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Traveloka Year-end Promo

This one is for you, who haven’t got a year-end plan! f you don’t know what to do, you better plan your holiday with this no-joke promo from Traveloka Hotel.

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Year-end Promo at Traveloka
Year-end Promo at Traveloka to help you welcome the holiday season!

The year-end period is near the corner, so everyone is excited. After a year of going through a roller coaster ride, we all deserve an exceptional holiday with our loved ones. Despite all those exciting events and the day offs, the year-end period is still everyone’s favorite and that’s exactly why year-end periods become a high season period. Without thoughtful plans, you probably will spend more money than you write down on your budget before.

Nevertheless, you can sit back and put your worries back because Traveloka will help your dreamy year-end holiday happen with Traveloka year-end promos. Ready to start on planning your holiday with Traveloka year-end promos? Here are some pro tips you might want to take note of!

Tips for your end of year vacation’s plans with Traveloka’s End of Year Promo

1. First thing first, scheduling

It’s essential to know the exact date when you are planning to go and for how long you want to stay for holiday. Please try to avoid a sudden and incidental schedule, this might lead you to have no time for considering and running out of travel needs because everything was taken.

By owning more time for preparation, you not only have a proper holiday plan but also you can keep an eye on the year-end promos that frequently appear when the end of the year is starting to approach.

2. Establish the destination

The time is set, now let’s move on to where you are planning to go. Deciding the destination is indeed one of the hardest things to do when planning a holiday. There are tons of holiday destinations with its own beauty and attractiveness. The key is to choose wisely, what are you looking for on this holiday. If you want to be in a crowd and join the hype, you can choose one of the popular destinations. However, if you tend to have a joyous and relaxing holiday, you can check in to the unpopular - yet breathtaking holiday destination.

3. Set your budget

The very basic tips when planning a year-end holiday is to set your budget. You don’t want to run out of money and end up not being able to visit all the places that you’ve already listed before, right? Planning a holiday in advance buys you more time to prepare your budget allocation for your upcoming holiday. Moreover, take your chance of year-end promos to have your own affordable holiday!

Most Popular Year-End Holiday Destinations

Sometimes, the perfect destination for your perfect upcoming holiday is right around you. There are lots of wonderful domestic destinations that you will love unexpectedly. Here are some lists of recommendations for destinations to grab a year-end promos!

1. Bali

Bali is an absolute Indonesia’s favorite holiday destination, especially when it comes to welcoming a new year. With a year-end promo, Bali is certainly getting more and more visited. Bali with its magical persona, especially the beach area usually holds special events at the end of the year. However, if you are looking for a relaxing year-end holiday, you will love being in Ubud to find your zen.

2. Jakarta

Jakarta’s ambience will hit you differently when it’s not on its productive day. If you’re currently living in Jakarta, you will spend the year-end promos from Traveloka to staycation in Jakarta’s most-loved hotels that also annually hold a special event. Another way to spend your new year in Jakarta is to go shopping with year-end promos on midnight sale or simply attending a firework party in the heart of Jakarta.

3. Jogja

The next year-end holiday destination with Traveloka’s year-end promos will lead you to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta offers a variety of magnificent holiday destinations from a quiet beach, cultural and historical tour, an amazing view, also an endless culinary experience you can sip on! You can find and do anything you love on your year-end holiday at Yogyakarta.

4. Bandung

If you’re living around Jakarta areas and not planning on spending your year-end holiday too far from home, Bandung can be your perfect choice for enjoying year-end promos from Traveloka. Bandung is well-known for its culinary destination, but it's also harmless to visit Bandung’s cultural spot or nature-holiday-destination with your family.

5. Puncak

Puncak is also a perfect fit if you’re looking for fresh air from Jakarta’s hustle and bustle. The green-y view along the road will help you get away from reality for a while and have a good time with your loved one to start fresh in the new year!

Traveloka’s Year-End Promos

Be more practical and save your time whilst planning a year-end holiday with Traveloka App. It’s not only easier but also will surprise you with various best deals and attractive year-end promos! With Traveloka App, you can make your traveling needs get done in a short period of time. Traveloka App will assist you from arranging your flight tickets, train tickets, bus travel, until you land safely at your hotels and inns!The fun is not gonna stop there, it’s even more exciting because you can also find various exciting offers from Traveloka Eats and Traveloka Xperience for culinary delights and try-outs more recreational rides to complement your year-end holidays! Are you ready to hunt for year-end promos on Traveloka?