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Safari Dharma Raya Bus

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Safari Dharma Raya is one of the most popular Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) bus operators in the Central Java region. The PO, which is based in Temanggung, Central Java, serves many routes to and from Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara. In addition to AKAP bus services, Safari Dharma Raya also provides services such as Tourism Buses and Express Package Expeditions.

Safari Dharma Raya was initiated in 1951 by Oei Bie Lay. This business idea emerged when they saw the needs of the people of Temanggung in transporting business results. So with the capital of two minibus vehicles modified from the sedan he owns, Oei Bie Lay started his business under the name Hien Truck Company. In its development, the mobility needs of the population are increasing, so that services are expanded. One of them is by adding an intercity bus service with five buses available under the name Safari Dharma Raya. Starting from a route to and from Central Java, Safari Dharma Raya continues to develop its route until now serving all the way to Java, Bali, to Nusa Tenggara.

In serving its passengers, Safari Dharma Raya has a vision and mission, which is to become a company that is committed to maintaining the safety, security, and comfort of passengers by providing the best service for the common welfare. Safari Dharma Raya also sets three company values, namely, Safety (prioritizing the safety and security of passengers), Service (providing the best and consistent service in improving service quality), and Care (high concern for passengers and for all aspects of the company). With these commitments and values, Safari Dharma Raya consistently provides the best service.

Safari Dharma Raya has the advantage of providing a variety of bus class options. This bus provides Patas, Double Decker VIP Class, Executive, and Super Executive classes so that users can choose the class according to their needs. The facilities provided by Safari Dharma Raya are also unquestionable.

Patas Class provides services at affordable rates and adequate facilities, such as reclining seats, ample legroom, and heavy meals included in the ticket price. Meanwhile, Executive and Super Executive buses offer toilet facilities to support long-distance travel and comfortable seats and ample seat space. In addition, the Executive and Super Executive buses also provide power plugs to charge cellphones and entertainment in the form of a central TV. Not only that, Safari Dharma Raya also serves snacks and heavy meals with a varied menu, depending on the bus route.

In accordance with the philosophy of the name, namely Safari (Journey); Dharma (Berkat ; Raya (Jalan Raya), Safari Dharma Raya is always committed to being able to serve trips with blessings and safety for passengers and road users.

Safari Dharma Raya Bus Type & Class

PO Safari Dharma Raya Policy

PO Safari Dharma Raya Terms & Conditions

1.Tickets are only valid for passengers, the date and time as written on the ticket.

2.To board the bus, passengers must exchange their Traveloka e-ticket for a paper ticket from Safari Dharma Raya at the departure point.

3.Max. luggage capacity 10 kg. If more, passengers must pay an additional fee.

4.Passengers are fully responsible for their personal belongings. Safari Dharma Raya is not responsible for lost, damaged, or exchanged passenger items.

Passengers are prohibited from bringing weapons and animals.

5.Passengers who miss the bus due to arriving late at the departure point cannot request a refund.

6.Passengers going to Malang will transit in Pasuruan to transfer to the shuttle vehicle and continue their journey. Conditions related to the transfer of this vehicle may change depending on the number of passengers. There is no additional charge for this.

7.Departure times, bus types and bus routes are subject to change due to operational reasons.

8.Safari Dharma Raya has the right to transfer passengers to other seats if necessary.

9.If the bus is canceled due to damage, the passenger will be transferred to another available bus, which departs on the same day. If other buses are not available, passengers can change their departure date or request a refund directly to Safari Dharma Raya.

10.For the safety and comfort of passengers, Safari Dharma Raya is prohibited from boarding passengers other than at the official departure point. Passengers can report this to the Safari Dharma Raya head office or by telephone to 0838 9337 7305.

11.For passengers departing from and heading to Denpasar, Singaraja, Mataram, Bima, Dompu and Sumbawa at the time of departure, please show a Vaccine Card (minimum of the first dose of vaccination) and show a negative antigen result (maximum sampling 1x24 hours) or negative PCR results (maximum sampling). 2x24 hours). To ensure accuracy, the negative certificate (Antigen/PCR) must be accompanied by a Barcode/QRCode.

12.Passengers with routes within Java, with a departure date of 16-18 July 2021; must show Vaccine Card (minimum first dose vaccination) and show negative antigen result (maximum sampling 1x24 hours) or negative PCR results (maximum sampling 2x24 hours).

Additional information regarding the trip can be found on the paper ticket from Safari Dharma Raya.

13.By ordering tickets, passengers have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of Safari Dharma Raya.

PO Safari Dharma Raya Refund Policy

Safari Dharma Raya's Bus ticket is not refundable.

PO Safari Dharma Raya Reschedule Policy

1.If you want to reschedule, please contact PO Safari Dharma Raya: 083893377305

2.The deadline for requesting rescheduling is D-3 before departure.

3.Rescheduling passengers are not subject to additional fees

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