All you need to know about status and policy of flights during Corona Virus Outbreak.

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23 Jun 2020 - 5 min read

Traveloka’s Initiatives Related to COVID-19

These past months have been challenging for everyone as the world navigates uncharted territories due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, impacting all aspects of people’s life. In response to this situation, Traveloka has been proactively initiating some initiatives since early 2020, utilizing the company’s social arm, Traveloka Tanggap as well as creating innovative products that could help partners and users to pass through this difficult period and eventually adapt to the new normal era.

Socialization of Latest Travel’s Policy on Traveloka Platform
Supporting the government in enforcing the travel protocols in a bid to minimize the spread of COVID-19 transmission, Traveloka provides continuous updates on its ‘Important Notice’, aiming to equip users with the latest information on domestic flights during the New Normal period. The ‘Important Notice’ section can be accessed on Traveloka homepage app or via website ( To add a layer of safety, Traveloka also utilizes the pop-up notification on the domestic travel policy whenever users access the Flights page.

Book COVID-19 Test Service in 44 Cities across Indonesia
To help users comply with the latest travel policy issued by the government, Traveloka partners with Prodia, Klinik Pintar, and Biotest to offer extensive options of Rapid Test & PCR Tests in 44 cities across Indonesia. This initiative allows users to minimize contact with other people by utilizing digital platforms. It also marks Traveloka as a one-stop booking platform that allows its users to not only buy the travel needs (transportation and/or accommodation), but also book and make appointment for COVID-19 tests.The service can be easily booked directly via Traveloka Xperience (Travel Essential category) on Traveloka’s App, Websites, or Mobile Web.

Appreciation for Medical Heroes in Malaysia
As one of the countries with declining cases of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, Malaysia has ended their movement control order (MCO) in early June. To celebrate and recognise the immense sacrifice that the frontline workers made to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia, Traveloka partners with Malaysian Health Travel Council (MHTC) and Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) to provide a special offer with up to 40% discount for healthcare workers when booking rooms in more than 250 hotels in Malaysia with the period of booking until end of this year.

Innovative Solutions for Partners and Users during the Transition to the New Normal

Combining Flash Sale promotion activities with the social media live stream, Traveloka LIVEstyle Flash Sale aims to support partners to get through the pandemic by generating demands from users. The live stream enables users to watch live tours and live auctions through Traveloka’s social media accounts, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, offering up to 50% hotel discount.
To address user’s concern on the booking flexibility during this unprecedented situation, Traveloka also presents ‘Buy Now Stay Later’ program for hotel products and ‘Mesin Waktu’ (Time Machine) program for Xperience products, ranging from attraction, entertainment and wellness activity, whereby the vouchers can be used until next year.

Traveloka Tanggap: Continuous Support for Medical Frontliners

In cooperation with the Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), Traveloka helped to provide accommodation and transportation for dozens of medical staff who are working relentlessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the referral hospital in Jakarta. For this initiative, Traveloka also cooperated with its partners, including Jackal Holiday for the transportation and Zuri Management Hotel for the accommodation.
Traveloka launched Berbagi Kebaikan with Traveloka Accommodation, a donation program that enables users to support the frontline medical workers in two referral hospitals in Jakarta by donating a certain amount of gift voucher that will be channeled for a hotel room for them to rest. Through this initiative, users are also able to support hotel partners in sustaining their business operations amid the pandemic. This program is available until 30 June 2020. To purchase the Traveloka Gift Voucher, please visit:
Traveloka also donated dozens of much-needed PPE for medical staff at Udayana University Hospital in Jimbaran, Bali.

Traveloka Tanggap: Support Small Local Businesses through Loyalty Points Exchange
Aiming to help small local businesses stay afloat during the current challenging time, Traveloka encouraged users to redeem their Traveloka Points with coupon(s) that can be used to make a purchase in the curated small local business in Indonesia.

Xperience Jendela Xeru: Using Entertainment to Help Each Other
With a drastic change to the users’ lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, Traveloka Xperience introduced Jendela XERU, a new initiative that allows users to watch exclusive curated videos by Traveloka and its partners from the comfort of their home. While users benefit from such entertainment, they are also able to help the medical workers, partners, and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by making a donation, whereby all the collected donations will be funnelled by to people in need. To watch the curated videos, please access

Traveloka Tanggap: Traktir Kebaikan with Traveloka Eats
Traveloka Eats invites users to help daily workers, medical personnel, and volunteers to enjoy a delicious meal during this pandemic period through Traktir Kebaikan with Traveloka Eats Program. This initiative is also one of Traveloka’s efforts to help culinary sectors maintain their daily operations at this tough time. Traveloka’s users who want to donate in this program can choose their donation package until 30 June 2020, starting from IDR11,000 through this link:

Traveloka Tanggap: Helping to Nourish the UnderprivIleged Communities
Traveloka collaborated with various partners to encourage users to exchange their Traveloka Points to help communities in need. Through these multiple initiatives, Traveloka managed to donate thousands of nutritious foods and multivitamins to the communities in need around Jakarta areas to maintain their health during the unsettling situation.

Traveloka Tanggap: Encourage Hygiene Practice in the Bus Stations in 6 Big Cities in Indonesia
In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in Indonesia, Traveloka cooperated with an Indonesian bus company, Pahala Kencana, and provided liters of hand sanitizers in their bus stations located in 6 big cities, including Jakarta, Bandung, Palembang, Malang, Kudus, and Denpasar. In addition, Traveloka also distributed the COVID-19 prevention tips to raise public awareness on the importance of maintaining their hygiene during this pandemic period.

Donation through the Indonesia PASTI BISA Movement
Along with other companies, Traveloka participated in the Indonesia PASTI BISA movement, a crowdfunding platform initiated by East Ventures. Through this program, Traveloka contributed IDR200 million, whereby all donations were allocated to provide free 100,000 RT-PCR test kit developed by Indonesian startup, Nusantics, that has been appointed by the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) as one of members of the COVID-19 task force (TFRIC19).

Traveloka Tanggap: Distribution of More Than 10,000 Masks for Communities

Partnered with PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Traveloka Tanggap distributed thousands of N95 masks to the international passengers at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to prevent the spread of COVID-19 last February.
The initiative was then followed by the distribution of thousands of fabric masks to underprivileged communities in Lampung in partnership with Rotary Club Bandar Lampung, and Traveloka’s hotel partners in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bali in April.

Traveloka is committed to continue collaborating with the government, partners, users, and other stakeholders through the #JalanBersama (Walk Together) spirit initiated by Traveloka. #JalanBersama encourages all stakeholders to join forces in supporting the travel and tourism sector to navigate this challenging circumstance and adapt to the new normal era together.