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Koho Hotel

No. 90, Jalan Kemunting, Taman Kebun Teh, Johor Bahru - City Center, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, 80250
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Meja Depan 24j

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Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple
(3.29 km)
Angry Bird Theme Park
(3.70 km)
Komtar JBCC
(3.89 km)
Johor Bahru City Square
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12 Pelanggan Traveloka telah menginap di hotel ini dan memberikan ulasan:

Saya amat berpuas hati dengan kemudahan hotel ini.
mudah dan nilai untuk wang
Baik. Memuaskan kecuali tempat letak kereta adalah sedikit masalah terutama hujung minggu. Sekiranya mempunyai tempat letak kereta yang lebih luas dengan sekuriti baik
Semua ok cuma kira-kira tidak ada jual makan btw sebelah ada kedai 711, ssh cari taxi hbs tggu 1 jam d ggr jln br ada security datang tawarin boleh pggl taxi dr cs dengan charge $ 2 itu gp tapi kesel bkn d tawarin ato info dr awal.
keseluruhan berpuas hati dan mencadangkan
bilik bersih. masih boleh memperbaiki perkhidmatan. Diminta bantal tambahan dan didakwa kerana rm5 untuk satu bantal.
Tidak ada tempat letak kereta. Mengambil masa 40 minit untuk mencari tempat letak kereta
harga Perfect untuk sebuah hotel bajet sederhana antara, bersih dan selesa. Terdapat 7 eleven di sebelah hotel ini, sehingga mendapatkan beberapa makanan ringan harus cukup mudah.
Lokasi yang strategik di pusat bandar, berhampiran dengan pusat membeli-belah KSL, dengan mencukupi daripada makanan gerai disediakan ...
Wifi lemot. Ke mana mana jauh. Perkhidmatan yang kurang memuaskan
20 ulasan
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Friends getaway3
Hasil Penarafan
Sangat teruk
Sangat Baik
Luar biasa
Muhammad Khairu... M
Please avoid if possible. Not responsible and Usless Wifi
First of all, I'm writing this review is to help others so that what happen to me will not happen to others. I book 1 double bedroom with additional charges, just for me to get the double bed and enjoy the rest of my day with my love one. But the staff of this hotel, without telling me anything, process my check in to a 2 single bedroom. I straight away call the operator and front desk. I think the phone was busy for 20 minute and after that manage to talk to the person that check me in. What she reply me, we already fully book and I don't know why you still can book with agoda. She keep blaming agoda because the apps allow me to book. Then I told her that when I first enter their lobby, I heard one of the staff talk to someone higher rank about this agoda booking because one of them wrongly reopen the booking in agoda but actualy their room been fully book before I make the booking. What I suspected is, they just realize about this booking is after I made my booking and I was nearby. So after I complete my booking online then straight proceed with check in 5 minute after that. When I was in my wrong room, i recheck at agoda that all the room for this hotel been remove. Its clearly show that agoda do not simply open this room without this hotel autority. So its no point for me to argue with agoda to give back my money or anything. She ask me to cancel my booking with agoda and get the refund. Obviusly there is no such thing because like I said its not agoda fault I can book their room and neither is mine. I ask her to contact agoda about this matter and she had to cancel my booking then it is possible for me to get back my refund. If I'm the one who cancel, sure I will not get anything. The hotel staff refuse to cancel my bookig and keep asking me to cancel with agoda. I ask for other solution and what other offer you can give me. She said all the room are full and she wanted to get advise from her manager. After few moment later, she call me back and give me the solution to combine both bed into one and would like to arrange their staff to do it. I replied no thanks if that's the only solution she can offer me. I can do it my self and for me its not a good solution for your customer. I don't mind if you do not have the room I booked, normally the hotel will upgrade for me. But I understand its full. So what I think is she could call agoda for me and cancel my booking as its the hotel fault reopen the slot for me. It will not change the bed size, but it will effect the customer feeling that you can do something to pleased your customer. I do not say that I can't stay in single bedroom. I have pay for that room and just to make sure I get what I paid for. For night shift staff, really appriciated his help and advise about the parking space and where to get good breakfast. Thanks to his advise and its help us alot.
Couples - 29 Okt 2017
Alfred T
No frill place - good for a nightover!
Located slightly away from the popular Taman Sentosa area, this hotel provide a comfortable and quiet stay to avoid the traffic back to Singapore. No frills, everything was simple and we had what we wanted here and given the price - there was nothing much to complain if all you want is a good night's rest.
Couples - 20 Sep 2016
A quiet pleasant place.
Stayed at this hotel for 11 days for business. Despite noticing occasional bad reviews, I must say I can’t complain much. The management and staff go out of their way to make the customer feel happy. Rooms and bathrooms were absolutely clean and tidy. A bit disappointing is the state of the deluxe-rooms. These are the only ones with a refridgerator, but… these are not refridgerators but wine-chillers(!). They only go down to a temperature of about 5 centigrades. And… they are wrongly wired. They switch off with the rest of all electricity when you pull out the key-card from the main-switch. So, when you come ‘home’ after a long day out, expect a warm box with warm drinks in it. All cleanliness aside, house-keeping break their own rules on a daily basis (“Towels on the floor, exchange – towels on the rack, continue to use them”). Every day I put my towels on the rack, every day, I got a new one. Shampoo, shower-gel and soap are replaced every day. Inexcusable: they also removed MY OWN shampoo and soap on the second day. It seems, there is an enormous savings opportunity for the management, if they really scrutinize how house-keeping works. For convenience, there is a seven-eleven right next door. The attitude of their staff is another story altogether. No restaurants in the neighbourhood except a kind of Malay breakfast-café and a 24-hr mamak-shop (E&Y), 5 mins walk away. But hey, it is JB, plenty of other food to enjoy, if you have a car. Free parking within the compound with guards 24 hrs patrolling for safety.
Business - 23 Ogs 2016
clean room but......
cause of business we stay at KOHO HOTEL 1night.The lobby counter are friendly and helpful, service is good. The room is clean and tidy however it got smoking smell at the room. it make me feel uncomfortable.it is not subject for those who got sensetive with nose stay at sakura room, better can pick the better room.
Business - 26 Jun 2016
Surpass our expectations
Walked in at almost midnight because the jam was terrible and we were too tired to go home. Staff was really friendly and welcoming. Smooth check in process. ✔️ The rate per night is really affordable too. Took the standard room. Came with free sahur for two. Rooms does not come with a fridge. They dont provide toothbrush or whatever else that hotels usually provide. But theres a 7-eleven downstairs and you can get your stuffs there. Id say, for a budget hotel. They're really not bad. I would definitely come by and stay again.
Family - 26 Jun 2016
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Kemudahan hotel


Polisi hotel

  • Perkhidmatan Hotel
    • Pekerja rencam
    • Perkhidmatan dobi
    • Lawatan
    • Penyimpanan bagasi
    • Suratkhabar di lobi
    • Perkhidmatan perkahwinan
    • Daftar keluar lewat
    • Keselamatan 24 jam
    • Penyambut tetamu 24 jam
  • Kemudahan Dalam Bilik
    • Kaunter
    • Peti sejuk
    • Pengering rambut
    • Peti besi dalam bilik
    • TV
    • Pancuran mandi
    • Pancur mandi dan tab berasingan
    • Kabel TV
  • Kemudahan Umum
    • Parkir
    • Peti keselamatan
    • WiFi di kawasan umum
    • Lif
    • Restoran sarapan pagi
    • Restoran makan tengah hari
    • Daftar keluar lewat
  • Umum
    • Bilik keluarga
    • Kawasan merokok
    • Penyaman Udara
    • Bilik larangan merokok
    • Dewan besar
    • Bankuet
  • Kemudahan Berhampiran
    • Kedai
    • ATM/Perbankan
    • Salun rambut
    • Kedai runcit
    • Pasar raya
    • Dobi
  • Makanan dan Minuman
    • Sarapan
    • Restoran dengan penyaman udara
    • Kafe
    • Bar
  • Kemudahan Perniagaan
    • Kemudahan mesyuarat
    • Bilik persidangan
    • Projektor
    • Mesin fotokopi
  • Kemudahan Internet
    • Internet LAN
    • WiFi di kawasan umum dengan surcaj
  • Kemudahan OKU
    • Pembolehcapaian mudah

Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk: 14.00
Daftar keluar: 12.00

Penginapan di Koho Hotel ialah pilihan yang baik apabila anda melawat Johor Bahru - Pusat Bandar.

hotel ini amat mudah ditemui kerana kedudukannya yang strategik berdekatan dengan kemudahan awam.

Tentang Koho Hotel

Semasa penginapan di hotel, reka bentuk dan seni bina adalah dua faktor penting untuk dinikmati. Dengan suasananya yang unik, Koho Hotel menyediakan anda penginapan yang menyenangkan.

Meja depan 24 jam tersedia untuk memberikan perkhidmatan kepada anda, dari daftar masuk hingga ke daftar keluar, atau sebarang bantuan yang anda perlukan. Jika anda inginkan lebih lagi, jangan ragu untuk bertanya kepada meja depan, kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan anda.

Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

Penginapan di Koho Hotel pasti akan memuaskan hati anda dengan layanan baik dan harga yang berpatutan.

Penafian: Adalah tanggungjawab hotel untuk memastikan semua gambar adalah tepat. Traveloka tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas sebarang gambar yang tidak tepat.