Gem Island resort, size about 2mx4m, just next to the shallow sea water, with no pump or anything to renew or clean the water. In it, was a adult albino turtle surrounded by hundreds of babies (all aged together, some 3 days old and others a couple of weeks). He asked us to take out all of the baby turtles from this « tank » or « pool » (call it how you want), to place them in a big bucket of about 1m across, full of sea water. This man gave us some sponges (the green scratchy side of it) to clean up the shell and head of those little babies, completely covered by algaes. Obviously, those people rarely change the water or « once a week » as the man said to me (knowing that the water is supposed to be changed twice a day, after feeding them). While we were taking care of the baby turtles, we saw an other guy emptying the pool water, into the sea, revealing the adult turtle covered with a thick amount of dirt and algae (attached photograph), as well as the bottom, covered with the same dirt and algae and also papers and cigarette buds. Following this, the man let a tourist « cleaning » the shell of the albino turtle with a broom, while her husband was taking pictures. During this moment, we were still standing around the tank full of babies, cleaning them, surrounded by tourists attracted by the « animation ». So the man gave them sponges as well to help us clean, but without any directives. So you could see children and adults around the tank touching the fragile babies, squeezing their young belly, letting them out of the water too long, not giving them the care they need. The babies were way too many in this tiny tank, and you could see them struggling to breath. This scene lasted for more than 2hrs and a half (we left as we were heart broken and didn't want to be part of this, and they were still in the tank), without anyone changing or renewing the water of the tank they were into. The guy « in charge » left in the middle of it, to bring some more tourists to participate to this « activity », living the turtles and everything without any surveillance, with the pool half clean and the adult turtle alone inside of it without any water. As soon as we started asking questions about their methods, the guy starting to change ton and was really agressive towards us. We asked how many times they change the water, why they didn’t put the turtles, at least, in the bigger pool above (there is a bigger kind of pool above but they dont use it because « too much maintenance »), asked why they kept the adult turtle inside of (this dirty and awful) pool surrounded by babies. The albino turtle wasn’t looking great inside of this, and all this scene and the place was heart breaking. If they can’t take care of those animals they should just release them, instead of keeping them captive in this kind of terrible conditions. The main problem here is that they call themselves « Sea Turtle conservation center » and use this as a bonus for tourists. Those animals weren’t looking good at all, some of the babies were not moving and looked sick. As a Sea Shepherd this is my duty to protect, conserve and defend marin life. This place is scandalous, they also did kill previously a seacow that they treated the same way. Please people boycott this place as they get really agressive when you question them about the turtle situation. If you like marin life and you want to protect them, you do not go there. It doesn't worth being part of this.
Friends getaway - 28 Ogs 2017
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    Gem Island Resort and Spa ialah sebuah resort dalam kawasan persekitaran yang baik, yang terletak di Gemia Island.

    Selain bertempat di kedudukan yang baik, Gem Island Resort and Spa juga merupakan salah satu hotel yang berdekatan dengan Sultan Mahmud Airport (TGG) dalam 24.29 km dan Redang Airport (RDN) dalam 65.74 km.

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    Perkhidmatan terbaik dan pelbagai kemudahan yang disediakan akan membuat anda berpuas hati sepanjang penginapan anda di Gem Island Resort and Spa.

    Nikmati hari yang menyeronokkan dan santai di kolam, sama ada anda mengembara secara solo atau bersama orang yang tersayang.

    Dapatkan tawaran terbaik untuk rawatan spa yang paling berkualiti bagi tujuan istirehat dan meremajakan diri anda.

    Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari Gem Island Resort and Spa eksklusif untuk anda.

    Dengan semua kemudahan yang ditawarkan, Gem Island Resort and Spa adalah tempat yang sesuai untuk menginap.

    Anda mesti menunjukkan ID bergambar semasa mendaftar masuk. Kad kredit anda akan dicaj semasa anda membuat tempahan. Pilihan merokok/jenis katil tidak dijamin. Tempahan anda dibayar dahulu dan dijamin untuk ketibaan lewat. Caj keseluruhan adalah termasuk semua caj bilik dan cukai, serta bayaran tempahan. Sebarang caj sampingan seperti bayaran tempat letak kenderaan, panggilan telefon dan perkhidmatan bilik akan diuruskan terus antara diri anda dan hartanah tersebut.
    Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
    Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
    Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
    Tidak ada meja depan (tempat menyambut tetamu) di hartanah ini.Untuk membuat pengaturan daftar masuk, sila hubungi hartanah lebih awal menggunakan maklumat pada pengesahan tempahan. Tetamu dinasihatkan agar menggunakan Perkhidmatan Bot Surialink, pengusaha bot hotel yang rasmi, untuk perkhidmatan bot pergi-balik ke resort dari Jeti Marang pada waktu berikut:<br /><strong>Jeti Marang ke Pulau Gem</strong>: 9 pagi / 11 pagi / 1 petang (tidak tersedia pada hari Jumaat) / 3 petang<br /><strong>Pulau Gem ke Jeti Marang</strong>: 9.30 pagi / 11.30 pagi / 1.30 petang (tidak tersedia pada hari Jumaat) / 3.30 petang<br />Hubungi hotel untuk butiran lanjut menggunakan maklumat yang didapati pada pengesahan tempahan.
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