Budget Hotels in Lahad Datu, Tawau




Lahad Datu is located in the district of Tawau, in the east of Sabah, Malaysia. They are within the Borneo Islands. Lahad Datu is surrounded by stretches of cocoa and oil palm plantations. They also have an important port that exports timber into the country.

In 19th Century, at the east of Lahad Datu it was famous base for pirates and slave traders. Lahad Datu actually is believed to have had encounters from the early of 15th century. There are excavations that have exposed the Ming Dynasty Chinese ceramics.

The people in Sabah speak Bahasa Melayu as their main form of communication however they would have a dialect of their own which makes the language a little bit different. Moreover for smaller towns like Kuala Penyu with their own ethnicity, they might have a more different dialect to the whole language.

How to Get There

By Plane

One can take a local flight such as Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines and Firefly and fly to Kota Kinabalu. From there, there will be plenty smaller planes to go to Lahad Datu. This means that the visitors would have to take two separate planes to reach the town.

By Car

From Kota Kinabalu, visitors may drive to Lahad Datu though it will take more than 6 hours driving time as the distance is around 403.9 kilometers away. Visitors may take the Jalan Ranau - Sandakan/Route 22/A4/AH150 to make their way to Lahad Datu.

By Bus

Visitors may also take the bus to go to Lahad Datu from Kota Kinabalu. They may look for the bus at Inanam Terminal. There are many bus companies that make their way to Lahad Datu. Some of them are Trans Edar and Optis Jaya. The fare on the other hand is RM 45 per way per person. The journey will take around 8 hours.

Tourist Attractions

Danum Valley Conservation Area

Around 82 kilometers from Lahad Datu, there is a conservation area where no human settlements within the area, as well as no hunting, logging and other human interference. It is 438 square kilometres of untouched flora and faunas including such species as the rare East Sumatran rhinoceros, Bornean orangutans, gibbons, mousedeer, clouded leopards and over 270 bird species. Some of the activities that can be done there are jungle treks, river swimming, bird watching, night jungle tours and excursions to nearby logging sites and timber mills.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Tabin Wildlife Reserve is a nature preserve in Sabah, Malaysia. The reserve is aimed to preserve the dissapering animals in Sabah. The three largest mammals of Sabah which is the Borneo elephant, Bornean rhinoceros and tembadau (Bos javanicus), are all found within the reserve. The reserve is around 40 minutes from Lahad Datu town. The animals are protected under the Reserve.

Madai Caves

This cave hosts birds called Swiftlets.In the cave are swiftlet’s nest which are widely used for bird’s nest soup. The caves are located in Kunak, Sabah. Twice a year between February and April and July to September, there will be collectors who would climb the roofs of the caves and collect the bird’s nest to be sold.


MB Hotel Lahad Datu

This hotel is strategically located from the Lahad Datu Airport with the distance of around 1.14 kilometers. It is also close to other public facilities around the area. This hotel has a very affordable price together with great hospitality. Not to mention they have 24 hours front desk that will be able to assist their guest with any queries they may have. It is definitely a hotel that people would choose when they are in Lahad Datu.