Traveloka Gift Voucher for Business

Reward your customers and employees with a simple yet meaningful gift they’ll love.

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Personal Gift Vouchers also available here

Flexible Delivery

Send gift vouchers digitally via email, or print them to be given directly.

Customizable Amount

Choose how much you’d like the gift vouchers to be worth, from as little as Rp100.000 per voucher.

Bulk Purchase Available

Purchase more than 500 Gift Vouchers in one go. For smaller purchases, please click here.

How to Buy Traveloka Gift Voucher

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Personal Gift Vouchers also available here.

Why Traveloka Gift Voucher?

Customized Rewards

You can choose your own design, nominal, format and validity to suit your purpose. We offer a wide range of designs and make our vouchers available in various IDR amounts.

Flexible Solution

Traveloka Gift Voucher is the perfect reward for any business needs, including employee recognition, loyalty reward, sales incentives, marketing tool, and partner appreciation.

Wide Appeal

Traveloka Gift Voucher is an innovative solution to gifting someone the ability to experience memorable moments instead of traditionally material objects.

Ease of Use

With long validity period and no minimum purchase, it is easy to use Traveloka Gift Voucher for various travel and lifestyle plans.

What Our Partners Say?

Questions & Answers

About Gift Voucher at Traveloka

If you like to share with others, then Gift Voucher is made for you!

Gift Voucher allows you to send vouchers to other people, so they can use them to purchase Flight, Hotel, Flight + Hotel, Eats, and Xperience bookings on Traveloka. Gift Voucher makes a great present for various occasions, from birthdays to weddings and other festivities.

Please note that Gift Voucher is currently only available in Indonesian rupiah and each voucher can only be used for one purchase.

How can I order Traveloka Corporate Gift Vouchers?

You can order Traveloka Corporate Gift Vouchers by filling in this order form. Our team will contact you maximum 3 working days to confirm your order.

How do I pay for Traveloka Corporate Gift Vouchers?

After the relevant documents and agreements are finalized, we will send you the invoice within 3 working days.

How much is the value of each Corporate Gift Voucher?

You can set any value for each Gift Voucher according to your preference and needs.

How many Traveloka Corporate Gift Vouchers can I order?

The minimum transaction for Corporate Gift Vouchers is IDR 100,000,000. But you can still buy below IDR 100,000,000 and please fill the form so our Team wiill contact you later.

Can Traveloka Gift Vouchers be combined with other promos?

Combining other promo coupons with your Gift Voucher to make a purchase is possible. Simply enter your gift voucher code and then your promo code or vice versa.

Can Gift Voucher codes be applied to a booking without a Traveloka account?

No, Gift Voucher codes are only valid for bookings with a registered Traveloka account.

What should I do if the Gift Voucher code cannot be applied to a booking?

If that happens, please contact our customer service at 0804-1500-308.

How are Traveloka Gift Vouchers delivered?

Gift Vouchers can either be sent via email or printed to be given directly.

Are Traveloka Gift Vouchers available at offline stores?

No. For now, Traveloka Gift Vouchers are only available for sale on Traveloka App. To order Traveloka Corporate Gift Vouchers, please click here.

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