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Traveloka PR

04 Nov 2020 - 3 min read

Playing an active role in Restoring Indonesia's Tourism Economy, Traveloka Launches EPIC SALE 2020

Jakarta, 4 November 2020 - In 2020, Traveloka once again introduces the EPIC SALE 2020 program in collaboration with thousands of partners in the Indonesian tourism industry to bring the best travel and lifestyle offers for users while adhering to clean, health, safety and environmental protocols (Clean, Health, Safety and Environment/CHSE Protocol). Traveloka as a technology company focusing in the travel and lifestyle sector is committed to continuously support the government's efforts to restore the economy, especially the tourism sector, by presenting various technology-based innovations. Entering the 8th month of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia is preparing strategic steps to recover the country's economy, one of which is by reviving the country's sluggish tourism sector through campaigns InDOnesia CARE and #DiIndonesiaAja.

Albert, Co-Founder, Traveloka and Shirley Lesmana, Vice President Marketing, Traveloka Accommodation, during the EPIC SALE 2020 launch procession

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Deputy of Marketing Nia Niscaya, said, "Tourism is based on mobility, when mobility is restricted, it will have a negative impact on the tourism sector, but on the other hand, we still have to keep the economic engine warm. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy presented the CHSE protocol through the InDOnesia CARE/I DO CARE campaign to ensure that the entire tourism industry is enforcing the CHSE protocols to increase trust and a sense of security for travelers."

Nia also added that Kemenparekraf has launched the #DiIndonesiaAja campaign. This campaign aims to encourage mobility from the nearest point (staycation) among islands in Indonesia. It is hoped that the #DiIndonesiaAja tourist mobility can rebuild the economy through consumption of the tourism sector in destinations.

Traveloka collaborates with partners from various sectors, including accommodation, transportation, tourist attractions and other lifestyle products to provide a travel experience in the new normal era that is comfortable, safe and in accordance with health protocols. This program is the realization of Traveloka's commitment to support the recovery of the national tourism sector. Albert, Traveloka Co-Founder said, “Entering the new normal era, the tourism sector has a new hope of recovering and getting back on its feet, of course by paying attention to and maintaining compliance to health protocols. As an Indonesian technology company, Traveloka continues to support the government's efforts in reviving and revitalizing the tourism sector. We are collaborating with various business players in the tourism sector and we are ready to present various attractive offers for the public so they can return to enjoying Indonesian tourism, while still prioritizing safety and comfort for all parties."

Traveloka continues to innovate in providing products and services to accommodate new interests and habits of its users. Various technology-based innovations will become the mainstay of Traveloka EPIC SALE promotions, including sales on the Live Stream channel which has attracted hundreds of thousands of users and collaborates with thousands of partners to commit to adhere with the health protocols through the Traveloka Clean Partners Campaign to provide a sense of calm and comfort for users in carrying out travel activities and a lifestyle in the new normal era.

Rosa Aryanti, Regional Director of Sales at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Inc., said, “The innovation and collaboration initiated by Traveloka provides great support for business players in the tourism sector who have had a significant impact, especially in the current pandemic. This is reflected in the spike of bookings after undergoing promotional collaborations with various Traveloka innovation programs. We are ready to provide the best products and services for customers, especially with the full support of the government and Traveloka as a platform that makes it easy for both us partners and users and we are optimistic that Traveloka EPIC SALE will be able to provide a significant boost to the growth of the hospitality industry, especially for us hotels under the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts network. "

This year, Traveloka launched its annual program with a new meaning. Traveloka EPIC SALE is back with the aim of reviving the tourism sector and responding to people's longing to travel in Indonesia with safe and comfort. Collaborating with more than 10,500 partners throughout Indonesia, Traveloka EPIC SALE program start from 5 November 2020 until 11, where users will get various attractive promos of up to 80% for almost all Traveloka products and services from travel products to lifestyle which includes hotels, Flight Tickets, Xperience, Airport Transfer, Shuttle, Car Rentals, Eats, and Insurance. The Traveloka EPIC SALE also has special offers through EPIC HOUR, available every day from 12.00 to 13.00 WIB for Hotel products, and at 19.00 - 01.00 WIB for Xperience products. To make it easier for users, Traveloka EPIC SALE also has a series of innovative programs titled EPIC Referral to provide additional coupons for users so that they have the opportunity to get the best offers during EPIC SALE. Starting from 30 October - 3 November 2020, more than 340 thousand users have joined the EPIC Referral program.

In addition to providing attractive offers through Traveloka app, EPIC SALE will also be carried out through a live streaming channel that can be accessed through the official Traveloka social media account and application version 3.20 and above. Conducted twice a day, the live streaming titled Traveloka EPIC LIVEstyle will present guest stars, share daily prizes and provide tens of thousands of additional discount coupons that can be used by users targeting 1 million viewers from all over Indonesia.

"We will make sure that the EPIC SALE program is always in line with the government's efforts in restoring the tourism industry in Indonesia and activating the business operations of various business players by remaining compliant with CHSE-based health protocols because partner and user convenience is our top priority. Traveloka hopes that the presence of the Traveloka EPIC SALE innovation can become a momentum that answers users' longing for traveling and makes it easier for them to plan their next trip by always prioritizing the established health protocol, "Albert concluded.