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Additional Flight Services

Traveling with comfort is only a few clicks away–whether you are still on the ground or already up in the air.

Protect Your Suitcase with Baggage Wrap

Packing can be overwhelming, whether it’s for a long or short trip. Take extra care of the items you’ve packed by wrapping your luggage at a baggage wrap counter at the airport. With thick and waterproof plastic, the baggage wrap also keeps your luggage away from unnecessary scratches and cracks.

Booking Your Baggage Wrap Service

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Log in to your Traveloka account. If you do not have an account, register using the same email used in your booking.

Open your flight booking

Go to the Online Check-in menu on the homepage and select your flight. Online Check-in is also available through your e-ticket on My Booking.

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Go to My Booking

Fill in your check-in details

Agree to the Online Check-in Policy and fill in your check-in details if required.

Choose your airport and baggage wrap service

In the Airport Services section, select your airport and preferred baggage wrap service. Then, click Check In and continue to payment.

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Go to My Booking

Complete your payment

Select your preferred payment method and complete your payment within the time limit.

See your baggage wrap voucher

Once payment is received, find your Baggage Wrap Voucher on My Booking and your email. Show your voucher to the officer to get your baggage wrapped.

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Questions & Answers

Purchasing Baggage Wrap
To purchase Baggage Wrap, simply add it to your flight when you are using Online Check-in.
Please check the online check-in closing time of your flight, as each airline has a different closing time. Here is the list of airlines and their online check-in closing time:
  • AirAsia and Citilink: 2 hours before departure
  • Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Air: 4 hours before departure
  • Batik Air, Lion Air, and Wings Air: 5 hours before departure
Refund for Baggage Wrap
Unfortunately, refund and reschedule are not available for Baggage Wrap.
Baggage Wrap Not Available
If you can’t find the option to purchase Baggage Wrap during online check-in for your flight, there are several possible reasons why:
  • 1. Traveloka doesn’t offer Baggage Wrap in your departure terminal.
  • 2. Your departure/arrival time is too close to the closing time of the baggage wrapping service at the airport.
  • 3. You’re checking in less than 2 hours before Online Check-in is closed.

  • Give Your Bags Extra Protection with Baggage Wrap

    One of the most important issues when traveling by plane is baggage safety. As a passenger, we should be the first to provide more protection for our own belongings. Every time we travel, we must pack our belongings as securely as possible, especially our checked baggage. We need to make sure that our checked baggage will not be opened by people other than the airport security, and avoid its contents spill out during the flight.

    Fortunately, all airports across Indonesia and the world have provided baggage wrapping services for their passengers. This service helps passengers to wrap their baggage with thick, leak-proof plastic seal. This seal protects the passenger’s baggage so it will not be easily scratched, cracked, broken, or torn.

    Not only does it protect the baggage from exterior damage, but this plastic wrap also ensures the items inside are securely stored. For example, if an item inside a checked baggage is accidentally spilled out during the flight, the spill will be restrained by the plastic wrap and will not be scattered around, damaging other objects around it.

    Usually, there is at least one baggage wrapping service at each departure terminal at the airport. Passengers also do not need to worry since the wrapping is done using a machine and supervised by a dedicated staff. The wrapping process itself is usually done pretty quickly, taking only a few minutes to complete. On average, the baggage wrapping service at the airport costs Rp50.000 per baggage. However, now you can also buy this service in advance when checking in online at Traveloka.