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About Bandung

Bandung, the capital of West Java Province is home to a plethora of tourist attractions, including kids-friendly attractions for a family vacation. The city serves as the government hub and the biggest metropolis in West Java Province. In addition to this, Bandung is also considered the main destination for tourism and culinary adventure, visited all the time by tourists, both domestic and international. Known also as “The City of Flowers”, the city has been dubbed “Parijs van Java” since the colonial era. The nickname was given by the government of Dutch East Indies for the city’s impressive natural landscape and the town layout resembling the one of Paris, France. The name “Bandung”, which refers to the capital of West Java Province, was derived from the word “bendung”, meaning “dam”. It traces back to the origin of the city area, which was once a natural lake and a river formed by the lava from Mount Tangkuban Parahu. The geographical condition formed by the volcano in the past is still preserved today. Resembling a lake or a dam, Bandung is a lowland surrounded by mountains, with the longest river in Java Island, Citarum River. The remains of the lake area formed have now been converted into residential areas. With its beauty and uniqueness, it is no wonder that Bandung is considered the main tourist destination. An array of tourism, including nature tourism, historical tourism, family tourism, and shopping tourism can be found here. Modern shopping centers, factory outlets, as well as creative industry hubs are all over the city. This is one of the main reasons Bandung has become a favorite destination among tourists. Despite its gleaming modern city life, Bandung still has a deep connection with Sundanese tradition and culture preserved well until today. A number of culture hubs and art spaces can be found in the city. This very aspect completes Bandung’s identity as a friendly metropolitan area with colorful culture.

Kids-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Bandung

The city’s rich tourism potentials are clearly undoubted. Bandung has various tourism sectors available to choose, according to your preference and needs. If you are looking forward to a vacation with family and kids, there are several kid-friendly tourist attractions in Bandung that you can choose. Finding kids-friendly attractions in Bandung is ease. The city offers a plethora of tourist attractions your little ones can enjoy. From nature attractions to enlightening educational tourism, the city has it all. Bandung Zoo, for instance, is a smart choice to introduce your kids to the amazing world of fauna. Bandung is also home to several museums as an alternative historical and educational tourist attraction for your kids. Family recreational spots such as Bandung Carnival Land and Karang Setra Waterpark are located adjacent to each other. You can visit the two on the same day. However, if you are looking for a modern, mainstream kids-friendly tourist attraction, there are a couple of options you can find at malls. Modern playgrounds with a unique theme and concept, as well as indoor theme parks with the best rides will make great alternatives for your little ones.

Kids-Friendly Tourist Attraction Recommendations in Bandung

Find the best kids-friendly tourist attractions in Bandung to enjoy a wonderful, memorable vacation with your kids. Among dozens of tourist attractions for kids in The City of Flowers, modern attractions in the downtown area make one of the most popular options. As a reference, here are 5 kids-friendly tourist attractions in Bandung that you can choose as main destinations while enjoying a lovely vacation with your family.

Miniapolis 23 Paskal

Located in Pasir Kaliki district, Miniapolis 23 Paskal is a tourist attraction for kids of age 0-12 years old. This family attraction is specifically designed to help with developing sensory and motor skills of the children within the age range. Each game and ride available will encourage children’s activity as they learn and play. Two rides liked the most by children of elementary school age are Excavator and Crick’s Train Express. In addition to this, Miniapolis 23 Paskal has a carousel, perfect for children of all ages including babies and toddlers.

Amped Trampoline Park Bandung

Amped Trampoline Park is a relatively new-opened tourist attraction for kids in Bandung. It is an indoor trampoline arena designed in a spacious playing area, hence the name. Amped Trampoline Park allows children to jump and hop on the trampolines. However, the attraction is not exclusively designed for kids. The trampoline park also makes a great alternative for adults who want to exercise while playing and enjoying a vacation.

Apple Bee Playground Paris van Java

Another interesting kids-friendly tourist attraction to visit in Bandung is Apple Bee Playground. The playing area is designed for children of early ages and located in Paris van Java, one of the most renowned shopping malls in the city. There are 13 playing arenas for your little ones to enjoy here. Each arena showcases a different theme and concept, such as sandbox, trampoline park, Lego arena, and ball you're your little ones are free to choose where they want to play.

Timezone Metro Indah Mall

Operating for more than two decades, Timezone is the biggest indoor family recreational attraction in Indonesia. In Bandung, you can visit Timezone at Metro Indah Mall, a shopping mall located in Buah Batu district. A popular tourist attraction for kids in the city, Timezone Metro Indah Mall can always make a perfect choice to spend your free time and play with your kids and family. There are various games and rides that you can try here, including Bumper Sky, Happy Sky, and Maximum Tune.

Boulder Trampoline Park PVJ Bandung

Amped Trampoline Park in Pasir Kaliki district is not the only trampoline park you can find in Bandung. Paris van Java Shopping Mall in Sukajadi district also houses an interesting trampoline park. Boulder Trampoline Park makes a great vacation destination to have some fun with your family and little ones. You can find a designated area to play basketball or dodgeball in the trampoline park.

In addition to this, several areas such as Foam Pit, Air Bag, and Free Jump are popular spots to have fun while exercising. Those eminences make Boulder Trampoline Park a wonderful tourist attraction for kids to visit during your vacation in Bandung.