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Your Security Is Traveloka’s Top Priority

We use the latest data encryption technologies to protect your transactions. With multi-layer security and robust fraud management system, we can also prevent unauthorized account activities. We respect your privacy and will never share your data with third parties.

How do we keep your account safe?

Login Notification
Login Verification
Biometric Authentication
KTP Verification
Account Deactivation
Traveloka Secret Code (PayLater)

We will notify you when someone logs into your account — and which device is used — to confirm if the user who enters is you. This process happens instantly as your account is being accessed.

How to turn on Login Notification:

  1. Go to My Account and choose Settings
  2. Tap Push Notifications
  3. Turn on Account Activities

Be sure to allow Traveloka App to send push notifications. You can change this configuration in your device’s settings.

Whenever you log in, we will ask you to re-enter your Traveloka password and a unique verification code. This double-step process protects your account from getting breached and ensures that only you can access your account.

You will receive the code via email or mobile number registered in your account. Traveloka will never ask for the code from you, except through our website and app.

How to enable Login Verification:

  1. Go to My Account and choose Settings
  2. Tap Password & Security
  3. Turn on Login Verification

Our technology makes it possible for you to use fingerprint and face for account authentication. More secure and personal!

How to turn on biometric authentication:

  1. Go to My Account and choose Settings
  2. Tap Password & Security
  3. Turn on biometric authentication

When you are in a hassle to type your password, biometric authentication can help you log in or perform account related activities.

Protect your password because your account information is precious. Whenever anyone attempts to change your password, we can verify their identity by asking them to input KTP number that is saved in your account.

How to enable KTP verification:

  1. Go to My Account and choose Settings
  2. Tap Password & Security
  3. Turn on KTP verification
  4. Type your KTP number to save it in your account

When there is an unauthorized activity in your account, you can deactivate your account temporarily. We will keep your information for when you return to Traveloka later on. You can also deactivate your account by contacting our Customer Service.

How does it work?

  1. When your Traveloka password has been changed, we will notify you via email and SMS.
  2. There is a link in the email and SMS that can take you to the account deactivation process. Click on the link to deactivate.
  3. Contact our Customer Service for more information about account deactivation.

To make sure every purchase using PayLater is done by you, every purchase using PayLater needs to be confirmed with a secret code that will be sent via SMS to the phone number you entered during your PayLater application process.

How does it work?

  1. Make a purchase with PayLater, you will receive secret code via SMS
  2. Enter the secret code
  3. Your purchase will be done if the correct secret code is successfully entered

Your credit card data is secure

Your credit card data is always secure, protected, and kept confidential with encryption from 256-bit security. We also use a system called ‘tokenization’, where sensitive data is replaced with a unique identifier called a ‘token’, thus allowing your payment to be processed securely.

Your transaction security is monitored 24/7

Traveloka uses multi-layer cyber security solutions to ensure the security of your transactions. Through our fraud management system, every single transaction is monitored and reviewed so that we can identify and prevent fraudulent transactions by unauthorized parties.

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