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Sugeng Rahayu Bus

Buying Sugeng Rahayu bus tickets at Traveloka is as easy as shopping online. From finding bus schedules to booking and paying for your tickets—do it all from the comfort of home.

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Summary: Sugeng Rahayu

The bus company (PO) Sugeng Rahayu is known as one of the legendary buses from East Java. Thes bus operator that has been established since 1981 in Sidoarjo offers economy class, economic AC (commonly called Regular AC or ATB), and executives to reach various cities in Java. For its dedication in providing high quality transportation services, Sugeng Rahayu received the title of Santun Bus 2011 from East Java Regional Police.

About Sugeng Rahayu

Setyaki Sasongko pioneered Sugeng Rahayu in 1981. At that time, the bus operator came under the name of Sumber Kencono. The routes served are only regular inter-city inter-province (AKAP) lines such as Surabaya - Yogyakarta return route, Wonogiri - Solo - Surabaya return route and Semarang - Solo - Surabaya return route. Under the Sumber Group, Sugeng Rahayu is now known as the "king of the streets". The nickname is given because the characteristic of this bus is always speeding to get to the destination. This is what then becomes a selling point and attracts the public to use the services of Sugeng Rahayu. The selling value also made Sugeng Rahayu continue to grow. This can be seen from the numbers of achievement, such as the award of the best service as the Lebaran transport provider 2005, 2007 and 2008. In addition, the company was also chosen as the best bus in terms of administrative completeness of Purabaya Terminal (Bungurasih) Surabaya 2010 and 2011, and received the title of Santun Bus 2011 from East Java Regional Police. The secret of Sugeng Rahayu success is inseparable from the strategy set by Setyaki Sasongko. During its establishment, this bus company (PO) strengthened its position as a player in the land transportation business by acquiring Maju Mapan. Ever since then, Sugeng Rahayu has been able to gradually increase the number of fleets and travel routes. The new routes presented are Surabaya - Semarang return route, Surabaya - Cilacap return route, to Surabaya - Bandung return route. Users are pampered by the presence of economy class and executive class with Mercedes-Benz and Hino buses, which depart every 20 minutes. Not only that, bus facilities are also increasingly adequate. In the executive class, passengers will get a 2-2 seat configuration, LCD TV, air conditioning and one-time dining service. While the economy class comes without air conditioning and has a 2-2 seat configuration. In order to continue operate in the midst of intense competition in the land transportation sector, Sugeng Rahayu presented a breakthrough through the AC regular price (ATB) class or economic AC in 2009. The class has a 2-3 seat configuration and is equipped with air conditioning. Adequate facilities at the same rates as non-AC buses are the main attraction for passengers who want to travel long distances. Even so, Sugeng Rahayu also had a difficult time and was almost threatened with bankruptcy. However, thanks to its experience and efforts to continuously improve service and safety, Sugeng Rahayu was able to rise from adversity. This made the bus company decide to change its name to Sumber Selamat in 2011, which is expected to bring good luck and safety. The new name lasted for a year until it finally returned to Sugeng Rahayu. In Javanese, Sugeng Rahayu means to be safe, prosperous, and far from disaster. In addition to names, changes also occur in the use of colors to red and yellow. Now, Sugeng Rahayu is based on Jl. Letjen Sutoyo No. 145, Medaeng, Sidoarjo, Surabaya. With the slogan "Keep Serving With All Of Heart", Sugeng Rahayu continued to expand its wings to tourism bus services and rent. In 2014, Sugeng Rahayu also began serving the patas/executive route in Surabaya to Bandung.

Sugeng Rahayu Bus Type & Class



Reguler (Seat Format 2-2)

Economy AC


Reguler (Seat Format 2-2)

Sugeng Rahayu Popular Bus Routes & Prices

Route Executive Class
Surabaya - YogyakartaRp 135.000
Surabaya - SemarangRp 150.000
Surabaya - SoloRp 115.000
Surabaya - BandungRp 280.000
Surabaya - PurwokertoRp 220.000

PO Sugeng Rahayu Policy

PO Sugeng Rahayu Terms & Conditions
  1. Children age 4 years and above, or taller than 90 cm, must buy full price tickets.

  2. Ticket is only valid for the bus number, passenger, date, and time as written in the ticket.

  3. Ticket price does not include meal at RM. Caruban (Rp15.000).

  4. Maximum baggage is 10 kg and not bigger than 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. Otherwise, passenger will have to pay an extra charge.

  5. Passengers are not allowed to carry animals, items with strong odor, dangerous or illegal objects (e.g. gasses, chemicals, weapons, explosives, liquor), or other items that may disturb the comfort of other passengers.

  6. Passengers are advised to carry their valuable items (e.g. jewelry, cash, wallet, handphone, laptop, important documents) with them at all times and not to put them in the bus' baggage storage.

  7. Passengers are solely responsible for their belongings and Sugeng Rahayu will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or mix up of personal items.

  8. Passenger failing to arrive at the boarding point on time cannot ask for a refund.

  9. Departure time, bus type, and bus route can change without prior notice due to operational reasons. If the bus experiences mechanical failure during the trip and is unable to continue the trip, passengers will get a refund. Refund amount is based on the distance not yet traveled and cannot be more than the original ticket price.

  10. Sugeng Rahayu will not be responsible for any arrival delays.

  11. Sugeng Rahayu has the authority to transfer a passenger to another seat or bus when necessary.

  12. Sugeng Rahayu has the authority to ask the passenger to present their official identity document when necessary.

  13. Any claims made by passengers, such as a claim for bus delay or accidents, cannot amount more than the ticket price.

  14. By booking a bus ticket, passenger has understood and agreed to Sugeng Rahayu’s terms and conditions.

  15. Sugeng Rahayu has the authority to deny boarding to passengers who are not willing to comply with the terms and conditions.

PO Sugeng Rahayu Refund Policy
    After booking is complete, your bus ticket cannot be canceled and you cannot ask for a refund.
PO Sugeng Rahayu Reschedule Policy
  1. To reschedule, call Sugeng Rahayu at 082233183340 / 082233183370.

  2. Reschedule can only be done at the latest 3 day before departure.

  3. Bring your official identification document (KTP/SIM) and Traveloka e-ticket when rescheduling.

  4. Rescheduling fee is 50% of the ticket price, which must be paid directly to Sugeng Rahayu.

Sugeng Rahayu Booking & E-ticket

Search and book your Sugeng Rahayu bus tickets online at Traveloka. Find bus schedules, book, and pay your tickets—all from the comfort of home.

How to Book

Here’s how you can book your Sugeng Rahayu ticket online:

  1. Open Traveloka App or Traveloka website on your phone

  2. Fill in your bus details in the bus search box.

  3. See all available bus schedules.

  4. Select the bus you want.

  5. Fill in your contact and passenger details.

  6. Complete your payment within the time limit.

  7. See your Sugeng Rahayu e-ticket via email, SMS, or in My Booking.

How to Pay

You can pay for your Sugeng Rahayu bus tickets via bank transfer (ATM/SMS Banking/e-banking/bank teller), credit card, or with cash at mini markets (Alfamart).
For more info about payment methods, please see How to Pay.

PO Pahala Kencana E-ticket

Your PO Pahala Kencana e-ticket will be sent to you via email and SMS after your payment is confirmed. You can also see your e-ticket via My Booking at the homepage. You need to exchange the e-ticket with a paper ticket from PO Pahala Kencana. Show this e-ticket to the PO Pahala Kencana bus staff at your boarding point to get your paper ticket.

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