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Arranging corporate travel is now easier, more reliable, and secure. Traveloka is here to provide you with the best travel services.


Why book business trips with Traveloka?

Special Corporate Privileges

Enjoy special benefits on our products, dedicated account management services, and 24/7 Customer Service. We are ready to serve all your needs!

Smooth Journey Every Step of the Way

We offer various products and features to ensure that you have a smooth experience, from booking your journey, getting to your destination, to enjoying your trip while in the city.

Flexible Payment Options

Complete your payment with credit card or bank transfers. Should you prefer a different method of payment, we can also cater to your company’s requirements.

How to Register

Our team will reach out to you to confirm your registration.

Once approved, we will provide you a Corporate Registration Guideline for Employees.

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Traveloka for Corporates makes business traveling easy, convenient, and secure.

About Traveloka for Corporates

Traveling might be an essential need for everyone. It is a reward for all your hard work, and you can finally take your time off to reconnect with yourself. Although travelling does sound rewarding and positive, it can be a hassle when dealing with the paperwork and itineraries. Planning for a casual trip requires you to set aside some time and effort. Now, imagine doing all the paperwork and planning for a business trip with a large number of participants. 

But, what exactly will you do when you plan to arrange a business trip? Here are the things that are normally considered when planning for a business trip. First, you have to know where you are going. Additionally, you need to determine which transportation methods and accommodations that fit to your budget. Third, you might need to think about the activities that can help enliven your business trip. And lastly, you need to consider the perfect payment methods and provide participant documents that are needed. 

If all these sounds exhausting, you are right to enter this specific page that introduces Traveloka Corporates. 

What is Traveloka Corporates?

As the name suggests, Traveloka Corporates is a corporate travel management system brought by Traveloka. It provides many benefits for companies that are registered in Traveloka Corporates’ platform.

Traveloka Corporates caters to business travels by enabling several features that make it even easier to arrange business travels. Starting from custom travel policies and preferences, to special rates for thousands of hotel partners in Traveloka.

Flagship Services For All Types Of Business Trip

Traveloka Corporates is continuously being developed to provide even more excellent services that simplify both employee and business travels. Currently, there are several services that you can try in Traveloka Corporates, namely Traveloka Corporates B2B & Traveloka Corporates Retail Program:

Traveloka Corporates B2B

Traveloka Corporates B2B uses different platform than normal Traveloka app that most users normally use. There are features that are available only for Traveloka Corporates B2B, such as:

Travel policy management

As a registered company in Traveloka Corporates, you can safely monitor your budget. You can embed your travel policy in the system which will help you to monitor and control your company’s travel expenses.

Custom Itinerary

With Traveloka Corporates B2B, you can tailor your own itinerary from choosing preferred flight class, number of passengers per flight, ground transport, and activities in destination cities. Supported by 24/7 online assistance, you can plan your itinerary anytime anywhere.

Selections of payment methods

When you arrange your business trips with Traveloka Corporates B2B, we will provide you a detailed invoice, so you don’t need to pay rightaway and be stuck with complex reimbursement process. Additionally, Traveloka Corporate B2B is also developing various payment methods including payment by cash, debit card, or credit card that are available soon.

Special corporate rates

One of the main benefits of arranging your business trip with Traveloka Corporates B2B is that you can enjoy the special rates only for corporates. This special price is available for hotel and flight products. Save budget, travel more! 

Wide range of supply

Traveloka is the largest online travel agent in Southeast Asia that connects you to millions of hotels and airlines worldwide. You have the freedom to choose the best transportation and accommodation that fits.

To enjoy Traveloka Corporates B2B’s benefits, you are required to register your company in through this webpage. When registering your company, ensure that you fill in all the required details. After that, Traveloka team will contact you to confirm your registration and share the corporate registration guideline for employees. 

Traveloka Corporates Retail Program

Traveloka Corporates Retail Program is a smaller scale of Traveloka Corporates B2B. It uses the normal Traveloka app and offers special rates for thousands of accommodations and airlines partnered with Traveloka. Additionally, you don’t have to provide agreements or contracts as compared to Traveloka Corporates B2B.

Traveloka Corporates is available for various products in Traveloka including flight tickets, hotel reservations, bus transport, train tickets, airport transport, and even activities. Feel the ease of arranging business travel with the best corporate travel management system, Traveloka Corporates. Register your company now and enjoy all the benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traveloka Corporates?

Traveloka for Corporates is a new feature from Traveloka that provides traveling services to companies and assist them for their business trips.

Which payment methods are available for corporate users?

All current payment methods in Traveloka are available to use by Traveloka for Corporate users. Registered employees are also able to reimburse their business trips if they book from Traveloka. As for invoicing, there will be additional steps and document submissions required. Please contact us at corporate@traveloka.com for further information.

Are special rates available to Traveloka for Corporate users?

For more information about the special rate, please get in touch with our corporate account manager.

For more information about Traveloka for Corporates, contact us using the following button.