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Join Super Pesta Points and win the grand prize of a brand new Wuling Alvez EX, along with other exciting prizes worth up to Rp500,000,000! 🤩

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Terms & Condition
By participating in the “Super Pesta Points” competition (“Competition”), You hereby agree and fully understand these Competition’s terms and conditions, including its amendment or modification which may be determined by us from time to time. Thus, please read the following terms and conditions before deciding to take part in this Competition.
Super Pesta Points” is a competition event held for all Traveloka users.
The Competition will start from 3 May 2023 at 10.00.00 WIB until 10 August 2023 at 23.59.59 WIB (“Competition Period”). The winners based on the leaderboard standing will be published by 15 August 2023 (“Initial Announcement”), we will contact the winners through email and the winners must provide confirmation to Traveloka within 5 (five) working days since the latest contact made by Traveloka through email after the date of Initial Announcement. All verified winners of the Competition will be announced at the latest by 30 August 2023 (“Final Announcement”). 
Users must have at least Traveloka Application version 3.65 in order to take part in the Competition and register the user’s phone number as well as the email in the user’s Traveloka Application Account for the purpose of announcement of the winners. 
There will be 200 (two hundred) winners at the end of the Competition. One identity can only win 1 (one) prize. The winners must be Indonesian citizens and domiciled in the Republic of Indonesia. Make sure the full name in Your Traveloka Application Account is the same as recorded in your KTP.
Winners will be determined based on the highest scores that You have. In order to increase the score, You must earn as many Extra Points and Priority Points as possible during the Competition Period. Priority Points could be earned from transactions of Traveloka products without using the coupon discount in the Traveloka Application. Extra Points could be earned by completing the daily mission in the Reward Zone, Traveloka Explore, or interacting with features in the Reward Zone with Extra Points as rewards. If you have Priority Points and Extra Points before joining the Competition, such Priority Points and/or Extra Points will not be accumulated to the Competition’s score.
In addition to point 6 above, the Competition’s participants can also increase their score on the leaderboard by sharing the Super Pesta Points page link to other existing Traveloka users for the purpose of referral. For every successful referral, the user will receive an extra 10 (ten) score on the leaderboard. To avoid any confusion, a referral is considered as successful when the participant has made another existing Traveloka user visit the Super Pesta Points page using the link shared by the participant. The newly added score will not affect the number of total Extra Points, Basic Points, or Priority Points that the participant has, but only as an additional score displayed on the leaderboard. The maximum number of shares from 1 (one) profile ID is 1,000 (one thousand) shares, therefore, the maximum score that a user can get from a referral is up to 10,000 (ten thousand) score. If a user shares the promo page with more than 1,000 (one thousand) users, the score will not increase beyond 10,000 (ten thousand) on the leaderboard.
Every score that comes from activated Priority Points will be multiplied in the leaderboard (Xperience x10, Hotel & Holiday Stays x2, and other products that grant Priority Points x1).
The Priority Points amount that You earn would be different for each transaction. You may see the amount on the payment page.
There will be 1 (one) Grand Prize for the first place winner and other exclusive prizes for the remaining participants. Make sure You are included in the 200 (two hundred) top participants with the highest score in order to win the prize. 
We will provide a live leaderboard where all participants can see their current rank and score in real time. This live leaderboard can be accessed in the Traveloka Application. By participating in this Competition, You agree to allow Traveloka to publish your name and the amount of Extra Points and/or Priority Points You have collected throughout the Competition Period as a score in the leaderboard.  
Every Extra Points and Priority Points earned during the Competition Period will be automatically counted as the progression of Your score and it will be automatically reflected in the leaderboard.
Each user that wishes to take part in the Competition must redeem 1,000 (one thousand) Basic Points/Priority Points or Extra Points. Traveloka Points that have been redeemed are non-refundable. 
Once You redeem Your Traveloka Points (i.e. Basic Points/Priority Points or Extra Points) to take part in the Competition, You will be automatically activated as a participant and will have 100 (one hundred) kickstart score on the leaderboard.
The score on the leaderboard will be visible if the user already earned the Extra Points and/or the Priority Points obtained during the Competition Period are already active, not in a state of pending points.
During the Competition Period, Instant Active Points will be deactivated temporarily for all users.
The winner at the end of the event must be a Traveloka user with the highest score as shown in the leaderboard and have fulfilled all of the other requirements as stated in this terms and condition.
Competition participants who redeem their Extra Points and Priority Points during the Competition Period will not affect the score shown in the leaderboard of the Competition.
All of the winner’s prize tax will be borne by Traveloka.
In order to claim the prize, winners must inform the token number the winner received during the redeem of 1,000 (one thousand) points while registering to participate in the Competition. 
Should You be declared as one of the winners, You hereby agree to allow Traveloka to share Your personal information to a third party(ies) partnering with Traveloka, for the purpose of (as applicable): (i) delivery of the prize to You; and (ii) publication activities by Traveloka regarding the Competition and the winners.
If we detect any fraudulent or suspicious activity on Your Traveloka Account, we reserve our right to deactivate or suspend Your Traveloka Account. This deactivation or suspension shall include, but not be limited to, the confiscation of any rewards You have gained throughout the Competition Period and/or disqualification from the Competition.
If we find that You have used Your Traveloka Account and/or points fraudulently or maliciously, You will be prohibited from participating in future programs that Traveloka may organize, administer, and/or effectuate.
We reserve our rights to take any legal action against You if we discover that You fraudulently or maliciously, or have used falsified information in order to take part or win the Competition. You may also be liable for monetary losses to Traveloka, including any legal costs and fees.
We reserve the right to change these “Super Pesta Points” terms and conditions subject to our sole discretion and without prior notification to You.
We reserve the right to stop the whole Competition subject to our sole discretion and without prior notification to You.
Traveloka is not responsible for any loss or damage due to unexpected extraordinary (force majeure events) and/or events beyond Traveloka's control.
Traveloka is not responsible for any form of winner announcement outside of the official Traveloka account.
If Traveloka finds any fraud committed by the winner in Super Pesta Points, Traveloka has the right to cancel it completely and transfer the prize to the next winner.
Traveloka does not charge any cash in this Competition.
All Traveloka employees are not allowed to take part in this Competition.
Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner