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One step closer to your financial goals with our newest gold investment product.

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Gold in Traveloka Will Be Moved to Pegadaian

Starting from 1 September 2023, we cannot continue to serve your Gold investment in Traveloka. But don’t worry, you can still manage your Gold Saving from Pegadaian.

Learn More About Gold Saving Transition

Get to Know Traveloka Gold!

The journey to achieve your financial goals starts today, and it begins with small steps. What better way to start than to invest in Traveloka Gold?

For first-time investors or experienced ones who want to diversify their assets, our newest service is here to help. You can build an investment portfolio and be one step closer to your financial goals.

With a simple and easy registration process, affordable investment starting from Rp10.000, secure transaction and flexibility to withdraw to more than 150 banks, what more could you ask for?

What Makes Gold in Traveloka Different?

Simple & Easy Registration

All you need is an ID (e-KTP), a clear selfie, and a phone number.

Affordable Investment

Start an investment from minimum Rp10.000.

Safe & Secure Transaction

With our capability and having Pegadaian as our partner, you can invest with peace of mind.

Flexible Withdrawal

You can manage your Gold easily since we are able to transfer instantly to more than 150 banks.

How to Buy Gold in Traveloka

Tap “Buy” on the Gold home page

Enter the amount of gold you want to buy. You can choose in Grams or Rupiah, then click “Continue”.

Select your payment method

Make sure the payment amount is correct and complete your payment before time-out.

Congratulations! You've purchased Gold in Traveloka

You can check gold purchases in Gold balance. You will also receive the transaction details at your email address.

How to Sell Gold in Traveloka

Tap “Sell” on the Gold home page

Enter the amount of gold you want to sell. You can choose Grams or Rupiah. Read the Important Info thoroughly, then tap “Continue.”

Select your destination bank

We will transfer the fund directly to your preferred bank account, then click “Redeem.”

Enter the verification code

Send a verification code request, then input the OTP sent to your phone to finalize the process.

Congratulations, you've sold your Gold in Traveloka!

You can check your balance to see the update. You will also receive the transaction details at your email address.

Start Your Investment Journey Now

With all the conveniences offered, it's time for you to try it yourself. Click the button below to start using Gold in Traveloka App.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Traveloka Sell Gold?

Whether saving for the next trip or preparing a retirement fund, Gold is here to answer your needs.

How to Register a Gold Account in Traveloka?

All you need is an ID (e-KTP) and an active phone number, then follow the steps.

How to Buy Gold in Traveloka?

Once you set up your Gold account, you can start buying gold in Traveloka App. It's as affordable as Rp10.000!

How to Sell Gold in Traveloka?

You can sell your gold balance via Traveloka App and the amount will be directly transferred to your preferred bank account.

Important Information & Troubleshooting

Click here for more information about Gold in Traveloka.

Terms and Conditions Gold in Traveloka

For your benefit, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. Tap the link below for more information. Read Terms & Conditions

Read Terms & Conditions

What investment is suitable for beginners?

Gold investment is suitable for beginners because it is a safe asset. The risk is low, you don't need that much capital to start investing, and it is easier to cash out compared to other investments.

Is Gold considered as an investment?

Yes, Gold is considered as an investment.

What is meant by Gold investment?

Gold investment is the activity of investing a certain amount of gold. Investing in gold is fairly safe because the value of gold is not affected by a surge in inflation and have low risk of loss.

Which form of Gold is best for investment?

Gold bullions or precious metal gold is often the best and safest gold investment choice. Gold bars will be easier to sell than gold jewelry.

What are the advantages of investing in gold?

There are some advantages you can enjoy from investing in gold. The value of gold is not significantly affected by inflation and rarely remarkably changes, which makes it a manageable and considered a low-risk investment. In addition, you can invest from 0.01 grams.

Why is Gold considered a good investment?

As previously explained, gold is an investment instrument that is usually not affected by inflation. Thus, gold prices tend to be stable and rarely experience drastic declines. Even though it fluctuates daily, the price of gold continues to increase in the long term making it a prime investment instrument when economic uncertainty occurs.

When is the best time to buy Gold?

The best time to buy gold is when the price is at the lowest within a certain period because the price of gold tends to rise in the long term. Hence, it is recommended to buy it regularly or when you have the funds to invest.

How much money you need to invest in Gold?

You can start investing in gold as easily and as affordable as Rp10.000. In Traveloka App, all you have to do is fill in the amount of gold you want to buy in Gram or Rupiah.

How to start investing in Gold?

Here are tips on how to start investing in gold:

  • Make sure the purpose of your gold investment.
  • Monitor the gold prices regularly.
  • Make sure to invest in a place with a license and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan).
  • Pay attention to your financial ability.
  • Pay attention to the right time to invest.
  • Choose the appropriate type of gold.

How much is 1 gram of Gold?

Today’s gold price for 1 gram is Rp867.000, 2 grams is Rp1.734.000, and 3 grams is Rp2.601.000.

Why do gold prices go up and down?

The following are factors that affect gold price:

  • Uncertainty of global conditions.
  • Gold supply and demand.
  • Monetary policy.
  • Inflation.
  • Exchange rate of US Dollar.

Is investing in online Gold in Traveloka is safe?

Of course because Gold in Traveloka is powered by Pegadaian, licensed and supervised by Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan). With our capability and Pegadaian as our partner, you can transact with peace of mind.
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