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24 Apr 2024 - 2 min read

Traveloka Introduces Flight Academy at KidZania Jakarta, Unveiling a Playful Aviation Experience in a New and Lively Setting

Jakarta, April 24, 2024— Traveloka, the leading travel platform in Southeast Asia, further enhances its tourism offerings with the introduction of an educational play area at KidZania Jakarta, known as Traveloka Flight Academy (Flight Academy), featuring a vibrant new setting. Inaugurated by Traveloka's CEO of Transport, Iko Putera, and President Director of PT Aryan Indonesia (KidZania Jakarta), Kerry Riza, the Traveloka Flight Academy brings an exciting new experience for children at KidZania Jakarta.

Traveloka's CEO of Transport, Iko Putera, expressed his delight at being part of KidZania Jakarta. "As a platform catering to travel needs, Traveloka understands the significance of offering children an unforgettable blend of play and learning. We take pride in being KidZania Jakarta's primary ticket booking partner and in introducing the latest set, the Traveloka Flight Academy, to meet parents' needs for educational tourism experiences for their children. Through this collaboration, Traveloka and KidZania aim to provide visitors with an ideal mix of entertainment and education, fulfilling children's aspirations and excitement in pursuing their dreams, such as becoming a pilot or exploring careers in the aviation industry, all while creating core memories. We believe this partnership will deliver a perfect recreational and educational experience for visitors to KidZania Jakarta."

"In line with Traveloka's commitment to delivering top-notch travel experiences, the Traveloka Flight Academy vehicle at KidZania gives children the sensation of booking flights online. This interactive experience provides children with practical knowledge about the seamless process of booking airline tickets through the application," said Iko Putera.

President Director of PT Aryan Indonesia (KidZania Jakarta), Kerry Riza, revealed, "We are excited to partner with Traveloka for the Traveloka Flight Academy at KidZania Jakarta. This addition brings fresh enthusiasm and excitement for children to explore diverse professions at KidZania, particularly in the aviation sector, offering valuable insights to support their future aspirations."

With its airplane cabin-inspired design and comprehensive equipment, the Traveloka Flight Academy is dedicated to educating visitors about the roles of pilots, cabin crew, and pre-flight staff while offering an immersive experience.

Before starting the activity, visitors will receive an introductory briefing. For instance, pilots will learn how to operate an airplane; cabin crew members will be briefed on food service and safety demonstrations; and check-in counter officers will be briefed on the pre-flight service system. Then visitors can assume their chosen roles based on their interests, immersing themselves in the world of aviation. Alongside professional roles, visitors can also experience being airplane passengers with flight services. This activity is available for visitors aged 4 to 16 years old, and each participant in a professional role will receive a salary of 20 kidZos after completing the activity.

Travelers keen on experiencing the Traveloka Flight Academy educational adventure at KidZania Jakarta can conveniently book KidZania entrance tickets via the Traveloka app. Moreover, they can unlock various exclusive perks through different promotional offers accessible on the Traveloka app. For instance, there's a buy 1 get 1 free promo for KidZania Jakarta ticket purchases from April 24-28, 2024. Additionally, travelers can enjoy discounts of up to 25% for every KidZania Jakarta ticket booking from April 29 - May 5, 2024, along with numerous other promotional programs. For further details, visit Traveloka's official website or check out their social media channels Instagram, Facebook, and X.

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