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About Playgrounds in Bali

Bali is not just famous as a beach capital in Indonesia. The island is a favorite spot for travelers who bring their families for fun holidays. Domestic and international tourists enjoy beautiful beaches, historical and cultural sites, galleries, and art markets. Regardless of age, there are many interesting destinations to explore in Bali. Playgrounds in Bali are especially modern and fun, perfect for kids. Beaches like Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are iconic for their laidback atmosphere and warm water. Many of Bali beaches are ideal spots for surfing, attracting surfers of all levels from around the world. Many art markets are situated near popular beach areas, like Kuta, Sanur, and Jimbaran. They sell various handicrafts, souvenirs, and furniture made by locals. Bali is also ideal for extreme sports, watersports, and outdoor adventures. Many beaches offer activities like jet ski, fly board, and jet surfing. You can also climb Mount Agung, join rafting in Ayung River, or explore the West Bali National Park.

Bali Playgrounds Review

Bali has a lot of child-friendly destinations, such as a zoo, waterparks, and popular beaches with gentle waves. Waterbom Bali is a famous waterpark in Kuta, where the water is safe for skin due to special circulation technology. You can also find surfing and waterboarding classes for five years old kids and above. You can also find modern playgrounds in the cities. Bali has several shopping centers and lifestyle hubs that are family-friendly. They have playgrounds and game centers where children can play happily.


If you want to visit specific playgrounds in Bali, make sure to check out this recommended list

Element Family Fun – Matahari Duta Plaza Denpasar

Element Family Fun is an indoor playground situated within Matahari Duta Plaza Shopping Center in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. Opened in 2011, this playground is one of the most popular family destinations in the city. The modern playground consists of two stories with colorful setting and LED lights. Element Family Fun has a lot of games you can play with the children. Danz Base, for example, is a dancing game where you can compete for points while following dance steps. Maximum Tune challenges your drifting skill in an arcade game. There are also “classic” games such as the claw machines. Collect the tickets from each game and trade them with unique prizes.

Timezone Galeria Mall Bali

Timezone is one of the most famous indoor playground chains in Indonesia. You can find it at Galeria Mall Bali, situated in Kuta area. Children can have fun with various exciting and safe games. The Bumper Car allows kids to have a tame thrill by bumping into each other. Happy Sky takes kids into a rotating “flying” ride. Classic arcade game such as Maximum Tune is also available.

Amazing Kuta Bali

Amazing Kuta Bali allows children to have fun in the Underground Floor of Lippo Mall Kuta (Kartika Plaza Street). This indoor playground is safe, colorful, and exciting for children. The area is grouped into several game categories, such as sports, music, shooting, and racing. Amazing Kuta Bali has a lot of games that can be played by the entire families. The arcade games have shooting and racing themes. It also has an indoor drop tower, a contraption that lifts you to certain heights before suddenly dropping you. A carousel, mini Ferris Wheel, and ball pond make everyone’s day more fun.

Kiddy Race Lippo Mall Kuta

Kiddy Race Lippo Mall Kuta offers a unique playground concept in a popular shopping center. The playground has a racing track concept, where kids can race each other with miniature vehicles. They can choose between bicycles, cars, and motorcycles. Each vehicle type has a special track where kids can race in safe ways. Kiddy Race Lippo Mall Kuta is more than just a mini racing track. The games help to develop the kids’ motoric skills. Experienced staff members make sure that every kid is safe and happy when racing on the mini vehicles.

Amazing Park23 Bali

Amazing Park23 Bali is situated on the third floor of Mall Park 23 in Kuta. The indoor playground offers various games, such as musical, sports, shooting, and racing ones. Kids can ride on mini carousels, while adults try a drop amusement ride. A kiddie ball pool makes your toddlers happy and exciting.

Hide N Seek Legian

 Hide N Seek is a mini indoor playground on the famous Sunset Road in Legian. The playground may be small, but it is perfect to keep the little ones occupied while you are enjoying a restaurant. Hide N Seek is colorful, playful, and great to improve the motoric skills of your children. Hide N Seek has several classic indoor games. A bouncy castle and ball pool make toddlers happy and excited. Slides and mini racing cars are available for kids with a more thrilling taste. There is a restaurant near the playground, so parents can eat while waiting for their children to finish playing.

Zone 2000 Ramayana Denpasar

Zone 2000 is a family playground at Ramayana Shopping Center in Denpasar. This game center has games for all ages in the family. Adults and teenagers can play at the arcade machines, bump to each other at the bumper car arena, or scoring at a basketball shooting game. Kids and teenagers can collect points from a popular arcade shooting game machine. Each machine produces tickets that you can redeem with interesting prizes. Zone 2000’s strategic location makes it ideal for families that visit the shopping center for fun hours.

Amazone Renon

Situated at Plaza Renon in Denpasar, Amazone Renon is an indoor playground for the whole family. You can enjoy arcade games, shooting games, dance and musical machines, and many more. Opened in 2001, Amazone now has 74 branches in various provinces in Indonesia. Amazone Renon is a great option for a fun family outing in a shopping center. Playgrounds in Bali offer excitement and entertainment for small children. Their strategic locations make them ideal for family trips. Take the little ones to one of these playgrounds, and let them be happy while the entire family members enjoy the surrounding facilities.