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01 Feb 2024 - 5 min read

Take a Break with Traveloka: Tips for Making the Best of the Public Holidays in February 2024

Jakarta, February 1st, 2024 - The year 2024 has just entered the month of February, and yet you can already plan holiday adventures by taking full advantage of the public holidays and collective leave days. Based on the 3 Ministers’ Joint Decree, there are at least three public holidays that you can spend relaxing: February 8, 2024, commemorating Isra and Mi’raj’, the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, February 9, 2024, set as a collective leave day, and February 10, 2024, celebrating the Chinese New Year 2575 Kongzili.

Taking advantage of the upcoming dates could make the most of the long weekend to recharge with positive energy and create precious memories with your family or friends. You can also extend your vacation by taking time off right after the General Election (Pemilu), just after February 14, 2024. Isn’t that exciting?

Keep reading, as we have some recommended activities for your getaway plans with family and friends during the February 2024 holiday season.

Enjoy the Barongsai Lion Dance performance and hunt for traditional Lunar New Year culinary delights

The Lunar New Year is a significant celebration for the Chinese ethnic community worldwide. In Indonesia, the festivities extend beyond those of a particular ethnic descent or religious faith. This celebration has become an opportunity for the broader Indonesian public to partake in the festive spirit. Many seize this moment to unwind by witnessing exciting activities during the Chinese New Year and even plan vacations to explore various tourist destinations. This is evident in the fivefold increase in domestic flight ticket searches for the Chinese New Year 2024 period compared to the previous month. Moreover, hotel accommodation searches during the Chinese New Year 2024 period have surged nearly twelvefold compared to the preceding month, showcasing the widespread enthusiasm for embracing the festive season.

So, take advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday to explore domestic destinations adorned with distinctive Chinese cultural decorations and captivating lion dance performances. Cities like Pontianak, the Petak Sembilan area in Jakarta, the Sam Poo Khong temple in Semarang, and the Hong Tiek Han temple in Surabaya offer aesthetic and vibrant Lunar New Year decorations. These, combined with mesmerizing lion dance attractions, make for compelling photo opportunities to share on social media.

In addition to witnessing and capturing Lunar New Year moments, immerse yourself in the festive spirit by indulging in authentic Chinese cuisine. To make the most of the Lunar New Year holiday with family and loved ones, #DontWorryNoRugi, Traveloka is here for you with the Astaga Naga Promo, running from January 22 to February 11, 2024. By participating in this promo, you can enjoy various benefits, including Cashback Discounts of up to 888 thousand Traveloka Points, Flash Sale with discounts of up to 50%, and an additional 20% discount when using Traveloka PayLater as the payment method. Moreover, after making a Traveloka purchase, you also have the chance to receive additional benefits, such as discounts of up to Rp500,000 for your next bookings. TheAstaga Naga Promo is for both domestic and international travel.

Plan for leave after the General Elections for a fun-filled holiday in various cities

After spending the Lunar New Year holiday, don't miss the chance for a post-election getaway on February 14, 2024. Remember your civic duty by visiting the Polling Stations (TPS) and exercising your voting rights. For those residing far from home, enjoy the Traveloka Promo Untuk Indonesia to come home and participate in the voting process in your hometown.

The special Promo Untuk Indonesia is designed to offer the best deals for Indonesian citizens wishing to take part in the elections in their hometowns. #DontWorryNoRugi - take advantage of Promo Untuk Indonesiawhere you can enjoy discounts of up to IDR 1 million using various payment methods, including Traveloka PayLater. Moreover, after making any purchase between February 12 and 18, you also stand a chance to receive an additional discount of IDR 500,000.

After fulfilling your duty as a responsible citizen, you can continue to make the most of Promo Untuk Indonesia for an extended vacation to various cities or tourist destinations in Indonesia. For instance, you could explore the historical and cultural beauty of Yogyakarta at the Yogyakarta Palace or the breathtaking natural wonders in Gunung Kidul. Another option is to delve into the culinary richness of Semarang, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Bali, or experience the refreshing mountain air in the Dieng Plateau, Central Java.

Traveloka has also noted an increased interest in post-election vacationing. Data reveals that searches for domestic and international flight tickets for travel dates after the election have tripled compared to the previous month. Additionally, hotel accommodation searches, both domestic and international, for the post-election period have surged almost sixfold compared to the preceding month. Popular destinations such as Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Semarang domestically, and Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand internationally, are the preferred short escape destinations for travelers after the 2024 General Election.

While planning your exciting journey with Traveloka, #DontWorryNoRugi as you can enjoy a variety of flexibility features. Take advantage of Reschedule+ allowing for extensive travel schedule changes. This flexibility is not limited to flight times but also lets you change destinations and airlines as needed. Moreover, there's a 100% Refund Guarantee for both domestic and international flight bookings, making it easy for you to get a full refund if you need to cancel or reschedule your ticket. For hotel bookings, the Flexible Payment option offers more freedom in choosing your payment method. You can either book now and Pay At Hotel or use the Pay Later option, allowing you to pay on a later date rather than at the time of booking. Additionally, Traveloka provides Flexible Visit Date for Xperience products, giving you the freedom to choose visit dates according to your needs.

Don't miss out on this special opportunity. Snap up these enticing offers from Traveloka and enjoy a more rewarding travel and vacation experience. Both attractive promotions are exclusively available on the Traveloka app. Download on Google Play Store and the App Store. Explore Traveloka's travel recommendations by visiting the Traveloka Travel Guides page and discover exciting activities on the Traveloka Xperience page. For more information about the Astaga Naga Promo and Promo Untuk Indonesia, visit the official Traveloka website at www.traveloka.com.

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