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Traveloka CleanAccommodation

Accommodations with standardized hygiene protocol

Complete Hygiene Standards for Traveloka CleanAccommodation in Indonesia

  1. All employees are obliged to use masks during working hours.
  2. Front desk staff are obliged to use handy thermometer (contacless thermometer) to check guests temperature.
  3. All employees are obliged to regularly clean their hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  4. Accommodation must provide hand sanitizer as well as masks at a sufficient amount.
  5. All employees must keep a minimum 1-meter distance from guests and other staff at any locations in the accommodation unit.
  6. Tables, chairs, or any other equipment should have at least one-meter distance from one another, at minimum 1 meter, and accommodation should advise people to order take-out food in terms of restaurant services.
  7. Frontdesk staff need to do a brief check on guests' traveling history within the last 14 days. They also need to inform Manager Operation of PIC if they notice a person is unhealthy and if necessary, ask for assistance from the nearest hospitals.
  8. The body temperature from anyone who enter the accommodation area should be monitored and recorded daily. For those who have body temperature above 37,5 or have symptoms of respiratory tract infections, they should be forbidden to enter the area.
  9. Employees should cover their mouths and noses with tissue and throw it immediately in the trash. If tissue is not available, they should cough or sneeze into their elbow.
  10. Apply personal hygiene when storing, processing and serving food, such as complete and clean uniforms (using headgear, masks, aprons and cloths) when processing food and separating places to mix and process raw food with cooked food.
  11. Employees must wear disposable gloves while disinfecting the area, cleaning cutlery and food leftovers on the restaurant tables or while cleaning rooms, especially while handling objects such as used tissue and toothpicks. All PPE must be discarded and not reopened after completing the cleaning process.
  12. Employees must not touch their face, eyes, and mouth before washing hands
  13. Cleanse at any time by using effective disinfectants such as containing chlorine 1: 9 or containing ethanol / methanol mixed with alcohol at least 70% (or other standards accepted by science and generally accepted from time to time) for public areas (public areas) , receptions, guest rooms, and parts that are often touched directly by humans, such as water taps, door handles, towels, reservoirs, toilet closets and covers, sinks, door knobs, other buttons and switches, menu books, coffee makers, soda machines, handrails (bars), elevator buttons (once an hour), door knobs, and vehicles (inside and outside) to make sure they are really clean. Clean (sterilize) with disinfectant once in each shift or each service (whichever is appropriate).
  14. Guests are obliged to always wear a mask in accommodation's public areas and are advised to maintain a clean living behavior during their stay.
  15. Housekeepers are obliged to use full or minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) headcover, goggles, masks, and surgical gloves coated with rubber gloves, wear packs, and boots) when cleaning rooms.
  16. Employees are obliged to cover food properly to prevent contamination
  17. Accommodation must place and store eating and drinking utensils in a clean place free of dust and other impurities and place according to the same type in separate places, and wrapped in plastic. Tableware, including tissue / napkin, should not be placed in an open place.
  18. Employees are obliged to use disposable paper towels when drying tableware and drinking equipment. Table cloths and napkins must be washed regularly.
  19. Accommodation is obliged to protect the cleanliness of water in public facilities (like tap water, swimming pool, spa, etc) along with the equipment used.
  20. Accommodation must periodically check air ventilation, air exchange, air conditioners in the room and humidity regulators in closed rooms and all malfunction must be corrected immediately.
  21. Accommodation is obliged to carry out routine checks to maintain the cleanliness and function of the soap and disinfectant dispensers, hand dryers, tissue dispensers, and other equipment that are used together. If any of the equipment is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced immediately.
  22. Accommodation is obliged to regularly check the function of the dishwasher and laundry equipment, especially the standard operating temperature and the correct dosage in the use of cleaning and disinfecting liquids. It is also necessary to always maintain the cleanliness of the equipment. Textiles, linen and clothing should be put in separate laundry bags and handled carefully to prevent contamination.
  23. Accommodation is obliged to have procedures for implementing protective measures in the event of a positive case or a suspect case of COVID-19. Accommodation must also appoint personnel/employees who are specifically trained to implement these protective measures. The procedures need to fulfill at least the provisions that have been published by credible institutions, such as, but not limited to, the WHO.
  24. Accommodation is obliged to clean the receptionist table immediately after serving each guests.
  25. Accommodation must ensure the availability of information about COVID-19 within the hotel area such as its symptoms, its spread, and its prevention.
  26. Accommodation is obliged to enact policy requiring employees to undertake independent quarantine within 14 days after official travel to areas affected by COVID-19
  27. Accommodation is obliged to prepare a special trash bin that does not pollute the trash bin directly, such as using a plastic bag to easily wrap and dispose trash when the bin is full.
  28. Employees whose jobs include operating a vehicle must advise passengers to open a few windows so that there is air exchange.