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The Roots Eco Resort

Batu 10 1/2, Jalan Chemor, Tanjung Rambutan, Kinta, Perak, Malaysia, 31250
Swimming Pool
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Ulu Kinta Waterfall
(3.96 km)
Lost World Of Tambun
(5.76 km)
Perak Cave Temple
(7.89 km)
Hospital Fatimah
(9.00 km)
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Ia benar-benar tempat yang membawa anda kembali ke alam semula jadi. Sangat tenang dan damai. Bagi anak-anak bandar saya, ia adalah pengalaman yang benar-benar baru dan mereka sangat menikmati penginapan. Tuan rumah kami sangat mengagumkan dan begitu juga kucingnya!
Sangat pengalaman yang baik benar-benar kami menikmati perjalanan kami dan ia adalah sangat baik. Penuh dengan persekitaran semula jadi pengalaman yang hebat untuk kita.
The room and surrounding is clean. the caretaker also kind and helpful.
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Nature stay
Our room is spacious, 1 king bed and 1 single bed. We meet 2 frog in the open toilet, seems like the plant there is their home. the place have lots of gazebo to relax and enjoy. The owner Meena is friendly and she have lots of furry cats. Our breakfast is fulfilling and simple with nasi lemak, some kuih and toast. Positive: Notice slipper for open toilet spoilt already and empty insect repellent, ask for replacement and it's ready in the room when we came back at night. Negative: loud noise from party/event at property beside Roots.
Couples - 3 Mei 2017
Simple yet Pleasant- Comfortable Beds and Delicious Food (At a Good Price)
My room had two bunk beds and two regular beds, meaning a maximum of 6 people could stay in it, with our room having 4 people during our stay. I slept on a regular bed and for a 'budget' place like this I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was- it was like my bed back at home. However, the bunk beds were quite rickety and so they squeaked a lot at night with the smallest of movements, which was a little annoying. They provided towels but I just used my own for hygiene reasons. The amenities in the room were very minimal but there was a tissue box, a fan, and cool air conditioning. The room was relatively empty but clean. The bathroom is interesting because the main room is lifted up on stilts, while the bathroom is semi-detached on the ground level, meaning you have to walk down a set of steps to take a shower or use the toilet. It is surrounded by a high brick wall topped with bamboo poles for privacy, and someone standing on ground level should not be able to look in. The main problem with this place are the number of mosquitoes. Most of the group (around 30 people) got many mosquito bites everyday and every night, and I used so much tea tree oil all over my arms, face, and legs, much to no avail as I was continuously bitten all over the place, including in the middle of the night with mosquitoes buzzing beside my ear. Although all the windows were closed and the A/C was on, there were large gaps underneath the main and bathroom doors that mosquitoes could fly in through. The rooms were very not sound proof so we could hear our loud neighbours screaming or singing in the shower, even though the guesthouses aren't that close to each other. The bathroom was clean and they provide body soap (but it was expired, and we used our own anyways), not sure if there was shampoo. It took a little white for the water to become warm, but that didn't really matter anyways because the weather was very hot so almost every day I took a cold or lukewarm shower. The food for lunch and dinner was served buffet style with a small selection of food but it was healthy and very tasty- there was a salad, a main meat dish i.e. curry, a main veggie dish i.e. marinated veggies, and white rice. On different days we had a larger variety like roti, chicken nuggets, corn, garlic bread, chicken drumsticks, etc. Breakfast was also served buffet style with a small but good selection, with cereal, bacon/ham, eggs, toast, etc. It was filling and we were welcome to go get seconds or even thirds for every meal. Most importantly I was actually very surprised by how good the food tasted and there were lots of veggies and fruit for every meal which meant a healthy diet. The lady who runs the place was nice and is a very good cook, but in general you don't actually really see much or any staff at all around the compound, but I guess it is sort of a family business anyways. There was trampolines but I never saw anyone use them. There was a swimming pool but it was full of leaves and I never saw anyone use it either. There was a bar area but it was not stocked with any drinks and I never saw anyone use it either. However, there was a ping pong table and darts, which people played a lot of. The ground is mainly made of grass, gravel and concrete block paths, and there's a river near the main set of guesthouses, which is not fenced off. You could sort of go for a run around the compound, except along some trees there were cobwebs that I ran into. We were not given keys so you could only lock the doors from the inside when you were in the room and not when you left during the day, which posed a security problem. There was some random construction materials and things like that lying around the compound, especially under in the empty space under the raised guesthouses. The location is so-so because it is in Tanjung Rambutan (not much there) and still quite a drive from Ipoh (maybe 30-45 minutes). There isn't too much to do in Ipoh either, but I guess that is symbolic of Malaysia in general- pretty much for the regular tourist it would be to go eat good food and relax. The placed is fenced off and apparently there is a night watchman but the fence seems quite low and I would think it is quite easy to scale. There were fireworks late at night during the first night of our stay, making it hard to sleep, and on the second night there were actual gunshots and throughout the nights dogs were barking (but I guess they were guard dogs) There are lots of trees and animals like cats which you could pet and it made for a pleasant, peaceful environment during the day, especially when you could watch the sunset. As most of the guesthouses are on stilts, with stairs leading up, and it is either grassland or gravel/concrete block paths, there definitely would be an accessibility issue and those on wheelchairs would almost not be able to stay there at all. There is no tv in the rooms and that could be a good or bad thing (that's why it is important to go with family or friends or you might be very bored). There was only wifi in the common dining area and even there it was quite slow, especially when there are 20+ people trying to use it at the same time, plus the owner has to do work at night so basically other than using it for 5 minutes to go on email or Facebook, it probably is best to not go on it too much. Overall, this place was simple yet clean, had good food, and it was a nice place to stay at. The rooms had a good rate. I would definitely recommend it to people if they were in the area.
Friends getaway - 6 Mac 2017
best place
Its a very nice place!! Best staff, best treehouse and best breakfast. ;-) We had a great time! the location is a little outside the city but nice to visit the caves, temples, city and the cammeron highlands.
Friends getaway - 7 Feb 2017
Awesome retreat!
What can I say about this place? Wow! We came here mid December and we're still here! Holidays just about over but we're still having a lot of fun here. Everyone's so nice, Meena the lovely owner, is such an amazing person. She organised for us a lot of activities and excursions during our stay. The food is lovely, the place is serene, the perfect tropical escape we needed! We saw a monkey outside the villa, something you don't see in New Zealand except in the zoo! Thank you Meena and team! Definitely will be back, haha and haven't even left yet!
Couples - 10 Jan 2017
Excellent place to rewind and go back to nature!
We came to know of this amazing place called The Roots via a good friend who's been there. So we decided to check it out ourselves. Omg what a nice and refreshing change from the norm of an eco resort this was. I've been to a few Eco resorts around Malaysia and The Roots is one of the very "back to basic" but with modern amenities of "real living". Breakfast was delicious mix of local and western delights. I love the nasi lemak! Meena the owner personally cooked it for us! Since it was supposed to be a relaxing trip, we really didn't do much except swim in the huge beautiful swimming pool and just sit by our veranda listening to the sounds of the Kinta river that flows right beside our villa. Bliss! The roots also have their own special restaurant that serves good German food as well but you need to check with the proprietor about this. A bbq also can be arranged too. We stayed for the weekend and was a bit sad to leave when we had to. But we will definitely be coming back. Thank you Meena for a wonderful weekend escapade, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay! We'll be back!! Cheers!
Couples - 9 Jan 2017
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Masa Daftar Masuk dan Daftar Keluar

Daftar masuk: 15.00
Daftar keluar: 12.00

The Roots Eco Resort ialah sebuah resort dalam kawasan persekitaran yang baik, yang terletak di Kinta.

The Roots Eco Resort mempunyai lokasi yang baik, juga berhampiran Lapangan Terbang Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (IPH), yang hanya sejauh 14.4 km.

Selain bertempat di kedudukan yang baik, The Roots Eco Resort juga merupakan salah satu hotel yang berdekatan dengan Lost World Of Tambun dalam 5.76 km dan Perak Cave Temple dalam 7.89 km.

Tentang The Roots Eco Resort

Bergembiralah dengan pelbagai kemudahan hiburan yang tersedia untuk anda dan seisi keluarga di The Roots Eco Resort, sebuah penginapan yang menarik untuk percutian keluarga anda.

Jika anda merancang menginap dalam jangka panjang, penginapan di The Roots Eco Resort ialah pilihan yang tepat bagi anda. Dengan pelbagai kemudahan dan kualiti perkhidmatan yang hebat, tempat penginapan ini pasti membuat anda berasa seperti di rumah.

resort ini ialah tempat terbaik bagi anda yang inginkan percutian yang tenang dan nyaman, jauh daripada orang ramai.

The Roots Eco Resort ialah pilihan paling bijak bagi anda yang sedang mencari penginapan mampu milik dengan perkhidmatan cemerlang.

Nikmati hari yang menyeronokkan dan santai di kolam, sama ada anda mengembara secara solo atau bersama orang yang tersayang.

Nikmati hidangan kegemaran anda dengan makanan istimewa dari The Roots Eco Resort eksklusif untuk anda.

Akses WiFi tersedia dalam kawasan umum penginapan ini agar anda sentiasa terhubung dengan keluarga dan rakan-rakan.

The Roots Eco Resort adalah resort yang memberikan keselesaan hebat dan perkhidmatan terbaik menurut kebanyakan tetamu resort ini.

The Roots Eco Resort ialah pilihan bijak bagi pelancong yang melawat Kinta.

Bayaran tetamu tambahan boleh dikenakan dan berbeza-beza mengikut dasar hotel.
Pengenalan bergambar keluaran kerajaan dan kad kredit atau deposit tunai diperlukan semasa daftar masuk untuk bayaran sampingan.
Permintaan khas adalah tertakluk kepada ketersediaan semasa daftar masuk dan boleh dikenakan bayaran tambahan. Permintaan khas tidak dapat dijamin.
Meja depan dibuka setiap hari dari 09:00 - 21:00<br />
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