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About Bangkok

As one of the cities with centralized economic development, Thailand keeps attracting people to spend a vacation here with attractive Bangkok tour packages. The healthy economy and community conditions indirectly make Bangkok have a lot of potentials, one of which is seen from its tourist attractions. Bangkok was once a small trading center and a port located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Officially designated as the Capital of Thailand in 1782, the city expanded its territory to the east bank of the river. At present, Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the world, with an area of ​​1,586.7 km2. The main geographical feature of Bangkok is the Chao Phraya River valley. These conditions make the city has a lowland and river deltas that flow into the Cape of Bangkok. This landscape also makes this beautiful region has many canals and waterways, until people names it "the Venice of the East." Uniquely, the city is located at an altitude of 2 meters above sea level so that the air temperature is quite hot. In certain conditions, the weather in this city can even reach 400 Celsius. Even so, tourists both from within and outside the country still enjoy residing here. The popularity of Bangkok is supported by many exciting destinations ranging from cultural, religious, historical, natural, modern, shopping, educational, to culinary attractions. The locals utilize traditional vehicles called tuk-tuks and boats daily, and you can also ride these while exploring this unique and bustling city. To reach Bangkok, book a flight to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The airport is the entrance of Thailand that began operating officially in 2006. The airport serves a variety of domestic and international routes and is one of the busiest airports in Southeast Asia after Changi Airport in Singapore.

Bangkok Tour Packages Review

Since the Bangkok area is quite extensive, traveling here requires precise planning and itinerary. That’s why many tourists take advantage of Bangkok's tour packages while on vacation to the Thai capital. The tour package usually already includes transportation and entrance tickets. Besides being more practical, a vacation with a tour package is usually more efficient. With only one payment, you can enjoy and visit several tourist attractions within the specified time. For those who don’t have any experience yet in Bangkok, this convenience is, of course, essential. The package also ensures you visit only interesting or hype spots. Their traveling services will often schedule visits to various exciting tourist destinations with a variety of fun activities. One of the recommended tour package providers is Traveloka. By booking a tour package from this traveling site, you can enjoy various conveniences. If you’re lucky, there will even be a promo or discount! Using the gadget to access the website or applications, choose the desired package following the holiday budget. The types and prices of packages offered by Traveloka are quite diverse. Usually, overseas travel is synonymous with high rates, so utilizing tour packages is one of the cheap and useful vacation solutions.


If you’re interested in visiting Thailand, there are several Bangkok tour package recommendations you can choose from, namely

Bangkok Temples Private Tour

Religious tourism is one of the leading destinations in Bangkok. Here, you’ll find many holy temples with unique and distinctive building architecture that are open to the public. Therefore, even if you’re not a Buddhist, you can still come and see up close the details of the temples’ beauty here.

This tour package starts with pickup at the hotel beginning at 08.30. From the hotel, you will be taken to the Grand Palace Complex, which is still inhabited by the Royal Bangkok family. From the Grand Palace, the journey continues to the fantastic Wat Pho Temple. In this temple, you can take pictures and look closely at the attractive temple buildings, although not all parts of the site are open for the public. After the Wat Pho, you’ll continue to the Wat Traimit Temple, a similar place of worship for Thai Buddhists. Wat Traimit is the final destination of this tour package. After that, you will be escorted back to your hotel. To enjoy this package, purchase it at Traveloka starting from Rp900.000* per person.

Chao Phraya River Cruise and Wat Arun Private Tour

If you want to enjoy a Venice-style river cruising in Bangkok, this package is for you. The Chao Phraya River Cruise Tour starts at 08.30. You will be picked up at your hotel to explore the Chao Phraya River for approximately 40 minutes by boat. Take pictures and see beautiful places on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Occasionally, you’ll meet merchants selling their wares on the boat. From here, you’ll continue to the Wat Arun Temple.

This particular historic holy site has a charm that is no less interesting than Chao Phraya. Taking pictures here is a must-do activity here! After the tour finishes, you’ll be escorted back to the hotel. To enjoy this package, order at Traveloka, starting from Rp772.661 to Rp774.954*.

Late Night Food Tour by Tuk-Tuk

Visiting Bangkok feels incomplete if you don't enjoy the limo snacks. By taking this tour package, you have the opportunity to visit various exciting culinary attractions in Bangkok. The Late Night Food Tour package will start at 07.00.

You will first come to the Samyan MRT Station and take a tuk-tuk from there. Before riding this traditional vehicle, you’ll have the opportunity to try Thai specialties. From Samyan Station, you will be escorted to the Pak Khlong Talat culinary center.

Here, you are free to enjoy a variety of dishes and snacks typical of Bangkok. If you want to try extreme foods like roast grasshoppers, you can also find them here. From Pak Khlong Talat, the tour continues to Wat Pho and finally the Secret Bar. Exactly at 12.00, you can choose to either return to the city center using a tuk-tuk or return to your hotel. To join this exciting tour package, you have to pay around Rp945.661* per person.

With all these tour package recommendations, have a memorable holiday while you’re in Bangkok!

*Prices may change at any time