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Hoang Ha Hotel Nha Trang

Khách sạn
30D Hoàng Hoa Thám, Lộc Thọ, Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Việt Nam, 650000
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đánh giá từ 11 du khách
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Lễ tân 24h

Điểm tham quan lân cận
Tháp Trầm Hương
(0,54 km)
Chợ đêm Nha Trang
(0,58 km)
Quảng trường 2 tháng 4
(0,66 km)
Nhà thờ Núi Nha Trang
(0,67 km)
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I wouldn't even stay here if it was free of charge!
What can I say.... WORST place I've stayed. I beg you all please don't pay attention to the few positive reviews they have. Concrete boards are comfier than their beds. I've seen a bomb site cleaner than their rooms. Also they turn their electricity off in the night and refuse to turn it on until 10am. So air con is pointless as you don't have it in the night. Ants all over the bathroom. The staff are so loud and inconsiderate they are moving and talking and stomping around so loud from 4:30 am until 9:00am! ATLEAST. we left early. Won't be coming again. Would not recommend. Need to be shut down. And staff need training in customer service. I'm not fussy where I stay. But id of had a better nights sleep on the streets.
Cặp đôi - 25 Th07 2015
traveling SE Asia we have stayed in some questionable places but this place we left early - didn't even try get our money back not one me never of the 3 staff had any English - the rooms were swept before we went in id say but the beds have not been moved since they were put in there- layers of dust , plasters and more. None of the images on any website are that of the hotel . Do not stay here it is not worth the hassle - we ended up leaving after one night .
- 30 Th06 2015
שמוליק ק
very nice hotel for the price nice and clean rooms ,good room service if you looking for place that is not expensive but nice to stay this is the place לכל הישראלים אחלה מקום מחיר זול וצוות מאוד נחמד ,שווה למי שמחפש מקום איכותי ולא יקר
Nơi nghỉ ngơi cùng bạn bè - 19 Th04 2015
Threadbare towels, questionable stains on walls
Friendly welcome to a room on the third floor at the back of the hotel, but the street that the "yellow river" hotel is on is reasonably quiet so noise from the street isn't too much of a problem. Getting into the hotel when all the bikes are parked, not just in the entrance, but also across the entrance might be your problem. There's no elevator, but the stairs aren't too much of a problem, however the aircon units from some rooms back onto the stairs, so you'll get a nice blast of hotter air on your way up and down. Decor in our room was the worst of our month long trip in Vietnam, lots of questionable stains and marks on the wall. Beds and sheets were clean, towels were thredbare. Good aircon. TV with a single English speaking channel. Bathroom is a wetroom, with a drain in the completely opposite end to the shower that drained very slowly, so you slopped through water to go to the loo after a shower. Bathroom had an open hole instead of a window, opening onto an interior space. Be sure to lock your door when you are in your room and be sure it's locked when you leave. Someone tried to get into our room at around 1am, several times, by both using the door handle and by inserting a key. The following morning when we were packing, someone else tried to get in, but hid below the level of the spyhole, then did the same on all other doors on the third floor, before disappearing into the last room. There are other places to stay in Nha Trang. After the middle of the night incident, I didn't feel safe in the hotel and the second attempt to get into the room confirmed that I wouldn't want to leave anything in the room.
Cặp đôi - 15 Th08 2014
Yellow River Hotel priced just right
I have stayed at this hotel for long periods over a number of years. For long stays there are only two suitable rooms 302 & 402, both have balconies. The other rooms are dark, cramped except for the rooms on floors 1 & 2 that face the street. Don't pay more than $8 or $9. Staff are helpful & friendly. Language problems do exist. Basins rarely have plugs making shaving a problem.
Du lịch một mình - 30 Th08 2013
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    Giờ nhận và trả phòng

    Giờ nhận phòng: 14:00
    Giờ trả phòng: 12:00

    Vị trí
    Hoang Ha Hotel Nha Trang là một khách sạn nằm trong khu vực an ninh, toạ lạc tại Lộc Thọ.

    khách sạn nằm cách Nha Trang Railway Station 1,13 km.

    Không chỉ sở hữu vị trí đắc địa, Hoang Ha Hotel Nha Trang còn là một trong những khách sạn nằm cách Tháp Trầm Hương chưa đầy 0,54 km và Chợ đêm Nha Trang chưa đầy 0,58 km.

    Thông tin về Hoang Ha Hotel Nha Trang

    Quầy tiếp tân 24 giờ luôn sẵn sàng phục vụ quý khách từ thủ tục nhận phòng đến trả phòng hay bất kỳ yêu cầu nào. Nếu cần giúp đỡ xin hãy liên hệ đội ngũ tiếp tân, chúng tôi luôn sẵn sàng hỗ trợ quý khách.

    Sóng WiFi phủ khắp các khu vực chung của khách sạn cho phép quý khách luôn kết nối với gia đình và bè bạn.

    Hoang Ha Hotel Nha Trang là lựa chọn sáng suốt dành cho những du khách ghé thăm Lộc Thọ.

    Miễn trừ trách nhiệm: Khách sạn có trách nhiệm bảo đảm tính chính xác của tất cả các hình ảnh thể hiện. Traveloka không chịu trách nhiệm đối với bất kỳ sai lệch nào về mặt hình ảnh.