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CGV Movie Schedules

CGV plays the hottest movies from Indonesia, Hollywood, and international regions. Don’t miss out your favorite genres and stars on the big screen. Traveloka helps you check movie schedules at CGV and other brand cinemas. Catch up with all the best movies by clicking the checking button at Traveloka. It will take you to all the current movies played at CGV.

CGV Profile

CGV Cinemas is an Indonesian multiplex cinema chain that has operated since 2006. Opened for the first time in Bandung City, West Java, CGV has now spread its branches to other cities, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Batam, Medan, Balikpapan, and Palembang. CGV plays not only Indonesian and international movies, but also independent, arthouse, Bollywood, and festival movies.

CGV’s main feature is the 4DX technology, developed by South Korea-based CJ 4DPLX, a company specializes in cinema special effects. This technology allows viewers in the movie theater to experience physical sensations, in accordance with the movies they watch. 4DX technology is only available in special theaters at CGV. The effects consist of water splashes, aroma, wind gust, bubbles, and other effects.

Enjoy great images and sounds from the newest audio and visual technologies at this cinema. CGV uses Dolby 7.1 technology in every auditorium. You can also enjoy 3D movies in certain theaters, which use RealD technology from RealD. Inc. This technology provides viewers with an immersive experience, making you feel like you are absorbed into the big screen.

CGV also offers convenient services for ordering tickets and snacks. You can easily order large numbers of tickets or even pay for one auditorium, for example, for a special viewing event. You can also order both the seats and snacks to avoid standing in line twice. Traveloka supports all these services, giving you more convenient experiences when ordering.

Types of CGV Studios

CGV offers several types of studios that offer unique viewing experiences. They are:

Regular 2D

Regular 2D studio is the cheapest one, with conventional red seats. Each seat is equipped with a cup holder. Despite being the cheapest, the studio still offers Dolby 7.1 audio technology.

Sweet Box

Sweet Box offers special couple seats in a box-like setting, providing a more intimate atmosphere for people who sit there.


Starium offers magnificent visual experience through a wide screen, with 19.5 x 8 m of dimension. The Barco Projector 4K technology creates more impressive images on the screen.


SphereX has a large, curve screen and amphitheater-style seats that create impressive visuals and viewing experiences. They come with spectacular audio technology from Dolby Atmos and Christie Vive.


CGV’s 3D studios offer the most current 3D technology that uses special projection technique. You can see smooth 3D visuals even when viewing the screen from various angles.


Gold/Stain is the VVIP-class studio that has reclining seats and feet bolsters. Each seat is equipped with a service button, allowing you to order snacks and beverages during viewing. You can also wait for the movie to start in a designated lounge.


Velvet offers luxurious experiences with rows of sofa beds for two, complete with blankets and pillows. Each sofa bed has a service button, and the studio offers an amazing viewing experience with its wide screen. You can wait for the movie to start in a designated lounge.


4DX is the most iconic studio at CGV. It offers special room and seats equipped with special effects such as air gusts, water splashes, aroma, and even bubbles. Each scene in the movie will feel more realistic with these effects.

Each cinema branch may have different studio combinations, so make sure to know your viewing options before ordering.

CGV Ticket Prices

CGV offers different ticket prices based on the studio type, but different branches may have slightly higher or lower prices. Here are the average ticket prices for each CGV studio:

The prices for Sweet Box and Velvet apply for two tickets. Meanwhile, the prices for Satin and Velvet studios already cover the exclusive lounge rooms, but they don’t include foods and beverages.

The CGV cinema combines sophisticated technology, cozy studios, and unique experiences that you cannot find at other cinemas. Choose CGV as your go-to cinema to watch favorite movies, and use Traveloka service to access movie schedules and tickets.

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