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Luxury Hotels in Mentakab Town, Temerloh


Mentakab is a town as well as a subdistrict or “mukim” located in the district of Temerloh, state of Pahang, Malaysia. It is also a state constituency assembly on its own, being located closely to Temerloh, Lanchang, Kampung Tualang, Kampung Gantok, Mengkarak and Kerdau. Formerly known as Pasir Rawa, Mentakab was once considered by the state government to be the new state capital back in 1901. However, due to its uneven land, the decision was changed and Kuala Lipis was made as the state capital instead before moving to Kuantan in 1955 as the state capital till this day.

However Mentakab does become important with the existence of its own railway station and the land road from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan too makes Mentakab as one of its stops. Mentakab is also a place where urban swiftlet farming is going on a rapid progress, with many shops and shophouses being modified on the top floor to provide space for such purposes. These can be rewarding as each kilogram of the birds’ nests can fetch up till two thousand dollars. Nonetheless other issues have also developed such as the spread of bird flu and excessive bird droppings.

As for the industries, there are a couple of manufacturers here providing opportunities to the locals such as Robin Resources which does medium-density fiberboard manufacturing, Malaysian Newsprint Industries (MNI) with its green field paper mill and Mentakab Veneer & Plywood (MVP), which as the name suggests, produces plywood.

How to Get There

By Plane

Mentakab can be accessed by by boarding flights to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport in Kuantan. There are flights to Kuantan provided by Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. From the airport, guests may hail up a taxi or public transportation to Mentakab.

By Car

People driving from Kuala Lumpur may drive through the E8 route for direct access to Mentakab. The journey could take up around two hours depending on the traffic situation.

By Bus

There are no major express bus terminal, instead the closest is at the state capital Kuantan, Kuantan Sentral. Take the trip directly to Kuantan from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) terminal using express bus services such as Etika Express, Transnasional Express or Mayang Sari Express before opting for local buses to go to Mentakab.

Tourist Attractions

Mentakab Iron Railway Bridge

Mentakab Iron Railway Bridge is an old looking railway bridge located at the Mentakab Railway Station. Despite the old looking feature of the bridge, it is vintage styled, being a good spot to take photos and enjoy the moment with friends and family. It is rich in history, being used since the early days of the town, and still being used as one of the railways for KTM’s east coast line. There was an event in the 1970s when the communists were still active, where they tried to blow up the railway bridge as a part of their defiance efforts against the authority. Luckily the attempt got foiled and subsequently, the communist influence waned to a point of vanishing. It is suggested to visit the bridge in the morning from 8 am to 11 am, and while hungry, there are also food stalls nearby to cater to the empty stomach.

Mentakab Chatin Lake Recreational Park

Another interesting place to visit when visitors are in Mentakab is the Mentakab Chatin Lake Recreational Forest Council, it has been well-developed for recreation with friends and family over an area of ten hectares. It is also a good spot for joggers and runners alike, where a proper three kilometer jogging track is built around the lake with a peaceful setting of greenly trees. Besides that, there are a multitude of facilities being prepared to grace the visitors such as food stalls, parking lots, resting hut, playgrounds and others which are spread out through the area. There are also plans to upgrade the area to be able to accommodate jet ski sports.