Belva Irawan

03 Dec 2023 - 3 min read

Traveloka Launches another Gebyar Traveloka through Strategic Collaboration with Sinar Mas Land, Wuling Motors, and Frank & co

Jakarta, 3 December, 2023 — Traveloka, the leading travel platform in Southeast Asia, has once again launched the Gebyar Traveloka competition as a tangible expression of Traveloka's highest appreciation for its loyal consumers. Through the Gebyar Traveloka program, Traveloka's consumers have the opportunity to win prizes totaling IDR 3.5 billion, including properties, cars, and jewelry, without the need for a lottery. This time, Gebyar Traveloka particularly presents more special, as it involves strategic partners such as Sinar Mas Land, Wuling Motors, and Frank & co, marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Traveloka. This initiative is presented as an added value and appreciation from Traveloka to its loyal consumers in planning and booking holiday travels.

As the year-end holiday season approaches in 2023, Traveloka witnesses a growing enthusiasm among the public to plan their travels. Traveloka notes an approximately 60% increase in the number of searches for domestic flight destinations towards the end of the year and nearly doubled searches for international destinations compared to the same period the previous year. This trend is anticipated to continue rising, aligning with the consumers' interest in travel and tourism during the Christmas and 2024 New Year holidays. Therefore, beyond expressing appreciation to consumers, the presence of the Gebyar Traveloka program signifies Traveloka's collaboration with partners to further stimulate consumer travel interest and meet the tourism enthusiasm among the Indonesian community, especially during the year-end holiday season in 2023.

Iko Putera, CEO of Transport, Traveloka, stated, "Throughout the year 2023, our loyal consumers have demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm in utilizing our platform. We believe that a close relationship with consumers extends beyond mere transactions, but also encompasses how consumers create their best travel moments. With Gebyar Traveloka, we not only provide end-to-end solutions for the travel needs of our consumers but also strengthen the emotional connection between consumers and Traveloka. This solidifies Traveloka as the preferred travel platform in meeting the travel needs of our loyal consumers."

According to Iko Putera, aside from providing additional benefits for consumers, Gebyar Traveloka has proven to enhance consumer engagement. "This is crucial because, through this initiative, we can gain a profound understanding of consumer behavior and preferences. Additionally, with the collaborative spirit that underlies Traveloka's commitment to delivering the best services to consumers, the inclusion of prominent brands such as Sinar Mas Land, Wuling Motors, and Frank & co in this Gebyar Traveloka, presents a significant opportunity to further provide optimal services to the consumers. This forms the foundation for our ongoing growth and meeting the consumers’ expectations in the future."

Starting from December 2, 2023, until throughout the year 2024, Gebyar Traveloka comes forth as a celebration for loyal consumers who have chosen Traveloka as their primary travel partner. This program offers a unique opportunity for every user to enhance their benefits through the accumulation of Priority Points that can be converted into scores. With every transaction made on the Traveloka platform, consumers will earn points that can be redeemed for tickets to participate in the Gebyar Traveloka program. The more points successfully accumulated through transactions and gamification on the Traveloka platform, the greater the chance to win attractive prizes in the Gebyar Traveloka.

Followed by more than 2 million consumers, the success of last year's Gebyar Traveloka program illustrates that Traveloka's exclusive programs have provided positive additional value for consumers. Not only that, but this success also contributes to reinforcing the confidence of Traveloka's strategic partners to collaborate in introducing various initiatives aimed at providing the best additional value or benefits for consumers.

Irawan Harahap, CEO of Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development, Sinar Mas Land, declares that Traveloka is one of the technology companies within the Digital Hub BSD City ecosystem and shares a common vision with Sinar Mas Land regarding innovation and consumer service. "The alignment of our visions and the commitment of both Traveloka and our company to prioritize innovation in their respective sectors lead us to believe that this partnership will not only bring forth innovative solutions but also enhance the value of our services to consumers and stakeholders. Digital Hub BSD City is an area developed by Sinar Mas Land for various technology and digital companies, ranging from startups, technology leaders, and educational institutions in the field of information technology (IT) science. As a support and appreciation for Traveloka's priority members participating in the Gebyar Traveloka program, Sinar Mas Land has also prepared a Special Grand Prize in the program."

Dian Asmahani, Brand & Marketing Director at Wuling Motors, stated that this marks the second year of collaboration between Wuling and Traveloka in the Gebyar Traveloka. "Observing the enthusiasm generated by the previous program, we take pride in renewing our collaboration and providing additional benefits for Traveloka's consumers. Through this program, loyal Traveloka consumers have the opportunity to receive special prizes from Wuling Motors as a collaborative effort to bring positive change to Traveloka's dedicated consumers and the community at large, toward a better life."

Natasha Jane, Brand Manager, Frank & co, reaffirmed the company's commitment to consistently deliver high-quality products and services to consumers through its various jewelry brands. "We are proud to once again collaborate with Traveloka in the Gebyar Traveloka, which consistently provides the best services for consumers. This also presents an exceptional opportunity for us to offer a special experience to those who remain loyal to Traveloka's services."

Through esteemed collaborations with our partners, Traveloka regards the Gebyar Traveloka as a tangible manifestation of our sincere appreciation and dedication to our loyal consumers. We believe that every journey with Traveloka is not just about the destination, but it’s about the precious moments we collectively build. To stay updated on the latest information regarding Traveloka's appreciation program, users are encouraged to routinely check the Traveloka app.

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