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Traveloka PR

11 Dec 2019 - 3 min read

Traveloka Pushes the Number of Inbound Travellers in Indonesia Through Amazing Deals to Indonesia

Jakarta, December 11, 2019 – Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s leading digital travel, lifestyle, and financial services booking platform, introduced its newest program, Amazing Deals to Indonesia, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. Aiming to boost the number of inbound travelers or foreign tourists in Indonesia, this program is targeting the tourists from Malaysia and Singapore to spend their upcoming holiday season (Christmas and New Year) in the country.

Amazing Deals to Indonesia provides attractive offerings for Traveloka’s various products, such as Transportation, Accommodation, Transportation & Accommodation Package, as well as Xperience. The program that is specifically designed to only be available for Malaysian and Singaporean users can be purchased from December 1st until 31st, 2019.

Yady Guitana, Senior Vice President Global Partnership & Insurance Traveloka Group, stated, “As the first and biggest technology company in Southeast Asia that establishes a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, we hope this program that offers Traveloka’s various products will increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. In addition, according to our internal data, Malaysia and Singapore are considered as the top two markets with high potential to visit Indonesia, especially during the end of the year, where they intentionally explore several cities in Indonesia and not only stay in one place. With their traveling habits and their eagerness in exploring the country, we think this program will make it easier for them to acquire information needed as well as to purchase suitable products that will enhance their traveling experience in Indonesia.”

Moreover, Yady also said that this strategic partnership has been started last year and will continue to take place in 2020. “The focus of Traveloka’s partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia in the year of 2019-2020 is to implement co-creation activities with the aim to promote Indonesia’s tourism destination to other countries, and one of the ways is through this Amazing Deals to Indonesia promo,” Yady added.

Rizki Handayani B.Eng, MBTM-Deputy Minister for Marketing I of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economic of The Republic of Indonesia, said, “Malaysia and Singapore are included in the top list of countries with high numbers of tourist arrivals in Indonesia. Until October 2019, we calculated that there are a total of 241.1 thousand tourists (17.8% of the total foreign tourists) from Malaysia and 145.2 thousand tourists (10.72% of the total foreign tourists) from Singapore. We believe that our strategic partnership with Traveloka and our other continuous promotional activities in Malaysia and Singapore will contribute to the increased traffic of tourists visiting Indonesia.”. Rizki added.

that this cooperation is also in line with the Ministry’s current focus, which is to digitize the promotional activity of Indonesia’s tourism. “Traveloka, as one of the unicorns from Indonesia, has a strong network in Southeast Asia and has a stellar skill in the technology sector. These factors influence our decision in establishing a strategic partnership with Traveloka.”

John Safenson, VP Market Management Accommodation of Traveloka, stated, “We really appreciate the enthusiasm shown by our hotel partners that have been very supportive towards this program. There are more than a hundred hotel partners across Indonesia that are participating in this program and are ready to accommodate the surge of foreign tourists from Malaysia and Singapore who want to spend their holiday in our country."

Starting from December, Malaysian and Singaporean tourists will automatically get the Amazing Deals to Indonesia promo when opening Traveloka platform, where they could obtain an enticing offering package to visit various cities in Indonesia, including to visit super priority destinations, such as Medan, Jogjakarta, Lombok, and Labuan Bajo.

Amazing Deals to Indonesia program will also be displayed in more than 30 Billboard spots located in premium and strategic locations in Malaysia and Singapore, including Orchard Road – Singapore, Bukit Bintang – Malaysia, as well as at Changi International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) records the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from January to October 2019 has reached 13.62 million tourists, which is increased by 2.85% compared to the same period last year. Currently, the Government is targeting 20 million inbound travelers by the end of 2019, which is expected to be achieved through various promotional activities outside Indonesia as well as through partnerships with the private sector, including the strategic partnership with Traveloka.