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Summary: Pahala Kencana

Pahala Kencana is known as one of the top bus companies (PO) in Indonesia. Its high-quality service was proven in 2017, when Pahala Kencana received an award from Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation for the four-star non-economy intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus category. Originated from the city of Kudus in Central Java, Pahala Kencana has now served more than 90 cities across Indonesia, with its most popular route being Jakarta – Yogyakarta and vice versa. Pahala Kencana offers different classes of service to suit each passenger’s needs, ranging from executive class to VIP and express AC.

About Pahala Kencana

Pahala Kencana was pioneered by Hendro Tedjokusumo in 1976. Focused on the intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus service, Pahala Kencana started its operation by serving two roundtrip routes, which were Kudus – Jakarta and Solo – Jakarta. As the business grew, Pahala Kencana continued to expand its coverage area and eventually became one of the largest bus companies (PO) in Indonesia in the 1990s. In 1993, Pahala Kencana developed a new business unit focusing on shipping services under the name Pahala Express and a travel agency known as PT Pahala Tours & Travel. Seven years later, PT Pahala Kencana expanded its business by opening Nirwana Luxury Tourist Bus as a tourist bus charter service and vehicle rental. In the same year, Hendro Tedjokusumo also moved Pahala Kencana’s headquarter to Jl. Gading Bukit Raya Block C No. 1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Originated from the city of Kudus in Central Java, this bus company (PO) has by far served up to 86 bus routes that cover various areas in Sumatra, Java, Madura, and Bali. In its day to day service, Pahala Kencana offers three bus classes to suit each passenger’s needs, ranging from business and VIP to executive class. The business class offers services at an affordable price, complete with sufficient facilities, such as comfortable chairs and spacious leg rooms. Meanwhile, the VIP bus offers comfortable and spacious seats as well as a toilet facility to make long distance travels more convenient. VIP bus passengers can easily change their seat settings for their maximum enjoyment. Moreover, Pahala Kencana also serves a variety of snacks and meals, depending on the bus route. Passengers wanting extra comfort can choose the executive bus, which is equipped with adjustable and spacious seats. The seats also come with armrests, pillows, and blankets, to provide passengers with extra comfort during long-distance travels. Executive bus passengers can also enjoy other facilities such as LED TVs, toilets, snacks, and buffet meals. This executive bus is available on almost all Pahala Kencana routes. In spite of its diverse range of bus classes, Pahala Kencana sets the same standard for all of its services. Carrying the slogan "More than others" (“Lebih dari yang lain”), Pahala Kencana is committed to providing a satisfying travel experience for every passenger. Therefore, Pahala Kencana established Pahala Maintenance Facility for the renewal and maintenance of its fleet. Because of this commitment, Pahala Kencana has successfully received numerous achievements and rewards after more than four decades of operation. In 2015 and 2016, Pahala Kencana was awarded as a non-economy intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) public carrier company with the best services in the major corporate category by Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation. Meanwhile, in 2017, Pahala Kencana also won the Wahana Tata Nugraha award, as well as the award from Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation, in the four-star non-economy intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus category.

Pahala Kencana Bus Type & Class


Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes Benz

Reguler (Seat Format 2-2)

Pahala Kencana Popular Bus Routes & Prices

Route VIP Class Executive Class
Jakarta - Semarang-Rp 200.000
Surabaya - Jakarta-Rp 260.000
Semarang - JakartaRp 150.000-
Jakarta - YogyakartaRp 170.000-
Jakarta - Malang-Rp 280.000
Jakarta - SoloRp 160.000-
Malang - Jakarta-Rp 280.000
Surabaya - Semarang-Rp 230.000
Yogyakarta - JakartaRp 150.000-
Yogyakarta - Bandung-Rp 170.000
Bandung - Yogyakarta-Rp 160.000

PO Pahala Kencana Travel Policy

PO Pahala Kencana Terms & Conditions
  1. Passengers must show (1) a negative rapid antigentest that was performed at the longest 24 hours before boarding time or a negative PCR test that was performed at the longest 48 hours before boarding time

  2. Passengers must show their vaccine certification if they are traveling in PPKM areas. The certificate must show that the passenger has received at least their first vaccination.

  3. Passengers under the age of 12 are temporarily restricted from traveling.

  4. Price already includes administration fee.

  5. Ticket is only valid for the date and time as written in the ticket.

  6. Maximum baggage is 25 kg. Otherwise, passenger will have to pay an extra charge.

  7. Passengers are not allowed to carry liquor and alcoholic drinks, weapons (e.g. knife, swords), or other dangerous items.

  8. Animals are not allowed in the bus.

  9. Passengers must keep the bus clean.

  10. Pahala Kencana will not be responsible for any damage or loss of personal items.

  11. Departure time, bus type, and bus route can change without prior notice due to operational reasons.

  12. If the bus experiences mechanical failure or disruption during the trip, the passengers will be transferred to another available bus. If another bus is not available, the passengers can change their departure or ask for a refund directly from Pahala Kencana.

  13. Pahala Kencana Call Center: (021) 451 7375

PO Pahala Kencana Refund Policy
  1. To cancel your ticket and ask for a refund, call Pahala Kencana at (021) 4517375 or go to the nearest Pahala Kencana office.

  2. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when canceling your ticket booking.

  3. Cancellation can only be done at the latest 2 hours before departure time.

  4. Refund amount is 75% of the ticket price.

  5. Collect your refund at the Pahala Kencana office at your departure point.

PO Pahala Kencana Reschedule Policy
  1. To reschedule, call Pahala Kencana at (021) 4517375 or go to the nearest Pahala Kencana office.

  2. Reschedule can be done at the latest 2 hours before departure time.

  3. Reschedule is based on availability.

  4. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when rescheduling.

  5. Reschedule fee is 25% of the ticket price.

  6. Get your new ticket at the Pahala Kencana head office.

Pahala Kencana Booking & E-ticket

Search and book your Pahala Kencana bus tickets online at Traveloka. Find bus schedules, book, and pay your tickets—all from the comfort of home.

How to Book

Here’s how you can book your Pahala Kencana ticket online:

  1. Open Traveloka App or Traveloka website on your phone

  2. Fill in your bus details in the bus search box.

  3. See all available bus schedules.

  4. Select the bus you want.

  5. Fill in your contact and passenger details.

  6. Complete your payment within the time limit.

  7. See your Pahala Kencana e-ticket via email, SMS, or in My Booking.

How to Pay

You can pay for your Pahala Kencana bus tickets via bank transfer (ATM/SMS Banking/e-banking/bank teller), credit card, or with cash at mini markets (Alfamart).
For more info about payment methods, please see How to Pay.

PO Pahala Kencana E-ticket

Your PO Pahala Kencana e-ticket will be sent to you via email and SMS after your payment is confirmed. You can also see your e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage. You need to exchange the e-ticket with a paper ticket from PO Pahala Kencana. Show this e-ticket to the PO Pahala Kencana bus staff at your boarding point to get your paper ticket.

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