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Available Motorbike Rental in Bali

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Motorbike Rent General Requirement

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Benefits of Using Traveloka Motorbike Rental Service in Bali

Using our motorbike rental service will give you a lot of advantages, such as:

High Flexibility

Rent a motorbike will make you free to visit many interesting destinations in Dewata Island. You are free to choose the route and when you are going to visit the places.

No Traffic Jam

With its tiny shape, rent a motorbike will make you easier to ride in the middle of Bali traffic that often got so crowded, mostly on the weekend or holiday season. You will save more time to reach your destinations. 

Affordable Motorbike Rent Service Rate

Compare to other transportation mode, for instance the four-wheel vehicle, rent a motorbike is cheaper. If you are a solo traveling or you don’t need a vehicle for many people, rent a motorbike will be the best option for you. You can save more cost for other important things.

Chance to Enjoy the Nature

Riding a motorbike is the best choice if you want to get close with Bali’s nature. As you know, Bali is one of the most beautiful island in the world with so many beautiful landscape. Not only beaches, you can also find mountains, hills, and the rice fields. 

Easier to explore the hidden destination

If you wish to find a hidden gem in Bali, the chance is bigger if you are using motorbike. With its large that is more than 5000 square km, Bali sure have many destinations that hasn’t been explored by the tourists. You will find it easily if you are riding a motorbike. 

Riding Motorcycle Tips in Bali

Riding a motorbike is now a tren, seeing that this two wheels vehicle is making its rider mobility easier. Town or village, motorbike has become one of the most favorite option to explore one destination to another. With its tiny shapes, motorbike can pass through the traffic jam easily. The time that you spent for the trip will be much shorter. When you are on a trip, motorbike can be the best option as well. That is why now Traveloka has launched the new service which is Motorbike Rental Service. Traveloka motorbike rental service is now available in the main tourist destinations, such as Bali. It’s very easy to book the service, you can directly book it through Traveloka App or website. You don’t need to come to the motorbike rental office, you can do it all by Traveloka App or website. To enjoy our motorbike rental service, make sure you have the last version of our apps. When you are ready, now it’s the time to explore many interesting destinations in Dewata Island.There are so many beautiful nature landscapes that you can explore while you are in Bali. Bali has a diverse nature sites, start from beach, sea, and mountains. To make your trip more comfortable by riding a motorbike, here are some tips that will make your trip more comfortable and safer:

Check your vehicle

After you get the motorbike rent, make sure the vehicle is on the good condition. After make sure everything is good, you can directly ride it and explore Bali until the hidden destinations.

Bring the Important Documents

After checking the vehicle, you also need to make sure the completion of the important documents. Make sure you have your driving license and your vehicle registration. By having it complete, you can explore Bali more comfortable

Prepare your trip route

It will be better if you can set all the destinations that you plan to visit while you are in Bali. This is one of the most important thing that sometimes people missed. You can set the route by using GPS so you will not spend more time to decide the route later.

Use a high quality helmet

When you are riding a motorcycle, protect yourself with the national standard of helmet. Full face helmet will also make you safer.

Wear a comfortable jacket

To protect your body from wind during the ride, wear a thick and comfortable jacket. Mostly when you are riding at night, the wind will be heavier compare with the afternoon.

Focus on Riding

Focus with the traffic when you are riding a motorbike in Bali. Make sure you don’t feel sleepy when you are riding. If you find yourself tired or less focus, better to take a break first before continue your trip.

Stay on the safe speed

Ride your motorbike with a normal speed and don’t be rush. Be aware with the other vehicles ahead, behind, left and right side. Remember that safety is number one. There are some tips that you need to know when you are riding a motorbike in Bali. With the proper preparation, sure your trip will be more fun and comfortable. Happy riding and holiday!

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