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The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia

Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur
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Event Date | 27 May 2024
Event Time | 10:00 - 22:00
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Kuala Lumpur
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What You'll Experience

Visit the fascinating world of illusions that is the Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur! With both famous well-known illusions and a stunning array of mind tricks, this experience is both educational and entertaining for all ages!

Get lost in the seemingly infinite maze of mirrors
Step into the Vortex Tunnel and defy gravity
Make sure you take a photo of your accomplishment in the Rotated Room

— What You Can Expect —

Enter the alluring and exciting world of illusions, as you get entertained, confused, and oftentimes completely blown away by unimaginable works that truly showcase how our wonderful mind works!

The Museum of Illusions in Kuala Lumpur offers all this and more, with an amazing experience where nothing is what it seems. Enter the daunting Vortex Tunnel, defy gravity, see your friend or partner grow or shrink right before your eyes, find your way through the maze-like mirror-filled Infinity Room, and don't forget to take pictures in the Rotated Room!

So don't hesitate and come explore the magnificent world of illusions. Experience and be part of the impossible!

Pull off the ultimate illusory magic trick and serve someone's head on a tray

Stroll around in amazement and wonder in the never-ending infinity room

Step into the Vortex tunnel and experience an unimaginable journey as this amazing illusion makie you feel like you're losing ground!

Welcome to the wonderful world of kaleidoscopes

The Anti-gravity Room is a certified brain basher that will make you question the laws of physics

There are markings in each exhibit for you to get creative with your camera and the friendly staff is always around to assist you with that memorable shot

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We were playing with the games that had so many level of difficulty, it was fun!

Nur M. M.


A good place to learn something new about science, optic and illusions. Can play some mind games. Not too crowded with people so it's comfortable. Very friendly workers who helped us to understand the illusions. But upstairs is quite hot.

Inafazira B. H.


I have enjoyable time at this place and staff very friendly.

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Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur
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How much do The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia ticket cost?
The ticket price for The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia start from Rp 152.760. Visit this page to see more information about The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia pricing
Where is the details location of The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia?
The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia is located at Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur. Visit this page for guidance on how to get to The Museum of Illusions | Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

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Starting from Rp 152.760.
Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur