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Sempati Star Bus

Buying Sempati Star bus tickets at Traveloka is as easy as shopping online. From finding bus schedules to booking and paying for your tickets—do it all from the comfort of home.

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Summary: Sempati Star

Sempati Star is a bus company operating under the Sepakat Maju Group since 2012. Focusing on the upper and middle-class intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) segment, this Medan-based bus company provides various classes of services, such as first class, executive patas, super-executive, patas VIP, super VIP, and non-stop. Its excellent service has led Sempati Star to be awarded as the four-star intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus from the Director General of Land Transportation, Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation, in 2016.

About Sempati Star

Sempati Star is still considered as a new player in the intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) segment. Officially operating on 17 September 2012, this bus operator was formerly known as PO Bintang Sempati and has been serving its customers since the 1990s. Sempati Star took over Bintang Sempati’s management, which discontinued its operations from lack of competitiveness in the ground transportation industry. Currently, PT Bintang Sempati Star is operating under the management of Sepakat Maju Group. Focusing on providing intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) services in Aceh and North Sumatra, this bus operator has served roundtrip routes from Medan to Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, Takengon, Sigli, and Bireun. Meanwhile, from Banda Aceh, Sempati Star provides services to Sigli, Beureuen, Bireun, Lhokseumawe, Lhoksukon, Langsa, and Binjei. Innovation has become the key to Sempati Star's quick rise to success. Prioritizing quality service for its users, this bus operator makes a breakthrough by introducing the Scania Opticruise bus equipped with a luxury cabin. In addition, Sempati Star is also the first bus company in Sumatra that operates double-decker buses in 2015. Dedicated to serving the Banda Aceh – Medan route, this bus comes in two class options, which are first class for the lower deck and super VIP for the upper deck. The first class bus comes with a premium cabin design and a 2-1 seat format, complete with reclining seats, footrests, and armrests. First class passengers can also travel with more comfort thanks to facilities such as blankets, two pillows, mini bar, cabin baggage allowance, personal LCD TV, and toilet. Meanwhile, the VIP super class bus has a 2-2 seat format with reclining seats, footrests, and armrests. It also offers complete facilities, including toilets, cabin baggage allowance, pillow, blanket, and personal LCD TV. In addition to these two classes, Sempati Star also offers a variety of other classes, including executive patas, super-executive, VIP patas, super VIP, and non-stop buses for a shorter trip duration. To maximize passenger’s comfort, Sempati Star also provides a complete supporting facilities at its bus pool such as cafeteria, waiting room, and musala. This bus pool, which also functions as Sempati Star’s head office, can be found on Jl. Asrama Pondok Kelapa No. 19 – 20, Medan. Due to these efforts, Sempati Star’s quality of service is undisputable. This has also been proven by the numerous prestigious awards that Sempat Star has received, such as the best non-economy intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus company for Small Enterprise category in 2014 and the four-star intercity and interprovincial (AKAP) bus from the Director General of Land Transportation, Indonesia’s Ministry of Transportation, in 2016.

Sempati Star Bus Type & Class



High Deck (Seat Format 2-2)

Patas Executive

Mercedes Benz

Regular (Seat Format 2-2)

Non-stop SHD


Super High Deck (Seat Format 1-2)

Super Executive

Mercedez Benz

Regular (Seat Format 2-2)

Patas VIP


High Deck (Seat Format 2-2)

Double Decker

Mercedez Benz

Double Decker (Seat Format 1-2)

Sempati Star Popular Bus Routes & Prices

Route VIP Class Patas Executive Class Non-stop SHD Class Super Executive Class Patas VIP Class Double Decker Class
Medan - Banda Aceh-Rp 170.000Rp 270.000Rp 180.000Rp 200.000Rp 230.000
Medan - Pekanbaru----Rp 170.000-
Medan - Lhokseumawe-Rp 115.000-Rp 125.000Rp 140.000Rp 170.000
Medan - Pidie-Rp 135.000-Rp 155.000Rp 170.000Rp 430.000
Medan - Bireun-Rp 115.000-Rp 125.000Rp 140.000Rp 170.000

Sempati Star Policy

Sempati Star Refund Policy
  1. To cancel your ticket and ask for a refund, call Sempati Star at (061) 8440715 or go to the nearest Sempati Star office.

  2. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when canceling your ticket booking.

  3. Cancellation can only be done at the latest 1 day before departure time.

Sempati Star Reschedule Policy
  1. To reschedule, call Sempati Star at (061) 8440715 or go to the Sempati Star office at your departure point.

  2. Reschedule can only be done at the latest 2 hours before departure time.

  3. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when rescheduling.

  4. You may need to pay an extra charge, which must be done directly at the Sempati Star office at your departure point.

  5. Get your new ticket at the Sempati Star head office.

Sempati Star Booking & E-ticket

Search and book your Sempati Star bus tickets online at Traveloka. Find bus schedules, book, and pay your tickets—all from the comfort of home.

How to Book

Here’s how you can book your Sempati Star ticket online:

  1. Open Traveloka App or Traveloka website on your phone

  2. Fill in your bus details in the bus search box.

  3. See all available bus schedules.

  4. Select the bus you want.

  5. Fill in your contact and passenger details.

  6. Complete your payment within the time limit.

  7. See your Sempati Star e-ticket via email, SMS, or in My Booking.

How to Pay

You can pay for your Sempati Star bus tickets via bank transfer (ATM/SMS Banking/e-banking/bank teller), credit card, or with cash at mini markets (Alfamart).
For more info about payment methods, please see How to Pay.

Sempati Star E-ticket

Your Sempati Star e-ticket will be sent to you via email and SMS after your payment is confirmed. You can also see your e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage. You need to exchange the e-ticket with a paper ticket from Sempati Star. Show this e-ticket to the Sempati Star bus staff at your boarding point to get your paper ticket.

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