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About Lombok

Lombok is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Indonesia, often dubbed “the second Bali”. Travelers are suggested to book travel packages to explore this island, which is a part of West Nusa Tenggara Province. The island has the size of 5,435km2, which borders with Bali in the western area. Lombok and Bali are separated by Lombok Strait. Visitors from Bali usually ride a boat from Padang Bai Port to Lembar Port in Lombok. During the ideal condition, the boat trip from Bali to Lombok only lasts around four hours. Mataram is the main city in Lombok Island. It is also the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara. It is the center of government and business activities in Lombok Island. The indigenous people who live in Mataram and surrounding areas are the Sasak. They are famous for their woven fabric called ikat. The ability to make ikat ride as a marriage eligibility sign for a woman. Lombok Island has four regencies, which consist of West Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, and North Lombok. The island has Mount Rinjani, which is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is famous among climbers and hikers in Indonesia due to its beauty. Lombok is also famous for its rich culinary tradition. It gives you unique dishes such as pelecing kangkung (watercress with very spicy chili paste), puyung rice (spicy rice dish), Tanjung satay (long satay with sweet and spicy sauce), and taliwang chicken (whole chicken grilled with rich spices). You may find these dishes at the meal packages or surrounding restaurants during the tour. Lombok has numerous tourism potentials. It has beautiful beaches, hills, and forests. The access to this island has become easier. Beside using boats, visitors can hop into their planes and land at Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, situated in Central Lombok. Several airlines in Indonesia open direct routes to Lombok airport.

Lombok Tour Package Review

Tour packages are great options to explore the best things Lombok offers. A tour package saves your time and frees you from making itineraries. They take you to the most recommended areas, including snorkeling and diving spots. Lombok has beautiful and pristine underwater sceneries in several places. Tour packages are also convenient, giving you access to easy transportation. This is useful in Lombok, which has limited numbers of public transportation. You can also save time for traveling, especially if you only have a short time looking around. Some packages even include one-day tours.


Here are several tour packages from Traveloka that you can use to enjoy Lombok

Sasak Village and Kuta Beach Tour – 1-day Tour

This tour package takes you to Banyumulek Village, which is a center of pottery making. You can see the process and even buy souvenirs. You can also see the making of traditional fabric in Sukara Village. In Sade Village, you will see traditional round houses with conical thatched roofs. Afterward, you can visit Kuta Beach to enjoy the beautiful white sand. Remember, the “Kuta Beach” in Lombok is different from the one in Bali.

The tour usually starts at 9.00 and finishes at 18.00 (local time). Facilities in the package include shuttle services from and to the hotel, useful especially for first-time travelers in Lombok. A one-day tour only costs around Rp550,000.

1 Day to Enjoy Local Life in Lombok

This one-day travel package takes you to see local activities that make Lombok alive. You can see the beautiful Narmada Water Palace before head to Kopang Traditional Market. Afterward, you can wash away stress and dirt with the cool stream from Sendang Gile Waterfall.

This tour package is ideal for those who want to know more about their destinations. Interacting with locals and authentic experiences are the best things you can have in modern travel trends. The tour package price starts from Rp603,622.

Lombok Rafting & Cycling

Adrenaline junkies will enjoy rafting in Karang Jangkok River. After battling the streams, you can see the beauty of Sesaot Village and enjoys delicious local dishes. You can also bike to enjoy Lombok’s beautiful scenic routes. The package is quite cheap, only around Rp300,000 per person.

This tour package starts from the shuttle service, where the tour staff will pick you app from the hotel. The first destination is at Lombok Rafting Base Camp. Don’t forget to follow all the warm-ups and exercises. After 1.5 hours, you can take some rest and have lunch.

Lombok Pink Beach – 1-day Tour

Situated in Gili Paleu, the Pink Beach in Lombok earned its color from particles of sea organisms and minerals that accumulate after centuries. The one-day tour not only takes you to this beautiful beach, but also to the nearby Gili Pasir. The travel package already comes with entrance ticket and food. The cost of the tour package is Rp732,000 per person.

Mandalika Tour – 1-day Tour

The Mandalika Tour takes you to Sade Village, one of the various traditional villages that are open for tourists. You can also see the beauty of Kuta Beach and Aan Cape. These beaches are famous for their gray sand and small granules that resemble whole peppers. The sand is made of coral fossils that accumulate little by little, forming unique sand texture.

You can also visit Sukarare Village to see the making of traditional woven fabric. The tour ends with trekking to the peak of Merese Hill. Standing on a hilltop that faces the sea will give you an exhilarating feeling, especially since this activity ends the whole tour. The price for this tour package is around Rp325,000.

Benang Kelambu and Stokel Waterfalls—1-day Tour

This one-day tour takes you to see the beauty of Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel, two waterfalls in the foot of Mount Rinjani. Starts at 8.00 and finishes at 15.30 (local time), the tour is perfect to help you unwind from daily stress. The waterfall areas are surrounded by lush green trees, perfect for relaxation.

These tour packages offer great adventures and memorable holidays in Lombok. Make sure to choose the right programs and budgets to make your trip more enjoyable.